The New Mortal Kombat

By Prince_PiscesApril 26, 2021 12:34am — 8 replies

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The Oscars 2021
so unpopular opinion as a black woman i find it pretty annoying how performative this oscars feels it is by far the most diverse showing ever and perhaps i m being a cynic but it feels so fake to me it s like they opened the flood gates and now they
What's you're favorite Jason kill?
my husband sure racked them up in his golden years https youtu be bh77ohkqszy
Slasher Movies ❤
whats your favorite i dont want to see ghost or zombie stuff in here since i know dxp cant follow rules and yes this is different from my probably more than a few horror movie threads freddy doesnt count by the way
Choose Three
https i imgur com kihqajw jpg
Movie scenes that challenged/enhanced racism, bigotry, intolerance, inequality, and the status quo
richard pryor was a comedic genius who challenged all the above he had his own comedy variety show that was so ahead of its time that it was cancelled too soon it was before my time but i saw clip of it online recently im just starting this topic f
Once more I ask for your support
i have decided to immerse myself into the heroic age once more as a means to recharge my idealism battery but i havent paid much attention to what movies of that category came out in the recent years and thus would need some help to find movies that i d
30 Days Movie Challenge
great idea of mothtoflame implemented to films https i pinimg com originals 2c 77 8e 2c778eef6bb66e29760b7fe22feac3f1 png
Marriage Story
https youtu be bhi-a1n8t7m recently watched it and am still processing it think i like but at the moment im still struggling to define why and what exactly i liked
What's a movie you never get tired of?
legally blonde and friday the 13th part 7 for me
*A Quiet Place' 2
i can not wait to see this who saw part one what movie are you excited to see