Please inset anything mellow, deep, dark, trippy, or intellectual here. It could be anything that opens your mind in a weird way, or makes your creativity run wild.
hoping some of you astro wizards might contribute by posting your fave / highly suggestable hits, new or old. not gonna enforce rules but, i don't want this turning into an EDM thread & dont start posting butter like the beatles & claim it's world musi
17 by Mandy Moore ♥
Please post songs that have moved you by musicians that have passed on from this world... I'll start with Chris Cornell because I'm so saddened by his death. Soundgarden's music helped me through a really trying time in my life after having my home hit b
Put me onto some faux retro / post-chillwave / synthwave / vaporwave / future funk tracks! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll get it started:
Inspired by @Metatron. Post your babymakers.
Post whatever you feel like. A song of the moment, the day, the month, the year. Figured i better stop spamming the front page all the time lol Came across this guy a few months back and just dig his music. https:/
post your short lyrics from your favorite songs. i like short yet powerful and meaningful sentences. i need inspiration for my monday morning.
tis mine: yes, i'm basic
I dedicated this to my BFF in grade 7 and she ended up turning on me
It's BRITNEY SPEARS' birthday! Oh-em-gee! It's also the anniversary of her 2008 comeback album, "Circus," the worldwide #1 album that launched her career back into international superstardom.
By things you notice they do or say that isn’t really mentioned in articles. It could even be facial features, walk, tone of voice. Be as detailed as possible. Any detail really that you notice Do separate ones for each the female and male of the zodiac
Has anyone ever figured out what their lyrics mean? For any of their songs?
Two different artists/bands, two different songs... yet, somehow, the songs themselves share certain similarities. It could be in terms of sound, vibe or melodic structure. Released in 1994: iframe //" frameborder="
A servant of the Holy Spearit has done the unthinkable. They devised an ingenious plan to trick Britney Spears' label, RCA, into sharing a ton of unreleased music with them. According to TMZ, the imposter created a fake email address and pretended to b
Post the track & sample that made you go "WTF did they just sample..." Track: Main Attrakionz - Perfect Skies (prod. by Friendzone) Sample:
Any good ole down home blues fans here? Post em up. Ps I'll post mines later. I'm at a farmer's market right now.
... bluebeat? roots? etc etc thought i’d see if anyone has any good jammers to share? i’d like classic 🇯🇲 stuff, not white boy frat OAR butter 😒 this has been my #1 for awhile this gets good rotation
Jazz fusion is difficult to define or set boundaries to, so I'll just drop my favorites musics in this here thread

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So, I hve a question. Do you like spending money on your girlfriend? Reason I ask is because I am now very confused. I am flying to see him around the end of this year and he did offer to pay half of my ticket which I didnt agree to yet as I was thinking
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
with a scorpio moon! What would do to try and get rid of somebody without possible revenge that can cause drama that hits close to home? I met her a couple years ago through one of her friends. Instantly she stared at me the whole day and wouldnt l
So I am a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Aries Venus. Most people will mistake me for a Scorpio but I am far too empathetic and sensitive to others pain. I'm a real softie but a badass at the same time. At first I was resisting his advances. He asked me out thre
while i tortured my virgo mercury by listening to alex jones' pisces mercing for 3 hours straight (i know he says a lot of crazy stuff but i'm fascinated all the same), i saw a pattern with the list of famous whistleblowers in my mind.. julian assange, e
which education/training did you follow/are you following. what would you like to study? i will start finished my study for vet assistant. only need to do my exam. currently studying for personal helper for children with special needs. however if i
Ok, I wonder if I was too forward, or not forward enough, with my cancer man. We've been taking things slowly (by slowly, I mean no formal relationship yet) for the past 7 months. I'd never been to his place (he moved about a month ago), so when he as
Hello everyone Saturn soon enters Capricorn. for those of us who have an ascendant capricorn, adding in personal terms that I have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn ... how will it affect? Thanks in advance
Where my other gays & lesbians at? Inspired by the flawless stripper thread ~ Ask away frans xoxox
Im hanging onto life with a string. I dont know what to do about life and people. I feel like Im an outkast in this world where people think quite differently from me. I think gosh what is this world coming to. What are people coming to. Inside I wanna cr
Being ruled by Mercury, I would like to know how does Mercury retrograde affect you? Do you hate this time? Do you think it throws you off? Do you enjoy it? Anything that you care to share that you have noticed?