How do people know...

By GemitatiAugust 20, 2017 10:19pm — 27 replies
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denver colorado has opened the worlds first ever canabus church weed church lets discuss 5000 members world wide founded by a white guy is seeking tax redemption because they are a church they believe they are seeking a higher power its
How would you respond to this email?
i emailed my boss in regards to not being paid in a timely manner and asked quite nicely if i could get some sort of compensation until we do get paid and this is what he sent me in return first i will need to discuss decorum and it is highly inappr
Defacing statues
a bunch of uneducated asshats want to destroy the sam houston monument here in texas the guy voted for slaves to not enter texas and even voted to keep texas out of the confederate states this crap is going too far
Crazy Exes
how many of yall are dating married to someone who has a crazy ex
Cowboys Red River
has anyone been to or heard of this club cowboys red river i was invited to go with a friend because it seems like my seen which it sounds like it is but whats it like
Hunger Games thread signup
http www rantchic com wp-content uploads 2014 06 the-hunger-games jpg greetings brave challenger may the odds be in your favor hello and welcome everyone to this thread this is simply a chill thread where people can sign up and watch a game of
Can't masturbate
a guy told me that he doesnt like to bate and couldnt get off by himself and he said that he doesnt like to stroke his own dick because it hurts im surprised like seriously im wondering why
i get likes on my photos and i cant see the user who likes my photos it just says blank likes your photo sometimes i do see the actual users but this particular one is always blank
Catastrophe Music Thread
what song are you hating right now is it overplayed terrible lyrics so bad its good lets here it
Blog Title Ideas
i am going to start a blog pretty soon i have written a number of articles already which i will be collecting and posting on a blog so that i will earn something from this hobby of mine i am cpa lawyer by profession an urban planning and local devel