Men and extremely sexy women

By GemitatiSeptember 4, 2017 9:33pm — 21 replies
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If you had to dye your hair. Which color?
i wouldnt ever dye my hair any color in general but me and my pa discussed how we think people go over board with dying their hair and how they dont realize how risky it is to dye hair i brought in if i did i would only dye it a medium brown color be
Free speech debate
im not even american but i love ben shapiro debates as much as anyone else although i cant stand the headlines shapiro destroys sjws while i do appreciate his rigid capricornian ways i dont always agree with him and for a while ive been tossing an
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even the mundane ones were going to date tomorrow any tips please
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I am
in love with love it doesnt matter if im single exclusive or in between i just cant help it no matter how many relationship breakup makeups ive had in my life it never changes i always keep the faith no matter what no matter how sad i can get i
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saxy ladies of dxpnet com im just curious anyone communicate with me via pm lately
Anyone else learning during this retrograde of why a relationship didn't work?
im just learning of why the guys i meet always chose the capricorn smh caps seem very interested in u and take there time with u the pisces is pushy and seems like he only wants sex but means good in a way pisces come off as not understanding and a