Some of my favorites: *Hold Back the River (2015) *Cheerleader (2015) *Sugar (2014) *Happy (2013) *Love Me Like You Do (2014) *All About the Bass (2014) *Photograph (2015) *A Thousand Years (2012) *Born This Way (2011) *Firework (2010) *Papar
Please inset anything mellow, deep, dark, trippy, or intellectual here. It could be anything that opens your mind in a weird way, or makes your creativity run wild.
The Lost Art form
The other what are you listening to thread is getting ridiculously long. :P So what are you listening to right now?
Post whatever you feel like. A song of the moment, the day, the month, the year. Figured i better stop spamming the front page all the time lol Came across this guy a few months back and just dig his music. https:/
Let's get the ball a rolling with a few of my choice selections:
Post some songs from this era.
Post songs inspired by this painting. [img][/img] :'(
Post them!
Welcome Baack :) love these guys
Just a place for me to put songs I've found so I don't forget. Would appreciate it if no one else posts, there are plenty of other music threads. Thanks.
Post emotionally exploitative, manufactured music that requires very little thought to enjoy a good time to
Things like that fit in this genre. Trap, dubstep, bass, EDM, House, Chill Trap, Remixes. I wanna know if anyone enjoys this genre as much as I do. Post up some of your finds. Blow my ears out.
For me, no celebrity death hit me harder than Whitney Houston! I was literally getting smashed and listening to her ballads the night before I found out she died. Lmfao this is going to sound so retarded but I almost feel like the universe wanted me to
My father . The most wonderful Father in the world. :)
If you hold your nose while you sing "if I can turn back timeeee if I could find ayyy wayyyy..." you will sound just like her

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Go on I need something silly She is Taurus he is Capricorn. :-)
'Jupiter in Libra finds the most luck when they are fair and treat others equally. Their natural graciousness and talents at promoting and mediating can often bring them many opportunities.' I have this.
This taurus girl i know and has a crush on keeps ignoring my message since new year i dont know why and i dont want to judge her either,she just see my message then doesnt write back,when i go online she goes offline in a matter of minutes i dont know wha
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I'd like to mention first this is very personal and I was contemplating posting this. I would really appreciate kindness and seriousness in your replies. I haven't opened up to anyone but I figured some unbiased and anonymity could be helpful. Anyways
Hi! So as of a few days ago, a Libra male messages me and is intrigued in wanting to get to know me. After a day or two of talking through private messages, he gives me his number and then gave him mine. He messages me a few hours later and we have be
Like these dudes. I mean at the very least, any woman can get laid whenever she wants right?
After several months, ive gotten to know a very lovely aries girl. She is so composed and sweet. She is very straightforward but not harsh on people like i've seen with other Aries before. We laugh, we jokea and goof around at work. Never a dull momen
Do you think it's sexy? skanky? romantic? What? And why does it have to be Versace? @_@
It's nuts! I do not remove my topics! It's mistake and we can continue... Or mods please un-tight it! Tjanks
I have Fortune, Lilith, Uranus, Neptune, Juno and North Node in this house.
and why does ands block her every time he signs in? i'm quite perplexed. @_@
Just finiahed, Cinder. Like a mis of terminator meets Cinderella. Loving it!