By sweetheartsOctober 4, 2009 5:50am — 8 replies

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Customer Service
anyone else work in customer service or has previously lets talk about how stupid people are its therapeutic
Guys do me a favor... (gals can chime in)
define the difference between 1 cute 2 pretty 3 beautiful 4 gorgeous 5 hot can they be one in the same o
New boards...
ya know we do have a number of dead boards out there maybe there should be a mens and womens boards - we can call on
we all know jason is a doll sweet innocent and honest why cant i find a man like that i think we owe it to ours
Best movies ever
imo sixth sense forest gump shaw shank redemption wizard of oz mary poppins
Post A Pic of Yourself Thread is Now Full...
just fyi dominos fantabulous thread is now full so all you lovely people are just postin and a postin away and it
Do you wanna...
date my avatar
amsterdam the dutch are giving shots for q fever which infects sheep goats q what have you been doing
Short Books I have read
africans i have met while yachting by tiger woods
The Older You Get......
i once heard someone say the older you get the less you care now that im 41yrs old i think i can really relate to