Human design readings?

By PuzzlePiecesJune 7, 2021 8:11pm — 7 replies

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The worst things for zodiac signs?
A Cancer trying to communicate their feelings in a room with five Geminis. (the only people in the room) An Aquarius trying to solve a problem with four Virgos. A Leo working with other Leo's being subordinates of a divorced Leo. LOL What do you thin
Zodiac Signs as Major U.S. Cities
Aries- Boston. Why is everybody in this city so pissed off yet so boring at the same time? Taurus- Charlotte. Through hard work and perseverance, we have become a very career oriented city, while still being down to Earth and chill. Gemini- Minneapoli
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Ok, post anything happy and LGBT related. @_@ KWEEN
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Based on Western astrology and your own personal experiences. I'll start. Venus in Gemini Venus in Aries Venus in Sagittarius Venus in Pisces Mars in Aries Mars in Leo Moon in Capricorn Aries and Gemini stelliums
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What did you learn this three day weekend or since it's the end of the month, what if anything did you learn in May? Did you do anything fun this weekend? Do you have any goals for June?
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Have any of you been to the cinema during COVID? Did you have to wear a mask throughout? I haven’t been back because I don’t want to wear a mask for that long. Hoping the restrictions will be lifted by the time Dune, Top Gun and Bond come out.
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Financial leechers
I don't understand how some people can financially continuously overgive to their relatives who literally don't give a single shit back. They're so ungrateful yet some people don't bat and eye and keep financially providing for them! It makes no sense to
This site needs more Leo mooners
Face the truth, Batman and Superman are nothing without their Villains So are we, the angelic and heroic Pisces mooners who also needs our own adversaries and challenges to shines more brightly.