What movie traumatized you as a kid?

37 years old male
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33 years old female
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My dad's porn stash - became a little sex tyrant from it....Still that way as an adult!
Sam Rockwell is bae
The peanut butter solution
Sam Rockwell is bae
Posted by Arielle83
The peanut butter solution

Actually all of those French canadian films:

Bye bye red riding hood is fucjed too

Sam Rockwell is bae
Tommy tricker and the stamp collector was my fav
29 years old male from California, USA
I hate Teena. Teena likes me
Stir of Echoes, Poltergeist, and The Shining. I can watch them now, but I was scared for the longest. I slept with a nightlight for a while.
Sam Rockwell is bae
Posted by Gob_buttere
I can't remember. I blocked it out of my mind...

28 years old from The Truth,
The tick. The horror flick though. Mother treetrunking tick busted out of the mans body like whats good nigga.
female from London
Rising Scorpio, Libra sun, Gemini moon, Virgo Merc & Venus, Cancer Mars & Jupit
The birds when I was very young.

female from London
Rising Scorpio, Libra sun, Gemini moon, Virgo Merc & Venus, Cancer Mars & Jupit

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28 years old from The Truth,
The puppet master and the Alien series even though I'm a fan now.
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Children of the Corn

Someone fire my representative! Terrible.
It traumatised me for a while.
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