Skin Care continued!!

By stillstillwaterDecember 22, 2020 4:49pm — 19 replies
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I Finally Did It, But Im Scared...
this past friday i finally gave notice at my job from hell i work as a representative for an oxygen supply company btw heres why we had 2 temp to hires walk off the job all week before they were complaining about the way my manager and the tra
Signs you should be afraid of and why?!
what are your top three signs you should be wary of and why please don t come here with your baggage and name every sign of everyone you re beefing on dxp lol seriously consider the people in your real life that you ve had reason to actuall
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what are your plans for christmas if they include interstate travel and or gathering with your large extended family why are you an idiot
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following up sealion update who gave me the inspiration i though making a thread would be nice i know many of you here watch the show are you still watching what do you think of this season so far i must stay it has its up and down mostly fill
You only have two options.
1 get a vaccine for a new virus 2 raw dog the bloke chick you met two hours ago at the club if you dont choose you die so technically you have 3 options
If {2020 YOU} could tell {2019 YOU} something, what would it be?
if the 2020 version of you right now could go back to 2019 and tell yo ass something what would it be obviously we could all go back to our happy 2019 selves and tell us a virus is going to come and ruin the whole worlds life and people are gonna die
New Season, New Videos 💥Moon/Pluto Synastry🌕
issa bout high time i got back to my astrology videos i recommendations https youtu be ag0plluswpe thanks for watching if anyone wants to check out my infamous 2020 christmas tree https youtu be jw9wnllflbw