Britney-esque Songs

By Dastard2020March 27, 2022 8:11pm — 37 replies
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Sad Boi/Girl Music 🎢😭
post some moody emotional music to cry to -token cancer woman
Boy Harsher
look up boy harsher underground music from us feels like 1984 they are gaining a following there is good music but its all underground the commercialization killed somehow hid the good stuff https www youtube com watch v rvpvbsbhxoo
Can anybody tell me the title of the soundtrack?
and lets just ackknow edge how awesome suits is https m youtube com watch v i4hazrcaoha
Songs from childhood
are there any songs that stand out in your mind from childhood and a specific reason that the songs kept your interest i had a random flashback to these two songs that my parents used to listen to they both piqued my interest most as a kid probably bec
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Cheer up buttercup!
welp its 9 am on my birthday and ive already gotten teary-eyed but im gonna let go of this crappy feeling and then spend the rest of my day having a kickass time my mom would be telling me a birds gonna poop on my lip for pouting or that my face i
An Evening With Silk Sonic
https youtu be xa5hlb6bscc
https youtu be m77fdckg96q
Music from your state, country, province, or general area
colorado -the lumineers https www youtube com watch v xsuat5z1fcs nathaniel rateliff https www youtube com watch v 8kuv2tftpgo
Theme - Beauty in the Mundane
https youtu be 0hupnni6zhq