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  • Just saw this at the Philadelphia film festival last night and I'm seeing it again today:

    so wonder why it won at south by southwest
  • lightseed
    Uranus/-Pluto person•the bubble is real
    butter..any genre?
  • Posted by lightseed
    butter..any genre?

  • lightseed
    Uranus/-Pluto person•the bubble is real

    Ok so Iv only seen two films from this year lol thought it was entire history but il recommend bothsmile

    Arrival - because the overall theme is interesting.
    Wonder Woman - because it's actually a decent film, and chris pine is a really solid and underrated actor.
    Notable mentions that I haven't seensmile

    Wind river..the only film I'm really looking forward to..written by Taylor's Sheridan who's a beast when it comes to Neo noir westerns..

    Think there's reviews on blade runner and get out on this forum..

  • This was a phenomenal movie, but have a box of tissues nearby.

    User Submitted Image

    It's currently on Netflix.
  • LibraLovesHim
    Moon Cap/Scorp ascen/Venus Lib
    Heart rendering. Dramatic. Evoked emotions. Educational. Based on a true facts.
  • Just finished watching this:

    It's on Netflix right now as well.
  • Posted by LePetitFisk
    Posted by Adreamuponwaking
    Just finished watching this:

    It's on Netflix right now as well.

    I watched this the other night. I've always wondered how the Hasidic community managed to be so insulated living in one of the most culturally diverse and electric cities in the world. But aside from that, it really drives home the heightened sense of survival these people cling on to after WWII. They pretty much deprive their children of outside experiences that breaking away from the community would mean difficulties sustaining an identity outside the Hasidic circle... not to mention the sense of invisibility to the point they condone abuse and think the govt can't or won't touch them.
    click to expand

    yeah for me it was great film because i think it really captured the nuance regarding what life is like in deeply religious communities.

    there are a lot of parallels between the Hasidic community in New York and some mormon communities , Jehovah's witness communities , as well as other religious communities located around the nation ....the list goes on......

    on one end

    when you're a member of deeply religious community you are deprived in so many ways because of rules that are meant to keep you away from the secular world.....

    different types of media like , tv shows , movies , even music etc. are sources that are forbidden as they are viewed as things that can ultimately bring you further away from God for example .

    religious doctrine is your life. you're extremely sheltered and subsequently limited in your growth of finding out who you are and what you desire out of life

    things that makes us human

    also as you semi alluded to religious communities also often have issues like rampant abuse ( physical , sexual , emotional) that are also pervasive everywhere else in society

    but the set up of these communities limits access to other resources that could aid in addressing the underlying factors that are causing these issues ( which 99.99 percent stem from a history of trauma the community has historically faced and often individuals still face to this day linked to ethnicity which is also linked to class)

    on the other end

    the idea of God , as an ultimate powerful entity that can protect you and help you overcome anything , including the world that is supposed to destroy you

    is not the worst coping mechanism

    i think believing in the idea of a higher power when you are from a marginalized community is better than the alternative a lot of members often fall into like drug and alcohol abuse

    ( really true in for example black and hispanic communities)

    the idea of God and being a part of a community has been linked to the success of movements like the civil rights.

    without the ideas of that #1 Go is on your side and #2 is the ultimate say on how your life will turn out and #3 the community you belong to will ultimately transcend the hardship's it faces in the long run due to God having the ultimate say i think

    a lot of people belonging to these communities would have given up in the past

    as for them God was their only source of hope at surviving the harsh realities of this world that are especially harsh when you belong to a particular class / ethnic group.

    also as a byproduct of the fact that some religious communities do encourage education as it is linked to ascending socioeconomic class which in turn actually benefits the longevity of the community in the long (run presuming that these educated members remain party of the community)

    there is a significant portion of members from these communities that as a by product live better lives as they were able to pursue education via the aid of religious institutions they belong to.

  • Posted by Miaou

    47 Meters Down ( Shark movie....I'm obsessed with them)

    Theres a newish Blake Lively shark movie out. Its pretty decent.

  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    this film with Holly Hunter...

    i like it alot.
    about mother and son, but her son passed early. as seen in the trailer...
    about a mother's quest to find out what happened to her son.

    and, this is really weird too in the part where she finds her son's dreams stolen without consent...
  • DonumDei

    A quirky, humorous movie peppered with unexpected twists of fate!
  • Cancan26
    in the name of the moon cookiemonster this is a stick up...
    Omg girl im gonna hook you up
  • Cancan26
    in the name of the moon cookiemonster this is a stick up...
  • DonumDei
    Posted by Miaou
    Get out

    The Glass Castle

    47 Meters Down ( Shark movie....I'm obsessed with them)

    My cousin Rachel

    Have you seen The Shallows, mače moje?!
    If not, I strongly recommend it! 😱
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