I need advice!

By The_eleventh_sign_11December 2, 2017 7:27pm — 9 replies

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post a clip of your favorite comics stand up routine
Accents Which would you have if you could choose?
which would you have if you could choose post vids me russian https www youtube com watch v mdjodvzjt4o
Oh God...
have you ever felt like your life has become so fucking shitty that the apocalypse has already happened but youre just so submerged in evil you hadnt even noticed it
I had a revelation last night at work
i work in hospitality now and when i was 23 i was a prostitute i never once considered suicide when i was a prostitute in comparison to working in hospitality at the start of the year is was a regular occurrence and now it s a lot more better bec
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we had a staff meeting at my school today the topic was teaching the historical context of a novel to increase comprehension one of the staff members that is african american stated you should all research and teach the historical context and p
What do you know now, that you wish you knew then?
ill start-that we are all fundamentally so very different in how we translate things which has lead to me being more open and understanding
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