Post up your Dungeons and Dragons Character!

By WarAngelSeptember 15, 2021 2:55am — 6 replies

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DXPNET Cabinet
you just won the presidential election and become the next president of us now you need to fill up the empty seat in your cabinet with dxpers only who will you hire
If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?
the ability to lie if everyone had to be truthful the world would be a much better place
How can one gain better luck?
by carrying a totem with them a horseshoe a four leaf clover reincarnating into a better birth chart being around lucky people and soaking up their luck and yes luck is a real thing
What's your favourite unexplained event or phenomenon?
https www gannett-cdn com presto 2018 12 15 usat 2e7b9863-85ac-4faa-aad3-096fc1826c20-gettyimages-841647034 jpg
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what do you think the signs get misunderstood for ill start with my signs since i have heavy leo and libra placements leo being selfish and bossy - in reality theyre super generous to those they care for and they are confident and like to be helpful li
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i decided to post about this topic because i rarely have close friends anymore i used to be besties with this girl let s call her cindy so cindy and i used to hang out all the time talk about our problems joke around and do stuff together i consider
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this is now 4th manager in a row who has it out for me i m a little sad over this honestly the hire and hate cycle is ridiculous especially since i didn t ask for this role they approached me and now homegirl can t stand me i don t know her sign
Engraved Natal Charts ????
ive been thinking about putting more of my time back into design lately and my cousin has a laser engraver and ive been kicking around ideas create personalized designs for that my idea this morning is personalized engraved natal or synastry chart