Must See films! (the classics)

so what are the must see films :D list below :D list the "classics" The dark knight 12 years a slave django unchained the godfather The silence of the lambs any of the disney movies pretty woman the color purple the breakfast club
Goodwill Hunting
The Departed
Love Comes Softly -- the most SIMPLEST movie I have ever watched, most romantic for me.
Dictator - Charlie Chaplin one

.. I'm forgetting some important ones!!
I'll make a list of my favorites too.. not in any order, but, as I recall

Winter Light
Seventh Seal
Wild Strawberries
Hour of the Wolf
En Passion

(these are the only Bergman movies I have watched, and, I think all his movies are must-watch for me)

hmmm...coming back to English --

Godfather trilogy
Bourne trilogy
To the Wonder
Days of Heaven
(Terence Malick movies -- if you enjoy the art of film-making)
Ridley Scott movies(a fan here :p )
Silence of the Lambs ...Hannibal.. Red Dragon..
Theory of everything
Mr Nobody
War Horse
(all Steven Spielberg movies tbh)
Before Sunrise

...I'm just starting to realise the number of movies i love are just too many to list O_O ...okay biopics, to name a few quickly --

Queen(not Bollywood one lol)
The Iron Lady
Into the Wild
Theory of Everything
A Beautiful Mind
Man who knew Infinity
The Imitation Game
Schindler's List
J Edgar
The Walk

...I'm sure I'm forgetting some important ones... there are just too many! and many I am yet to watch too..

All Ingmar Bergman movies..
Posted by Aliensusedourbogroll
Dead Poets Society. That movie really moved me.

Did you cry when they stood up on the benches and sang for their departing professor?

No silicon heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?
Dead Poets Society. That movie really moved me.
Posted by Queenofthepheasantfairies
Full metal Jacket
Shawshank redemption - all time favourite
Fear and loathing last Vegas - lol

Legit selection. Crazy but with a hint of military order. I like it!

31 years old male from United Consciousness of Yugoslavia
"Leo Sun. Taur Asc. Cancer Moon
A Clockwork Orange

Every frame, every image in this film is iconic. Kubrick brought something essentially subversive and unacceptable into the mainstream and made it digestable (well, kind of) to the broad audience. Cinema as we know it didn't quite catch up until the 90's. Unlike most other movies of this type, be it Trainspotting or Fight Club, Clockwork never insists upon itself. It's organic, it's like a force of nature.
27 years old female
The Drowning Gemini - Welcome to the Dark Side
The Crow
Romeo & Juliet '96
The Grey
White Fang
The Fifth Element
The Wedding Singer
V for Vendetta
Dark City
200 Cigarettes
The Lost Boys
True Romance
The Hunger
female from London
Rising Scorpio, Libra sun, Gemini moon
Full metal Jacket
Shawshank redemption - all time favourite
Fear and loathing last Vegas - lol



Django Unchained
Samuel L. Jackson cracked me up with his southern black accent. the character is out of this world. great act
male from Nj
Gem Sun Scorp Moon
The People Under the Stairs
27 years old male from Mattel
"Sun - Pisces Moon - Gemini Mercury - Pisces V
Posted by Explicit

Child's Play movies

I cannot be the only person who found those movies funny LOL! I would be so embarrassed if I got cussed out and killed by a doll that's barely even up to my knees.
27 years old male from Mattel
"Sun - Pisces Moon - Gemini Mercury - Pisces V

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