• Have you ever been awoken by someone calling your name but you are alone ?

    This has happened to me several times over the years and I've always chalked it up to me being half asleep but it's getting more frequent so I'm getting curious. I keep getting awoken by a male voice calling my name. The voice is not familiar or calmi
  • Sleepwalking/talking/activity

    Last night, I was playing Family Feud on my phone while my bf was asleep next to me and he randomly opened his eyes and got in my face and said “What?” a couple times, and then started making out with me and grabbing my butt. Then he just stopped and put
  • Spell vs curse Wiccan style

    Gemitati of my patients happened to be a Wiccan. She told me that you can cast a spell and it’s not going to hunt you down as long you don’t wish bad on people. When you cast a spell and ask Powers to do something - Powers make a decision to granted
  • Shibari

    Paste into google and click images... What do you think?
  • Bazinga

    Paste into google and click images... What do you think?

    Is this real?? Yooo! Can't be real?! Both retarded XD XD XD
  • Stay away from those horror movies

    Especially the ones about spirits I wonder if some producers place spells chants or other demon butter inside of movies with the intent of you taking some of the satanic crap with u once the movie ends. Once you fall asleep that’s when all of the funky shi
  • psychic twins.

    when i read about the psychic twins, i couldnt find their astrology chart on astrotheme, i think it's just not there. so i did their chart from the wikipedia information. but i found say it's different from what i got from wikipedia's but on
  • why do you think some people...

    can see or feel things.paranormal experiences than others? and also, WHY do some spirits communicate with certain people over others? i read online in many sites that they are choosy and picky who they choose. but also, some darker spirits choos
  • Just scared butter out of myself...

    Accidentally logged off and all of a sudden I see post by HeavyEShow!!! Pizza and Jed with his nipples...I was like...butter! What happened? Why? Then I realized I am logged off... Whew...that was NASTY!!! Like waking up from a bad dream...
  • Visiting a medium

    Has anyone here had a reading with a medium to connect with spirits? I did it last week and I'm still a bit shocked. Wondering if anyone else has and how they felt after?
  • weirdest Walt Disney Conspiracies of all time

    Weirdest Walt Disney Conspiracies of All Time.
  • Stalker pming me

    Ok Dxp I need help! Member who I hadn’t interacted with sending me pms with an image of old fat ugly treetruk and insisting we’ve met at the coffee shop the other day. Do I report it or what?
  • Man attacked by ET while bowhunting Bear

    Man attacked by ET while bear hunting with bow.
  • New York Teacher Injured as She Attempts Time Travel

    New York teacher injured as she attempts Time Travel.
  • Science fiction movie "They Live" is based on a true story!

    I'll never forget seeing They Live in the theaters with a few friends. Walking out of the theater they said that was the worst movie they had ever seen. I was blown away cause I loved it. Bought it on every format over the years. I wish it was made into a
  • Amazing gift or?

    How do I make it short? Well...this phsyhic on KEEN I had been talking to for 3 years...she had told me what months exactly I will sell my business and I was leery because we shouldn’t had make it and we did... Because FIL sent us money and she told me
  • Recent Topics

  • Sun libra moon Virgo guy

    How is the personality combination of air and earth.
  • Hypnotic

    Has anyone on DXP ever been hypnotized? Was it for fun? Was it to accomplish a goal? Did it work?
  • Why are attractive people more insecure

    Why are attractive people more insecure
  • How come Aries women can detach so quickly? (Libra man)

    So any Aries woman I've dated has been able to move on so quickly. I just personally can't move on so quickly. The way I've seen all of the ones I've dated move on, like the relationship was another Monday. Very chill about it.
  • How my patience is changing an Aquarius

    *Another update* Finally my Aquarius completely broke up with his ex. And last night after teasing me a few times that i shud find a good guy for marriage etc... and taking my breath away with this change...then laughing suddenly..... He finally sai
  • What sign pops back up in a PISCES life the most?

    Just curious to hear some of your answers. I say Leo and libra...
  • Libra-Sag connection

    do you notice that a lot of couples who seem to do well compatibility-wise have that libra dominant to sag dominant connection in synastry? do you believe in the libra-sag connection?
  • Which House is your Moon in?

    My Moon is in the 1st House. Makes me realize how emotional I am. And why people don't get me. I'd be like "umgz, I don't feel comfortable in this place" and people would be like "why?..." and I'd just be like "because." Like I go off on my intuition, eve
  • Intuition League Season 4 This is the actual game playing thread STANDINGS: TBD
  • Bullying in DXP

    Do you think it's stupid and pitiful?
  • Dear Diary: The pressure is on

    I ambushed my boyfriend with my feeling as Applebee's yesterday during happy hour. I know, I know, I appear to always have the worst timing, but I suppose liquid courage was involved because you Taurus/Taurus Signs are so intimidating and hard to talk to
  • What's your Breakup Recovery Time?

    What's your venus and do you relate to the corresponding description below? Is your venus reflective of your recovery time and it's description, or are you more like your sun or moon in this regard? Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Breakup recovery
  • Why the heck do I attract F Boys?

    Seriously? I feel like Im not the type that guys I like, like. I feel like I attract a bunch of guys that are F boy types and I dont like it. What is it my Aquarius rising? Because my eros conjuncts it??? What is it!!?? I want to attract the type of guys
  • Juptier in Scorpio Will be here next month... hooray.
  • Most heartbreaking lyrics

    Share with the rest of us the lyrics you find to be most heartbreaking. For me it's this one. No matter my mood, I'll choke up each time I listen to it. The lead singer wrote this song for a good friend of theirs, whose fiancee committed suicide. "Bria
  • Gems.... Who's your fav element?

    As in... which element of men or women do you find yourself attracted to the most? I have found that is water signs. It could be that my moon and mercury is in Cancer, but something about Scorpios and Pisces. Idk. I like Cancers as well, just usually
  • [pros / cons] smoking weed before sleeping

    no judgement zone, i jus wan to find a way to sleep lol