Life Path 5 Compatibility???

Hello, I'm just wondering which sign is best with a #5.... The last 3 guys I've dealt with were all Life Path #2 and I r
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    Hello, I'm just wondering which sign is best with a #5.... The last 3 guys I've dealt with were all Life Path #2 and I read somewhere that Life Path 5 & 2 are very incompatible and the relationship would be short lived...Which ended up true... I don't know why Life Path #2 are attracted to me, but it seems like they're the only Life Path's I keep ending up with... Just curious what Life Path # work best with #5's??? :-)
  • AquaLuv4ya
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    My last ex was a Scorpio man/Life path #2... Our synastry was the worse I've ever seen... LOL... but the relationship was actually the best I've ever had while it lasted...He turned out to be a major player... I think with Life Path 5's & 2's it can work, but it's always one of them that's not willing to make it work...
  • SirHorns
    All the Horny Signs. Rising Ram. Solar Cap. Lunar Bull.
    Life Paths: 1,3, 6 & 7 can match well with 5.
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    Thanks^^^ I hope I attract one of those next for a change & my fingers are crossed that I never run into a Life Path #2 again...LOL [Such a bad combination]
  • AquaLuv4ya
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    I somewhat relate to the description of Life Path #5... I do love my freedom, but commitment isn't a issue for me as they make #5's out to have a problem with.

    ****WoW*** just ran across this ?????????
    Celebrities and Famous People with Life Path Number 5
    Louis Armstrong August 4, 1901
    Malcolm X May 19, 1925
    Isaac Newton December 25, 1642
    Andre Agassi April 29, 1970
    Vincent van Gogh 30 March 1853
    Michael J. Fox June 9, 1961
    Anna Kournikova June 7, 1981
    Angelina Jolie June 4, 1975
    Anthony Quinn April 21, 1915
    Anthony Perkins April 4, 1932
    Steven Spielberg December 18, 1946
    Catherine Zeta-Jones September 25, 1969
    Colin Farrell May 31, 1976
    Denzel Washington December 28, 1954
    Dennis Quaid April 9, 1954
    Jennifer Connelly December 12, 1970
    Joaquin Phoenix October 28, 1974
    Liv Tyler July 1, 1977
    Martin Lawrence April 16, 1965
    Monica Bellucci September 30, 1964
    Uma Thurman April 29, 1970
    Beyonc? Knowles September 4, 1981
    Dr Dre February 18, 1965
    George Michael June 25, 1963
    Jay-Z December 4, 1969
    Jon Bon Jovi March 2, 1962
    Mick Jagger July 26, 1943
    Tina Turner November 26, 1939
  • they say that two of the same life path #s generally doesnt fit, but two fives are an exception
  • CopperDove
    Venusian Scorp
    Posted by ladyleo3
    they say that two of the same life path #s generally doesnt fit, but two fives are an exception
    Yes, that's my understanding too, and experience. I'm a 5 Lifepath. Best matches for Lifepath 5 based on my research and experience are 1, 3, 5 and 7.

  • colossalfairy
    Fire dominant
    I'm also a life path 5 and for a time I ended up with nothing but 2's/11's. I'd just say stay away from that number in particular. Apparently 8 is incompatible but it's quite frequent based on some research a did a while ago.
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