• Cardinal, fixed, mutable.

    Since modalities are a hot topic here lately let’s discuss them further. Which sign out of each modality do you think represents it the best? And which one seems the least like it’s mode?
  • What Type do cardinals usually like?

    Are fixed signs too stubborn for them? but, they sure love it too. Are mutable too clingy for them?
  • Why do mutable signs like cardinal signs more than fixed signs?

    I have noticed this online and irl. What do they have that you like so much that a fixed sign doesn’t possess? I sort of get it cuz i feel that way with mutables just very curious to know what it is that makes cardinal signs so interesting to yo
  • A Message For Each Modality

    Cardinals: Calm the treetrunk down Fixed: treetrunkING MOVE! Mutable: 醒来
  • The Chameleon Club

    For all us mutables to post random thoughts, ideas, songs, how we plan to cheat on our partners, etc.
  • First Topic

    First Post
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  • What sign pops back up in a PISCES life the most?

    Just curious to hear some of your answers. I say Leo and libra...
  • Which House is your Moon in?

    My Moon is in the 1st House. Makes me realize how emotional I am. And why people don't get me. I'd be like "umgz, I don't feel comfortable in this place" and people would be like "why?..." and I'd just be like "because." Like I go off on my intuition, eve
  • Bullying in DXP

    Do you think it's stupid and pitiful?
  • Dear Diary: The pressure is on

    I ambushed my boyfriend with my feeling as Applebee's yesterday during happy hour. I know, I know, I appear to always have the worst timing, but I suppose liquid courage was involved because you Taurus/Taurus Signs are so intimidating and hard to talk to
  • What's your Breakup Recovery Time?

    What's your venus and do you relate to the corresponding description below? Is your venus reflective of your recovery time and it's description, or are you more like your sun or moon in this regard? Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Breakup recovery
  • Why the heck do I attract F Boys?

    Seriously? I feel like Im not the type that guys I like, like. I feel like I attract a bunch of guys that are F boy types and I dont like it. What is it my Aquarius rising? Because my eros conjuncts it??? What is it!!?? I want to attract the type of guys
  • Juptier in Scorpio Will be here next month... hooray.
  • Most heartbreaking lyrics

    Share with the rest of us the lyrics you find to be most heartbreaking. For me it's this one. No matter my mood, I'll choke up each time I listen to it. The lead singer wrote this song for a good friend of theirs, whose fiancee committed suicide. "Bria
  • Gems.... Who's your fav element?

    As in... which element of men or women do you find yourself attracted to the most? I have found that is water signs. It could be that my moon and mercury is in Cancer, but something about Scorpios and Pisces. Idk. I like Cancers as well, just usually
  • [pros / cons] smoking weed before sleeping

    no judgement zone, i jus wan to find a way to sleep lol
  • Another capricorn jerk...did I do the wrong thing?

    Hi ladies! I've read so many posts and saw so many wise advices. A cap guy has been fooling me around for a while, or su
  • Gems, what are you listening to? Gem dominants can post too... xoxoxox
  • What is the best way to deal with a sick Ram ?

    Hello there again dear Rams, Recently, I may or may not have gotten the Ram sick. Obviously, he was not happy about it and became quite moody but he did not blame it on me. It may or may not affect his work. Though I cannot quite understand if he is mo
  • Progressed chart reading!

    If you need a 'future' reading... Pm me your birth details- date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. Or post them here. IDC. It's up to you. Please refrain from any conversation. Seriously no. Don't troll my astro thread. Since I wil
  • Gemini Season 2018

    Since I’ma be 29 in an hour and a half. Let’s get this party started!!!
  • Rock thread 🤘🏼

    All styles of rock are fine 😄 Soft, heavy, it’s all welcome.
  • Do you have any weird hobbies related to your Sun sign?

    Ever since I was 9 or 10 reading the dictionary has been one of my favourite things to do :D I'm a Virgo