• Advice if you can on numerology

    BDay meaning I am 8 he is 9, Name is we both 9. Does it tell anyone anything?
  • life path 22

    master builder- I have heard that this life path is like "trying to building a castle on a cloud " path 22 has big build dreams that they are trying to make a reality...making something out of my question for life paths 22 you
  • Lifepath 8

    How do you handle the part where you always want to be in charge?
  • your life path?

    so ...I had to burn down the other thread...cause it was wrong! ALL WRONG! ..thanks for pointing that out now I wanna know more about the life path number .... someone posted this in the other thread
  • 11 vs 2

    Hello, I am inquiring about when and if it is appropriate to reduce the number 11 down to a 2 when calculating life path etc numbers. I assume that since 11 is a master number it should not be further reduced but I can't find any solid evidence that this
  • Help needed with numerology reading

    Dear All, I have been seriously in a mess with my love life. Been played on by a narcissist and now I feel like my self-worth and confidence shrank. I am very spiritual and I do need some guidance and perhaps a reading from someone experienced. Always
  • The Infamous Personal Yr 2

    While I was writing this I was struggling on how to avoid some stuff... but in the end I guess it's easier to put it all on the table. Personal year 2 is considered the year of love. Personally in my opinion it's a starting point for potential. You
  • Life path 7

    Enjoy! Felt it applied to me.
  • 4

    anybody know anything about numerology life number 4?? i have never talked to anyone about numerology and have only read
  • I don't wanna travel!

    Life Path #5. My life path is all about Travel and Freedom. I don't get it?! I dont understand.. someone can help me? What is the treetrunking point of travelling? lol, I mean: why would I go on an adventure? Im working hard and my money is very precious
  • Help!

    I've being seeing the same number everywhere for months and i've got some questions. I'm not sure if this topic falls under this category or nor. If it does, i'll continue. If not, can someone please direct me to the right forum? Thank you!
  • amazing and accurate video analysis

    I am interested in numerology for a while I read and researched the subject And while looking for the essence of my name I came across a site that gave me an amazing and accurate video analysis check it out
  • 15/6?

    My life path is 6, but can anyone tell me about 15/6 (which is me)? I'm not finding much on it.
  • Numerology Report

    site with free numerology report, accepts only donations. Enjoy!
  • Name Diagrams

    Has anyone studied Name Diagrams? The only book i've ever found on the topic is called Numerology by Norman Shine. It shows the flow of energy via numbers 1-9 and the lines and patterns they make up within a person's name. (that is only one aspect of what
  • Recent Topics

  • Why are Virgo moon and Taurus moon compatibile?

    It doesn't make sense to me. Virgo moons are much less materialistic than Taurus moon. How do they go so well together? Also Taurus moons are typically homebodies who just want to be secure and lavished. Virgo moons seem a bit more open minded and adven
  • caught in cancer claws

    I am a libra female and have been dating cancer man for almost two months and I'm confused by his behavior. Through mutu
  • create a distance

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know how are some of the way you move on from someone who doesn't share the same interest in you as you do them? Do you start to create a distance until you let go of them emotionally? Let's say you follow each other
  • Hip Hop.. R&B & Soul

  • Salt Lake City

    We’re thinking of moving there... anyone live there currently with any thoughts about living there?
  • Help with horary chart interpretation

    I was wondering whether the girl I'm into is in a relationship or not. Hope the chart is viewable
  • Sag and Fish Pairing

    What do you guys think about a Sagittarius female and a male Pisces pairing, both with moon in Virgo, and both have Lilith in Scorpio.
  • Most and least common moon sign?

    I would like to see the difference experience people have. I notice people different ideas of what moon signs are common or uncommon depending on the people they meet. My opinion might be a bit different but my observations are based on what moon signs
  • EDM Thread (Headphones Recommended)

    Please insert anything electronic. Things like trance, house, electro, techno, chillstep, dubstep, witch house, lofi hip hop, or anything else with a good beat and steady flow. This thread is all about the beat. Remix or original, all are welcome. http
  • What's the oldest and the youngest you'd date?

    And will the age range change if it's marriage? For me. I wouldn't want to date a guy that I didn't see as marriage material for me, to me they go hand in hand. But right now since Im in my early 20's I can't see myself dating a younger guy. The yo
  • Intuition League Season 4 This is the actual game playing thread STANDINGS: TBD
  • Jazz fusion

    Jazz fusion is difficult to define or set boundaries to, so I'll just drop my favorites musics in this here thread
  • First Post....Thanks to those Aries

    Hello fellow Libras/Unicorns. I have an arrogant Aries male on my island who seemily doesn’t know how to act and I need your insight on how to shuck him back into shape. Him: Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces, and Venus in Aries. He’s very attractive to ev
  • Scorpio Moon Appreciation Thread

    Attention all scorpio moons post in here about what makes our moon sign the most desirable. I'm tired of us constantly getting butter on so it's time to speak up!
  • taurus men....need your advice

    problably a more fun reason to ask advice haha so im going to see my bull for the first time everrrrr. ldr in three months im going for a holiday well but of course for him and ill be staying at his place nervoussss but so excited he wanted
  • Gem-Scorp Support Group

    Fergie Feat. Will I Am - True (50 FIRST DATES SOU…: