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Q to DK about Norway
hey i had googled norways financial and it is 6th of the richest countries as you said and i read an article that said people in their early thirties in norway have an average annual disposable household income of around 460 000 kroner around 56 200
Does weed helping erection etc?
all pot heads invited for discussion
Men are called pussy whipped and women?
when i was married to a cap - he was lazy and was letting me do everything as long as he doesn t have to but i was young and i didn t know and didn t care not too long ago i had briefly worked in the office and man and woman in their 70th came and ha wa
Meet Millionaire dating sites
i remember at some point there were sites that invited women to meet busy wealthy men who are too busy to look for a date because they were baking those millions and couldn t leave that oven so they used those sites it used to pop up everywhere lately
Good changes
i was being sick of being miserable so i decided to change some things in my life no more eating too much i have to lose some weight reducing coffee im not stopping drinking coffee just reducing for now last night i decided to stop watching
won t you all admit that if sex is no good - happily ever after is just a lie if you all admitted it - world would be a better place because all shit in the world is due to sexually frustrated ugly people argue until you blue or purple in your f
Another thread on dating Appearance Challenged people
reading all that ugly dating ugly i am wondering - how many of us would date that ugly person whom we refused to date because we knew that people will say behind our back did you see her man i would never would you nooooo and we refuse them t
Money can’t buy LOOKS
may i have an example of the richest handsome men not from hollywood question is - when those people who look like bill gates and elon musk having all these money and knowing that they can never be sure that their partner loves them for them because of
Where affection is residing in brain
3 kids adults now 60 55 45 growing up with parents who weren t affectionate to each other to the point that kids had never seen parents hugged each other - all 3 grew up none affectionate blaming their upbringing in such family one sister and 2 broth
Healthy ways...
to get over a breakup that you initiated thanks