Alien face on coins
  • Okay interesting but.....if it was made 2070BC, then why does it have Latin words on the other side?

    Latin began with Romans, like a thousand years or so later.

    Front letters look Greek tho, which would make more sense timewise but still....

    Ancient Aliens has the answer for sure tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    28 years old female
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    Paste into google and click images... What do you think?
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    Paste into google and click images... What do you think?

    Is this real?? Yooo! Can't be real?! Both retarded XD XD XD
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    Especially the ones about spirits I wonder if some producers place spells chants or other demon butter inside of movies with the intent of you taking some of the satanic crap with u once the movie ends. Once you fall asleep that’s when all of the funky shi
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    when i read about the psychic twins, i couldnt find their astrology chart on astrotheme, i think it's just not there. so i did their chart from the wikipedia information. but i found say it's different from what i got from wikipedia's but on
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    can see or feel things.paranormal experiences than others? and also, WHY do some spirits communicate with certain people over others? i read online in many sites that they are choosy and picky who they choose. but also, some darker spirits choos
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    Accidentally logged off and all of a sudden I see post by HeavyEShow!!! Pizza and Jed with his nipples...I was like...butter! What happened? Why? Then I realized I am logged off... Whew...that was NASTY!!! Like waking up from a bad dream...
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    Has anyone here had a reading with a medium to connect with spirits? I did it last week and I'm still a bit shocked. Wondering if anyone else has and how they felt after?
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