I've being seeing the same number everywhere for months and i've got some questions. I'm not sure if this topic falls under this category or nor. If it does, i'll continue. If not, can someone please direct me to the right forum? Thank you!
I am interested in numerology for a while I read and researched the subject And while looking for the essence of my name I came across a site that gave me an amazing and accurate video analysis check it out
My life path is 6, but can anyone tell me about 15/6 (which is me)? I'm not finding much on it.
site with free numerology report, accepts only donations. Enjoy!
Has anyone studied Name Diagrams? The only book i've ever found on the topic is called Numerology by Norman Shine. It shows the flow of energy via numbers 1-9 and the lines and patterns they make up within a person's name. (that is only one aspect of what
I'm working to improve my psychic ability. I need people to practice on to become better and accurate. Please let me kno
When it comes to religion criticism we are skeptical, of course, there are things most of us have chosen to believe and that's all. This is a big subject indeed and is still under development as additional facts will be discovered. I will be presenting it
Your middle name indicates hidden potential. This name is wedged in between your first and last name – and so quite literally, its energy relates to aspects of your personality that aren’t often seen. Think about how often you actually use your middle
I think these people have the hardest time in life. No direction in life or focus. I also think they have very little self control. Being #1 is never easy as there is no guidance or beaten path to follow. I feel sorry for these poor souls. Anyone here
Not sure if she's a member here or how that works, but I was told to look into her website...now im telling you to do the same. This lady has made 3/4 of my family HAPPY! Finally got a reading that gave me the chills. Absolutely nailed it! i
Hello, this is my first post on this website, and I hope that my question will not go unanswered. First of all let me
Hi I have a few questions because I am new to numerology so I think I have a life path number 5 because that's what I get from my birth date 18 05 1998 but my friend she is an hindu and follows numerology and told me my lifepath was 9 because I'm born on
I had an epiphany on 4/5/15 and started seeing everything in numbers ( more and more gradually ) PHI 360 Tons of stuff If anyone wants to run a DOB by me, I wouldn't mind running it thru my different steps. I have a website if anyone ever
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they just don't flail around like a crazy person expressing it without a filter. yes depends on the moon. i'm just speaking in generalities.
I was just recently told by a customer I ran into at my bfs get together that I am "misleading" Why because I laugh and made jokes with him? I proudly stood by my bf as he told me this, because my bf knows I'm a humorous girl who loves to luagh and jok
Looking at my friends list on SM, all the capricorn women I know of are be-u-ti-ful! I seriously envy them. They are extremely feminine yet not afraid to get down and dirty. A lot of them are moms and have bang ass bodies and look like they’re in their 20
Last week I met up with this guy, Libra Sun and Leo Moon, i knew from online. We had a great nice chatting and chilling. We sat very close and started to put his hand on my should at the every end. When we left to get a cab, he placed his hand on my wais
The may ones for me feels way more lazy and responsable, i think we 1 decans are 'younger' taureans, also i feel we are more possessive and more easy to anger
Be real! Stop asking these stupid questions! Be rich. Clean cut. Funny. Sexy. Generous. There you go! She is yours! No! Instead you hope to be broke, stupid, substances abuser who forgot what shower is and keep trying to seduce a woman by slobb
tell it. the good, bad, and ugly. tell it all. does it work? no? why? why not? all scorpios currently with other scorpios, dish. gay, bi, straight couples, it doesn't matter. all types can answer.
So I'm dabbling in the other earth sign for the first time. Dated Taurus men and they've been a headache. Are y'all the same? Cuz I ain't got time to be depressed. Best advice you can give a cap woman about dating a Virgo man. Go...
How often do you keep a fwb thing going on? Like what could cause you to be single for years and keep harem of women around you ? Do you ever see any of your fwb as potential dating material....
I'm tired, just got back from a country western club (yeah lol).... I tend to hang out around a bunch of for lack of better term... white people.... and when alcohol is involved a lot of stuff gets said. one of the things was. "I'd totally let you s
Why are Taurus males always jealous of other dudes who have their crush on their nuts. I have been seeing this Cap females and she seems to like me. There is this Taurus dude that has been on the friend zone trying to win her over with favors.She does not
...would you shut up about relashionsios that you have never had and talk about stuff you had never experienced? It’s really annoying to read from any age group about marriage...when no one ever proposed to you! And it’s really dtupidbof those who had n
♑, ♋, ♐, ♊, & ♎ I suck at it but be prepared when I got the time.
Feeling rather low and need a good laugh or something positive to cheer me up. https://i.imgur.com/4Yx0UgQ.jpg
I've been seeing a Pisces for about 5 months. We're not committed but we have strong feelings almost love and a very intense connection. We see each other almost every day or 2nd day. Pisces has an ex who was a best friend before they tried dating and
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