I had this thought today while thinking about numerology. The effectiveness of numerology is based on the underlying vibration of a number that parallels the alphabet. For example, A = 1, B = 2, and C = 2. 1 is for assertiveness. 2 is for diplomacy,
It's seems that from experience a five will always have the hardest time telling the truth does anyone agree?
I was born on November 12, 1997 which is what I learned master number 22. What does this mean exactly? I aspire to become a Neurosurgeon but my pisces rising I feel hinders my ability to take action even with my scorpio sun.
I have a book from the public library and it gives me a (unfortunately complicated) key to calculate the progressive number for each year. It says how my last year was and how the next one will look like. It involves letters from my name as well. Anybo
so this year my personal year number is 8 last year was slow and terrible I've had terrible years with alot of bad luck I hope I will finally grow more successfully this year
Yea I.know what they mean (cept 4:44) Now how do I stop seeing them????
Okay so this is not some crazy butter like The Number 23(well maybe), but I always notice certain numbers tend to pop up more than usual. For example, on the clock it may read 2:27 right when I look at it and my grandma's bday is February 27th. Almost e
Hello! :) I was born in 1995, may 3, 00.05 (Midnight) What is my life path nummer? Can anyone Help me? 😇😊
Was just wondering what the compatibility is between these two life paths? as I don't know much about numerology myself. I am life path 6 (aries) and my partner is a life path 11 (cancer)
Ive been waking up around 4am for the past week, what could this mean? If there is a meaning to it?
I’ve read a few things about soulmates and the number 11 being very significant. My Libra and I have had a few things involving 11 but the weirdest one is that we realized shortly after we started dating that we were both married before on the exact same
So, my name is Emily Ngoc Truong and I learned Numerology a few years ago but when I calculated it out, the numbers derived from my name were all 9’s. As a whole, my numbers are: Name: 9 Personality: 9 Destiny/Soul: 9 Birthday: 2 Life path: 3
WARNING: if your date of birth is the 29... You are doomed.
You and your partner / an ex / celebrity / crush... Example: Me, born 29. Ex libra gf is the 27 Give as many examples as you want... more is better. and if with a Partner or an Ex, Is or Was the relationship a success? Example: Me 29 and
Can anyone share any knowledge of this lifepath number? I've just learned I'm a lifepath 3 Thanks
I am 3 and my bf is 5. I'm going to look more into this but I'm curious about what all this means.
Note: I am not a numerologist, just laying out informaiton I've come across In Numerology a Life Path Number is an outline of a person's traits, goals, and lessons he/she will discover in a lifetime. There are nine life path numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Great day guys..I'm Josefina, I can't find the introduction thread so I decided to move over here. I've been curious at the same time interested in reading numbers. Hoping to learn and understand more about number reading.
Having this number in numerology myself, I feel like it is extremely similar to pisces. 9 is supposedly the oldest, and
Hey guys, I am born on 14th january 1993 so I am a lifepath 1 and my significant other is a lifepath 5 (March 30th, 1988). I would like to know the compatibility between the two of us. I would also like to know if I am compatible with a guy born on Novemb
Can anyone share any knowledge of this lifepath number? I've just learned I'm a lifepath 3 Thanks
Will it work or well, just drown ?
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