• Business compatibility

    Hi What would the energy of the business be if the person who wants to start it is a 44/8 life path, the name of the business Ambrosia semiotic advice=44/8, the planed staring date 29.04.2018=44/8.
  • I hate seeing 1:11, 3:33,4:44....

    Yea I.know what they mean (cept 4:44) Now how do I stop seeing them????
  • Alot of 8th in my numerology what does is indicate ?

    Life path ,Soul urge , Personality number all number 8
  • does changing your name really change the perception of people ?

    i'll try this, next week i'll participate to a hackaton i'll will say anothere name that my actual name. with my acutal name i'm a lifepath 8 with the other name i'll choose illl be a 4. BUT is that thing BULLbutter OR NO BULLbutter ?
  • Life path 6 & 11

    Was just wondering what the compatibility is between these two life paths? as I don't know much about numerology myself. I am life path 6 (aries) and my partner is a life path 11 (cancer)
  • My personality, heart desire, life path, destiny number all in 8 feeling bound to fail

    So I've read people with many 8 in their chart face a lot of setbacks and that with 8 it's either you fail or succeed or inbetween. for as long as I live i always felt like I failed and I always had the need to become successful. I never had a steady goa
  • Is it possible for 19 Apr & 29 Apr born people to tag along ?

    Why people who are born on 19 Apr & 29 Apr is hard to tag along ? What’s the reason behind this unique numbers ? Any ideas?
  • Pythagorean Square Calculator

    Pythagorean square or "Psychomatrix" gives a chcracteristic according to the date of birth. It was developed by Pythagoras in the 5th century BC and was developed by his followers. The basic idea of psychomatrix is that the date of birth has a certain com
  • New to this. Birthday 9/9/1989

    Hi. Im new here. New to numerology as well. Ive found some pretty intriguing information and was hoping to find more. My birthday is 9/9/1989 my name is Christopher Rutt. So far i know im lifepath 9. Not quite sure where to go from here. I appreciate any
  • All my Numbers are 9’s, is that why weird stuff happens to me?

    So, my name is Emily Ngoc Truong and I learned Numerology a few years ago but when I calculated it out, the numbers derived from my name were all 9’s. As a whole, my numbers are: Name: 9 Personality: 9 Destiny/Soul: 9 Birthday: 2 Life path: 3
  • Are life path 5s huge pathological liars?

    It's seems that from experience a five will always have the hardest time telling the truth does anyone agree?
  • I have the life path number of 22 or (4/22). What does this mean for me?

    I was born on November 12, 1997 which is what I learned master number 22. What does this mean exactly? I aspire to become a Neurosurgeon but my pisces rising I feel hinders my ability to take action even with my scorpio sun.
  • progressive number

    I have a book from the public library and it gives me a (unfortunately complicated) key to calculate the progressive number for each year. It says how my last year was and how the next one will look like. It involves letters from my name as well. Anybo
  • personal year number 8 anybody who can tell me their experience?

    so this year my personal year number is 8 last year was slow and terrible I've had terrible years with alot of bad luck I hope I will finally grow more successfully this year
  • Number Obsession

    Okay so this is not some crazy butter like The Number 23(well maybe), but I always notice certain numbers tend to pop up more than usual. For example, on the clock it may read 2:27 right when I look at it and my grandma's bday is February 27th. Almost e
  • Help with lifepath number

    Hello! :) I was born in 1995, may 3, 00.05 (Midnight) What is my life path nummer? Can anyone Help me? 😇😊
  • I always wake up around 4am.

    Ive been waking up around 4am for the past week, what could this mean? If there is a meaning to it?
  • Soulmate and 11

    I’ve read a few things about soulmates and the number 11 being very significant. My Libra and I have had a few things involving 11 but the weirdest one is that we realized shortly after we started dating that we were both married before on the exact same
  • I just found out why my life is so complicated.

    WARNING: if your date of birth is the 29... You are doomed.
  • Numerology of lovers

    You and your partner / an ex / celebrity / crush... Example: Me, born 29. Ex libra gf is the 27 Give as many examples as you want... more is better. and if with a Partner or an Ex, Is or Was the relationship a success? Example: Me 29 and
  • Lifepath 3

    Can anyone share any knowledge of this lifepath number? I've just learned I'm a lifepath 3 Thanks
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  • The signs in a song

    Post a song that reminds you of a particular sign.
  • Ex won't leave me alone..

    My scorp ex from over a year ago wont leave me be...he decided to go outta his way tonight and make another account since I blocked his main one. He said something along the lines of you can text me in case you dont want someone to read whats sent here...
  • Triple cancer

    So I found out I am a triple cancer. I have always related very strongly to my sun sign so it didn't surprise me. Question, is that pretty rare? Do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing? I am very intuitive of peoples emotions, and most the time als
  • Best match for Capricorn moon?

    What other moon sign is the best fit
  • Aries woman secretly in love w scorp man

    Hey everyone. This is kind of a long story but here goes nothin. So a few years ago, I saw this scorpio man at a bar. From that moment I just knew I had to know his name. We started talking and instant fireworks— we spent nearly every night together the r
  • Last thing you purchased.

    Water bottle from Walmart for the gym that says MERMAID on it. 💖
  • Havent got any respond from my libra guy. What should I do?

    We have been knowing each other for 2 months and I was the one who initiated our conversation at first. He is not a good texter and he told me from the begining. We had a meet up after 2 weeks and everything was more than what I expected since he was re
  • What's the big issue with water and air signs dating?

    I keep seeing that water and air signs are not good for romantic relationships. I honestly want to know if it's just the stereotype or what?
  • Why lust, not love, is the essence of a healthy relationship The interview on the View is pretty interesting. I kind of agree.
  • Shoulder/Back issue

    Tell me if anyone has experienced this or if you're a professional and can give me advice before I go to physio. that would be great... I have one shoulder that rounds more inward and seems to be slightly higher than the other giving me hell when I exe
  • Business compatibility

    Hi What would the energy of the business be if the person who wants to start it is a 44/8 life path, the name of the business Ambrosia semiotic advice=44/8, the planed staring date 29.04.2018=44/8.
  • Gem man 17 years older

    So I took all the people from my past and I cut off all my feelings for them so my energy could be freed up for when someone new came into my life. Magically, one week later this guy walks into my work and basically picks me out like a puppy in a pet stor
  • Sprained Ankle

    So 3.5 weeks ago while visiting the Cancer, I sprained my ankle while walking a friend home. It's the same ankle I sprained back in mid-2014, but this time I felt my ankle give way as I stepped off the curb to cross the road. (Previous incident was du
  • When someone says....

    ...."Capricorn is Scorpio in a suit" [img][/img]
  • Why am I always cold?

    I always feel cold and I find it hard to get warm. This started at the beginning of fall. By October I was wearing all of my usual winter clothes when I was going outside, I got a personal space heater for my bed room and desk, and I started sleeping with
  • DXPIL Season 3 Semi-Final #1 GENTLE SCORP IN UR-ANUS @ram416 @PhoenixRising VS GEMINI MERCURY DECEPTION @squishy_marshmallow