Accidentally logged off and all of a sudden I see post by HeavyEShow!!! Pizza and Jed with his nipples...I was like...butter! What happened? Why? Then I realized I am logged off... Whew...that was NASTY!!! Like waking up from a bad dream...
I can’t be looking for that thread ALL THE TIME! So making my own... Posted by crazysioux Posted by Parkourler I want to doggy style the women while she does crosswords, without trying to satisfy or even arouse her. I want her to be bo
Has anyone here had a reading with a medium to connect with spirits? I did it last week and I'm still a bit shocked. Wondering if anyone else has and how they felt after?
Weirdest Walt Disney Conspiracies of All Time.
Ok Dxp I need help! Member who I hadn’t interacted with sending me pms with an image of old fat ugly treetruk and insisting we’ve met at the coffee shop the other day. Do I report it or what?
Man attacked by ET while bear hunting with bow.
New York teacher injured as she attempts Time Travel.
I'll never forget seeing They Live in the theaters with a few friends. Walking out of the theater they said that was the worst movie they had ever seen. I was blown away cause I loved it. Bought it on every format over the years. I wish it was made into a
How do I make it short? Well...this phsyhic on KEEN I had been talking to for 3 years...she had told me what months exactly I will sell my business and I was leery because we shouldn’t had make it and we did... Because FIL sent us money and she told me Music for the holidays feelings...
weirdest Beatles conspiracies of all time
A while back I posted a topic about hearing faint music while my other friends didn't during a sleepover. Anyway, today I was watching The Psychic Twins (idk if they're fake, but this scared me okay lol.) and they were talking about different types of Psy
Man Possessed by Roman Citizen of the Christian Era
Have anyone ever cast love spell on someone? And what happened?
Where is falks about fallen angels mating w humans? And so now the DNA of there offspring are half demon half human causing havoc on the earth? There are some ppl I've been around who seriously don't seem human. Like evil to the core or born evil.
When slavery meets time travel...
Talks different, moves different? Maybe something angelic about them? Or evil? Could have been someone in passing, or a family member? Talk to me.
Hunter bags Freak-of-Nature sauropod in the Congo.
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When it comes to relationships and cheating while I do agree with all the cliché's about why you shouldn't blame the other women blame him... At what point do these women take some responsibility for their part in KNOWING?
Hi, I am changing my social circles and hobbies I mee t lots Scorpios in a very cool self defense gym. They are incredible intense in training, but very funny and close. II is not a commercial gym actualy its more like a family. They think I am c
Hey guys im an aquarius and i just started dating a gemini woman. Everything has been great so far i just want to know are Gemini women loyal? I've heard they like to flirt.. As an aquarius i really hate disloyal sneaky people with a passion. Im the t
Has anyone here ever been with a Scorpio? Or know of a couple that were both Scorps?? Im wondering how that would play out... Sometimes I think it would be a great match because it could be a power couple
Let me get straight to the questions, then explain. Do Cancer men show off their significant others? We haven’t exactly defined the relationship yet but we have been on about 5 dates now. On the end of the last one he said how you he would like to take me
What do you like or not like about this placement? what other venus placements do you find best compliments your venus in aqua?
Hi all, Anyone very familiar with WhatsApp? If so.. I have a question.. I ended things with a gemini man (whom I was involved with for a year) recently and I offered friendship etc. as I hate things ending in dramatic, bad terms but he was being all
Scorpio moon / Leo moon (Team A) Or Libra moon / Gemini moon (Team B) who would win in a battle between these two teams? Not physical but strategical
......or singing :) @WarAngel1 came up with this idea and asked me to create a thread Vocaroo a poem, passage from a book, a song, a quote, Christmas carols etc Everyone welcome ... Don't be shy :P. Will be back later to post something Happy Birthday to all the Pisces swimming around this pond. May you solar return bring positivity, love, and whatever else your heart desires. Or if you already have everything you need and dreamt o
but her threads and replies can't be seen. Please help her. :(
“After 27 years of being together and two amazing children, it pains me to announce that I’ve filed for divorce.” She went on to say that “it’s an emotional time” and “I graciously ask for privacy for me, our children and the rest of our family.” The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
if it's not the weekend? do you think it could be okay to sleep around 3-4 hours a day?
I know this has been talked about a lot on here - but still..... So this Virgo and I were together, we had even talked about getting engaged - two days later, he wanted it to be done. First was a list of all the things about me he did not like - then i
On this site. Do u think people of normal body weight ie not "chunky" "thick" and def not morbidly obese are seen as "privileged" ?
? Do you tell them it won’t work out? Do you silent treatment them. Do you create some stories? Insights would be much appreciated esp on this Valentine’s Day..Y_Y
Right now my mars is in my 1st house and i feel completely comfortable i have no problem thinking about myself where as i am normally conflicted with thinking about myself and others (mars in libra 9th house ) My jupiter is in my 12th house don't really