Years ago I see the number 22 33 44 everywhere ... I have not yet been able to decipher what it is, I saw these numbers in so many stages of my life that I do not know what it meant at the time, since I have had many emotional ups and downs in These las
I have been looking into numerology of my wedding date and I feel even though it wasn't my first choice for the date it is a good date to get married ... The day is a 1 (which is also my life path) and the entire date, with year, is a 2 which is all ab
So I've always known I was an outsider looking in, but I'm still pretty charismatic. I accidentally got myself in a little war with a 7 and they went to the extreme with things. Anyways I am at a place where I legit hate a bunch of people at the moment. P
Anyone have any insight on relationship compatibility for 9 & 11?
(I was born the 29.) and can you relate to that number?
first of how to figure out your life path if you don't know what it is you add all the digits separately example 06/26/1988 so it would go 0+6=6(month) 2+6=8 (day) 1+9+8+8=26(year) if when you add any number and it comes to a double digit
333 then 222 Any idea's what this is?
I don't see much people talking about it, what's it mean?
Walking the path of an 11 is exciting and frighting at the same time. Your an old soul who's often misunderstood the way you think, act, or even dress is unique. You often try to fit in because you know your an awsome person and you want society to see bu
Every time I look up the clock it's either 2:22, 3:33, 1:11, or 11:11 what is the significance of this? I've also noticed that when I think about someone say a guy I like a lot I end up running into him multiple times a day. Why??
I'm new to numerology what can you tell me
My DOB is 22031992 and that would make me a 1. Any thoughts on my life path? Do you know people with that life path and did they accomplish a lot in life?
Do you think you've figured out how to balance the desire of money/power/ego?do you enjoy your career/job? do you feel successful? Were you a late bloomer (I guess if you are a little older)? How are your relationships? (Friendships, lovers) As
I'm nervous about this day...
BDay meaning I am 8 he is 9, Name is we both 9. Does it tell anyone anything?
master builder- I have heard that this life path is like "trying to building a castle on a cloud " path 22 has big build dreams that they are trying to make a reality...making something out of my question for life paths 22 you
How do you handle the part where you always want to be in charge?
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She pulls up to see you and she hands you a red rose ๐ŸŒน What are your thoughts ๐ŸŒนโ‰๏ธโ‰๏ธโ‰๏ธ State your sign ...
I met a pisces male got on so well. I have realised since meeting him that I sabotage good relationships. I upset him then when he wanted space I bombarded him with messages. I agreed to chill then bombarded him again. In the end he blocked me and said so
cause damn man when you hit it against something it hurts.
Brown.. Pink.. They all stink. Post a pic
Hey Aries female here! After a bad experience with a cancer female I have picked myself up and I am back to dating. I have a date with a Leo this weekend I met online. She told me in a message that she had a dream about meeting me last night and it wa