Leo moon vs Scorpio Moon

By virgxxleoMay 30, 2017 4:41pm — 25 replies
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Moon in Pisces eyes contacts during sex
as i was having sex with my aqua man pisces moon at one stage he asked me to look deeply into his eyes while doing it even though i was facing the front so i had to almost turn around look him in the eyes and kiss at the same time he went like this
virgo moons on here i have a cancer sun virgo moon friend very emotional tries to hide it i dont want to automatically blame the cancer stuff anyone on here that can explain a virgo moons emotions
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hi all ok so questions i hear the top 5 planets when determining if a relationship will be successful is sun moon mercury venus and mars venus and mars standing out more im coming across guys who have harmonious and compatible suns wi
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can anyone tell me anything about a cancer sun aries moon specifically during a break up but any information is good at this point thank you in advance
too much?
female capricorn scorpio rising moon mars neptune in scorpio venus in pisces too much scorpio
Can someone please help me figure out moon signs etc
hi i would be grateful if someone could tell me the moon sun signs etc and wether they have scorpio in venus and all those little details for a taurus male born on the 5th of may 1968 any help would be greatly appreciated
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from my experience dealing with both aries suns and now aries moons it seems the only way to get and keep their interest is to treat them with a mixture of indifference detachment and contempt they more you disapprove of them the more they seem to
Virgos is that your personality?
he is working with me and i like him a lot sometimes i can see from his actions that he likes me too he even he asked me for my number he was calling me every day every hour and asking about me he touches my hands as if he doesnt he t
Pisces Mooners you won my Aqua moon heart
you guys are so sweet romantic caring and so sweet i have learnt so much of vulnerability from the person who has this moon pisces are so beautiful i can finally sleep with another person peacefully without being so distant lol i ac
Are we compatible? Cap w.Scorpio moon & Sag with Pisces moon
hello everyone this is my first post in this forum and ive been reading almost all topics and loved the way you were describing your points of view im a sag with pisces moon and scorpio venus my love interest is pure cap sun rising with scorp