What Went Unspoken About R. Kelly...

By GemCurioThe1March 11, 2021 12:37pm — 30 replies
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To survive or Thrive
i come to the conclusion we are living with the wrong focus in life and passing it off to our children its not our fault its the way we were taught its just sad we doom our children to do the same when your only focus is survival thats all you g
i know ive made a bunch of threads asking for advice on this but im really feeling lost what do you do to manage grief surrounding the loss of a loved one especially when that person was like your best friend are you religious is religion used as a
What did you do when dxpnet was down?!
reading a book watching movies working on yourself etc it can be anything tell us something you did with your new free time
Which dude
someone posted this on fb id never heard of it but its kinda cool pick one of these little dudes then scroll down n see what it says about your choice https i postimg cc 0jckdjv8 screenshot-20201125-095813 png if this has already been posted
Reexperiencing trauma & seeking old traumaexperiences
can anybody relate to that i had a yraumatic childhood i was sickly my mom was overwhelmed and turned into a tyrant now things trigger old memories but i actually seek out trigger states and once i am in the state i cant get out and watch yt to num
whats the first thing that comes to mind
If women belong in the kitchen..
and i like to cook does that make me a feminine man
Social Media is Shit..
brown pill fact 2 many dxp users hate social media or at least have many complaints about it over exaggerated lives of perfection in the pursuit of validation from others they barely know facebook instagram snap its all the same likes and
Coax your output with coffee...
brown pill fact 1 not too long after you wake up your body goes into release mode an increased respiration rate and moving muscles demand more blood flow to the bodys extremities unfortunately this means less blood circulating to your intestinal an
You're Running Too Slow To Catch Your Destiny...
yesterday i had a discussion with a friend of mine who has allowed me the privilege of advising her for the past 25 months she had found herself networking and connecting with far broader variety of clients than she needed or could actually utilize in h