Where is falks about fallen angels mating w humans? And so now the DNA of there offspring are half demon half human causing havoc on the earth? There are some ppl I've been around who seriously don't seem human. Like evil to the core or born evil.
The lost souls of 9/11 are being reincarnated as children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kc53Qp7z0w
Just heard we are entering some 4 horseman zone when everything is going to be awful and world will collapse and that man will rule! Should we sell properties and follow that man who says 'follow me...everything is going to fall anyway' I am not pay
Hello everyone! I just have a question. Last night I tried to telepathically communicate for the second time with this guy that I no longer am in contact with (he is still living) as we do not go to the same college. And I don't know if it was seriously h
Watchin some stoner chick on YouTube talk about cloning and it's getting me thinkin. Like, she brings up some good points: Consciousness isn't transferable. How trippy it would be to clone yourself and raise it into adulthood so that you are raisi
Manticore Plague Sweeps From Europe Into USA No one is safe from the plague, but some areas are more infected than others. https://youtu.be/Sr-R9vhgnSM
[b]The Truth Uncovered[/b] [b]This documentation contains the truth about what has taken place here and the true circumstances of my situation. The rest of the information that I previously provided you with just explains how I’ve felt, and what I’ve t
I've chosen this forum because I think is being here IS pretty paranormal The question is WHY are we here so much? I have all the questions answered. I am old, married, in love, depressed, want to get out of watching stupid TV with my husband...te
Quick question for anyone who thinks (or knows) they are clairvoyant. I've been having dreams that start to come true. Small, incredibly mundane things that happen during daily life. This occurred in the past too, but stopped when I stopped (for work r
When I was 5 I was afraid of fire engines and felt if I hear the noise - they coming to my house. When I turned 12 my father died in fire. He was told returning from army by random gypsy that he is going to die at 38. He got burnt at 39 and died at
Something the strangest just happened. My FIL is 87 and he is not in a poor health but 87...some issues. He keeps asking if he is sick and want to die - how can he have it done? I was just thinking that he might call and ask again and I hate whe
My boyfriend either has a succubus attached to him, or an obsessed spirit lover. He doesn't want to believe this, of course, but a lot of friends have already approached him and told him repeatedly that there is, there was even one sighting of said spiri
What are yout opinions for psychic reading? Are they real ? And what about the online psychic reading websites.. to what extent are they true? Just curious to know that how someone sitting so far from u can tell u about ur future and relationships just by
well it is October, the month of Halloween - anyone want to share their Paranormal stories ...
Do you like ghost stories? Paranormal TV???s ???The Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape??? is more than just a ghost st
[b]Please watch and share this video, my friends. My survival may depend on it.[/b]
If what I've said is truthful, do you believe I should receive the necessary organ transplantation I would need to survive and resume my old, familiar existence if the surgeries are nearly painless? [b]A.[/b] I deserve a chance to survive [b]B.[/b]
Is it somehow described or explained? If people care about each other a lot - could they pass energy to each other?
And that guy decided to become a transgender woman but still felt attracted to females....would that that make him gay or straight?
What does it essentially mean? I tend to have profound moments where ill see and or experience something that i either dreamt about or thought or had a "vision" about. Is it good or a bad thing to experience deja vu? Does it mean youre going down the r
Share what you know about it.
"Paranormal Witness" is one of the best shows I've seen on all things supernatural. In this particular episode they document the story of Donny Decker, the so-called "Rain Man". This is by far one of the best accounts of possession I've seen, given th
I'm working on developing my psychic abilities. Right now they work, and sometimes .... Basically, the energy has a mind
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Why do we struggle as a couple based on these charts ??
Are you all really that brain dead so you don't remember your loved once phone number so if you delete it - it's gone forever? And when (if) they call you - you have NO idea whos is this phone number calling?
Tarot readings on YouTube .. I'm liking it .. especially since April is going to be awesome !
How do you think it has affected your generation? You can include the houses they're in also if you want. Saturn in Aries Jupiter in Aquarius Neptune in Capricorn Uranus in Aquarius Pluto in Saggitarius I think that Uranus in Aquarius would m
So say a couple's natal moons are in two incompatible elements. A Virgo moon , and Aquarius moon. So earth/water. If the guy has their moon in Virgo but in the 8th house, ruler of Scorpio, and the girl's moon is in Aqua but in the 12th house, the house of
Aries ,, Aquarius, Virgo ? Who is the smartest one ? And why ?
I met this person around 2 weeks ago. For couple of days everything seemed okay, except we wasn't able to chat whole lot. He used to come online every night for 30 minutes or so, leave some messages and go off. After some time He asked for my kik and we s
Me: R: Scorpio A: scorpio Moon: Sag. He's a Taurus I know that much. But have you scorps ever had an insane connection with someone just by locking eyes? like lightning? I never have until now.. it's just crazy! If you want to read about it, i wro
I must say the hardest part for me being single for 2 years would be not knowing if I will ever love again or if I'm capable of being loved again' wondering if I'm waiting for no reason' what's the hardest part being single for u?
So I was gonna go with this guy to a banquet for an organization we're both involved in. Gonna as in past tense. I'm Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Venus, Sag Mars, Sag rising. He's Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Venus Retrograde, Leo Mars. I don't know his rising sign. I
which one are you more likely to believe between and Aquarius and a Scorpio. For me Aquarius all they way because they deal with truth and believe in telling the true unlike Scorpio who manipulate and twist the truth aka lie to control.
They should make life 2 man what a nice mivie
https://files.growery.org/files/g09-24/451832526-june-8-09_016.jpg Got that FIRE for you! Lmao
These thieves steal everyone else's accomplishments, mathematics, philosophy, knowledge. Than put a greek name on it. Spin it. Smh. Pathetic. History is written by thieves
How does it feel to always talk out of your a $$ without having zero knowledge
...no way Africans can have Asian fold right unless someone did the hanky panky 100 years ago
Mostly a question for those in long term relationships/marriages, where it is understood, that the two of you are gonna be together and have sex with only each other for the rest of your lives. :)
apparently we can't talk as we wish in the game thread so if you feel like throwing anyone under the bus or outing who you think is the mole do it in this thread.