Since modalities are a hot topic here lately let’s discuss them further. Which sign out of each modality do you think represents it the best? And which one seems the least like it’s mode?
Are fixed signs too stubborn for them? but, they sure love it too. Are mutable too clingy for them?
I have noticed this online and irl. What do they have that you like so much that a fixed sign doesn’t possess? I sort of get it cuz i feel that way with mutables just very curious to know what it is that makes cardinal signs so interesting to yo
Cardinals: Calm the treetrunk down Fixed: treetrunkING MOVE! Mutable: 醒来
For all us mutables to post random thoughts, ideas, songs, how we plan to cheat on our partners, etc.

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Hi, I am changing my social circles and hobbies I mee t lots Scorpios in a very cool self defense gym. They are incredible intense in training, but very funny and close. II is not a commercial gym actualy its more like a family. They think I am c
Are any astro aspects or attributes that can determine whether I'll get a handsome partner in the future?
Before I get met with all the HELL NAWS! Hear me out! As a relationship it'd be hard, but as friends we learn a lot from each other. We really are opposites. Seeing each other's points of view really does help both signs.
Okie I met him on Saturday, as in we got introduced on Saturday eve... Texted a bit on Saturday... Sunday he sent me a casual message, I find him hot so I ignored his message... Okie he is messaging me now... I haven't dated a new I'm guy in years
Or atleast have the potential to be if they cared. This Venus thing is soooo true. Like I've never seen an ugly Taurus. Even if they don't care about their appearance or are overweight or whatever, they still have such beautiful faces.
Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like.
in a birth chart what are they? sure, one can learn how to cook but not all of us master it and some of us can't even be decent at it, even if we try as hard as possible. the talent ain't there This man is perfect. He's in the Express clothing catalog for March 2018 which I received in the ma
Accidentally logged off and all of a sudden I see post by HeavyEShow!!! Pizza and Jed with his nipples...I was like...butter! What happened? Why? Then I realized I am logged off... Whew...that was NASTY!!! Like waking up from a bad dream... Happy Birthday to all the Pisces swimming around this pond. May you solar return bring positivity, love, and whatever else your heart desires. Or if you already have everything you need and dreamt o
Scorpio moon / Leo moon (Team A) Or Libra moon / Gemini moon (Team B) who would win in a battle between these two teams? Not physical but strategical
should I bury myself now or later he had gemini and sag placements he gemini/sun dom
What do you like or not like about this placement? what other venus placements do you find best compliments your venus in aqua?
Very curious to this question as I am an Aries and my son's father is a Virgo and our broken family is a disaster caused
so I saw this topic and I was thinking of Angelina Jolie and bad Pitt is it often that air signs are homewrecker with a fire moon such as moon in Aries ? and what about the mars sign