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  • Scorpio man flakes on date

    I’m so pissed off. Ugh! I’ll try to make it short but I have this friend who’s a Scorpio/cap moon man, and last week at a party he kissed me. I never had a clue that he liked me at all and we’ve been friends for 4 years. We made out for a while, and he ad
  • Libras in a relationship

    How do Libras act when in a relationship? Aggressive, aloof, distant, passive aggressive? Moody, affectionate, sweet and caring or a mixture of all of these ?
  • Not a break up story..

    I'm in love with my crustacean 😍😍😍 He is the most amazing, sweetest person I've ever met in my life. I am so blown away and I can't believe I ever considered settling for less before him. He's like straight out of a dream and I can't wait to spend forever
  • What do you guys do?

    What do you all do when you are indecisive about a relationship? What makes you make a clear decision? I have a young Libra telling me his issues about him having a girlfriend and him liking another girl. I told him the issue is for him to figure out on
  • Saturn Returners GTFIH
  • Do old people exist anymore?

    I thought Seattle had a youth overtaking city problem but so does Bellevue and all tech based cities. I feel like i rarely see older ppl. Are they even getting hired? As middle aged woman id like to know ther's older ppl working than me That I'm not t
  • The Chinese Zodiac and Western Astrology

    I've seen a few different theories, but I believe that this is how the Chinese zodiac rightly fits onto the circle of signs: Aries - yang air - horse Taurus - yin metal - hare Gemini - yang earth - dragon Cancer - yin earth - rat Leo - yang fire - o
  • My date with the Cancer guy

    So we went out with the cancer,was seeing for first time after talking to him for 2 weeks, the date was amazing ,he is such a gentleman,sweet yet very shy.He gives the best hugs, never been hugged like that before his muscles covered me we fitted like a g
  • Can someone explain my chart?

    I never knew what placements are in my chart and what do they mean.. I asked my mother about my birth time but hopefully it's correct. This is what came up with: Sun: Aquarius Rising: Scorpio Moon: Libra Mercury: Capricorn Venus: Pisces Mars: Gemini Ju
  • Nipple piercings

    thoughts? women: would you ever? men: what do you think of 'em on women? i have mixed feelings tbh like, that's a sensitive area +++ sometimes they look good, sometimes they don't (i guess it depends on the person, maybe) but then again i hear it feels
  • Water Moon Signs appreciation thread

    "With Moon in Cancer or Scorpio, a considerable amount of energy is invested in discovering, experiencing, and digesting emotions. Paradoxically, Moon in Pisces, which is potentially the most emotional, constantly attempts to escape from unpleasant feelin
  • Why would you send this?

    “You think the best version of you is shacking up with some loser who doesn’t know x about you. I’m in fact the best thing for you. I encourage you to do whatever the treetr*nk you want” — I got this message a couple of days ago. From an Aquarius man... from
  • (Don't Trust These Hoes) Booster Shot

    Just a thread I will leave here, full of photos, links, and videos for anybody that needs to be reminded not to trust these cookiemonsteres. We are living in the age of secrecy, technology, and communication without being face-to-face. We jump into relationship
  • Rock thread ⚡️

    Another one. Post any type of rock music