Pisces moon.

By heliumfiascoAugust 27, 2018 2:20pm — 5 replies
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Pisces moon icky self hatred thread
here you guys can wallow in misery and lash out at each other save everyone else the headache and stop shitting all over the boards sierra you re not included stay on the bright side
how forgiving is pisces mooner?
do you forgive easily esp to those who meant something to you but betrayed your trust
Pisces mooner!!!!
would you remain friendship with an ex i mean like ur previous dates or interests or do u normally cut the cord if u remain friends can u b friends right away after things finish
Pisces moon making me over emotional?
yall this pisces moon is making me an emotional mess while it is making me full of love affection and has really played a part in me helping everyone get in tune w their spirituality i have been so emotional any emotion i have i feel it even strong
It says you can never make Pisces moon feel emotionally secure
is that true pisces mooners what have others done that have made you feel totally secure
Pisces moon problems
do you guys find yourself just caring about everyone literally anyone and everyone no matter if theyre nice as hell to you or shitty from the start thats a problem of mine i love everyone i care about everyone i see the hate in this w
Pisces moons
hi everyone im trying to get an overall research done on the zodiac sun and moon sign combinations starting on signs im familiar with would like to know your experiences insights on pisces moons and what the sun sign was of the person with the pisces
Pisces moon* look into my eyes* love making sex
ok he did it again this time more intense like literally intense im getting used to the whole looking into his eyes thing this time i orgasmed just by looking into his eyes and he hasnt even touched me or anything ok maybe someth