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1 do you have a kryptonite ex who makes you feel weak and will take back regardless of who youre currently with 2 what makes this person your kryptonite 3 why didnt it work with this person 4 whats your sign and kryptonites sign ---
What the hell is wrong with America? Who is the real enemy here?
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Who actually voted for Biden?
come defend your man or simply feed him ice cream to compensate but really i hate trump too so dont even try to throw me into that category fucking with inbred anti vax bigots is another day i just want to know who actually voted for this man an
Pharmaceutical Industry - A Beacon of Moral Modern Medicine
pharma fined 14 billion dollars in 5 years https projects propublica org graphics bigpharma from 1991 through 2015 a total of 373 settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers for a total of 35
New here.. need help with posting
i posted in a specific forum and i dont think i did it correctly i am sorry to sound like a total dummy but can someone provide the steps please
Found a legal loophole if an employer forces you to take COVID Vaccine because it is approved.
since fda did not approve the current pfizer vaccine but rather comirnaty which does not exist physically this opens up the loophole you can actually legally corner your employer like this 1 tell him you will only take legally approved licensed
Look Mom! I’m on TV
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What happened to the girl who made her toast with Vaseline?
what happened to the girl who made her toast with vaseline where is she now what does her life look like doe she work in a dinner and a single mom of 3 kids in high school that she doesnt really spend a lot of time with but they dont respect her muc
Pfizer is still not fully approved
https www fda gov media 150386 download page 12 second paragraph if the pfizer-biontech covid 19 vaccine is exported from the united states conditions c d and o through y do not apply but export ispermitted only if 1 the regulatory authorities
Covid vaccination 9 months on
9 months ago gc11 made this thread and the majority of you said no you wouldn t take the vaccine until you saw how it affected the ones that did if that was you have you had it now has your opinion changed if you have which one did you choose and