The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

By P-AngelAugust 10, 2017 5:57pm — 128 replies
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Men's voice
just found out that i can have relationships not to happen based on mens voice its deepness that is anyone else finding voice to be the yes or no factor
Snap some pics while you're getting sucked
say that youre talking with your crush or someone that you have feelings for but you guys are far away from each others she told you that she likes chicks too and kinda curious of the idea of seeing some girl sucking your dick then she just asking
What is the purpose of a relationship?
i am constantly having this discussion with a libra friend shes of the relationship needy variety- cannot bear to be alone cried about singledom and then practically forced her current relationship to happen despite all the red flags she cannot fa
Biological Clocks
when a single person wants and is ready to have and raise a child but has yet to meet their ideal partner what would be the age for them to hang up their proverbial dancing shoes and just consider seeking a donor or surrogate
Dream Profession
if money were not a determining factor what would you be doing professionally
Venting about work and ways of dealing with issues
just wanted to create a topic so that we can all vent discuss and complain about our working day being overworked and underpaid who knows maybe dxpnet members can offer advice to one another along the way i start with what i have experienced at work
Unprofessional Behavior During a Business Meeting
in my field of work people in my position are pretty inaccessible you have to go through several middlemen before communicating with me with that said there was a particular person whose work i was so impressed with that i offered to meet with hi
Post your unpopular opinion
yall can quote a previous poster and say agree or disagree but no debates or arguments go
Contraversial issue Would you tell him?
if you got pregnant and didnt want it would you tell him or leave it you are a couple is there an obligation to
MBTI test
has anyone done that personality test yet apparently im infj whats yours http www humanmetrics com cgi-win jtypes2 asp