who's your sexiest DXPER of 2017

By hydorahDecember 30, 2017 3:37am — 28 replies
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Dirty Talk
ok so my man wants me to talk dirty to him and i do a little bit but i really want to turn him on so anyone have ideas or what s your favorite thing that your partner can say to get you all hot and bothered i need to know please state your sign
mine tastes like carbonara sauce
i think thats what i get for having a healthy lifestyle id try pineapple too papaya soap will make the dick smell good
Energy Vampire?
every time i come to work i feel like im being drained i only feel it when a certain person comes could they have any crystals or etc on them that my spirit picks up
DO you like to be called Daddy?
also what s your sign
Memorable DXP Quotes
i dont ask i get licked - ands december 2016 i dont want a firebunny to an ands - caramelizedcoffee april 2017 bunny whats your height - cloudy june 2017 how do you slice your sandwich sideways or diagonally - ands june 2013
Havana Ooh Na Na
half of my heart is in havana ooh na na camila ooh na na half of my heart wants a camila ooh na na
to make yet another new name cuz i couldn t make any comments strange lol
had to make yet another user name cuz i couldn t comment for the past couple weeks was only able to like stuff was asking me for some code emailed dxp no response back what s up with this site now
Vegas, baby
justagirl or whoever else im tentatively planning a girls trip with my female family members this summer anything i should know im planning on staying in old vegas and going to the grand canyon and seeing lady gaga anything else