Anyone else relate to this? (Source: My Astro Psychological Horoscope) “The gifts of objectivity and civilised behaviour You possess the gift of a clear, strong and objective mind, and you are a lover of truth and integrity in all your dealing
her placements: gem sun gem moon gem rising leo venus leo mars her boyfriend is a cancer sun and to get out of arguments with him.. she told me that she would pretend to feel lightheaded and faint sometimes.. i've seen her do it again just last
How many of you have dated a narciccisst? What were their signs? How did you find out? And how long were you together? How did it start and end?
I feel like I don’t relate to a lot of women ... I don’t know what it’s like to stay with a man that don’t treat me right .. I don’t know what it’s like to not know my worth .. I just don’t understand People and I find myself being insensitive to people
I got ADVOCATE PERSONALITY (INFJ, -A/-T) Anything I should know about these people? x
Just wondering...
every day something new comes to your doorstep what's the first thing you'll think?
let's say you're engaged in a random, freewheeling convo where you just pop questions and thoughts together but the other person gets annoyed coz they want some sort of final, concrete conclusion to whatever it is why can't people leave thoughts
Post 3 Memes or Gifs That Reflect Your Personality. You can only post three.
but they seem to think of you fondly, like you guys used to have so much fun together and they seem to really like you... but you cannot for the life of you recall who they are... you keep repeating the name in your head and you could've sworn they're a f
INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion
so i was going to play fallout 4 hours ago but when i opened my saved game.. it's gone! *sobs and i spent hours designing my settlement in sanctuary hills like it's the sims: apocalypse edition i placed like 5 missile launchers, 12 generators and 27
go drop that connection that's been years in the making like you can pick up connections while doing some groceries on the way home not only that.. but they go hand in hand with assumptions that when you fight about little things, you must defin
then you realize that uh-oh you did meet them but it was just in a dream you had once but you can't quit now coz they're going to think you're cuckoo so you just keep at it no matter how lost and confused they are coz you know they're gonna end u
I’m just wondering if there’s a correlation. I don’t think there is for me; I am the only extrovert in my immediate fam 😱😱 Me: ESTP Sister: INTJ or INFJ, just a guess Mom: ISFP Dad: INFP What about y’all?
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You are married, in your past there was a friend that you were attracted to and vice versa but you both never acted on it. That friend means a lot to you because they’ve been supportive throughout... Do you say goodbye or keep them in your life?
Why do you want them, what's so good about them and what makes you want to stay with them? For me, I like the consistency in communication, honesty and loyalty, good values, helping the less fortunate or the underdog, being able to see both sides of a
Guys! AS AN Aquarius man, What did you like/love about your Scorpio woman? and Dislikes? Thank you!
post your short lyrics from your favorite songs. i like short yet powerful and meaningful sentences. i need inspiration for my monday morning.
O.k. This is always personal, What is the coldest most unemotionally responsive sign to you? Name your top three.
According to this video test. So you choose which face that you feel most uncomfortable with or makes you scared, and it will reveal a part of your dark side that you keep hidden. So far it's accurate to me. I chose face 4. My answer matches to my
You guys have known me on here for a few years. What is your take on me - astrologically? Despite my chart/sign, do you find me more air, earth, water, fire? Mutable, fixed, cardinal? Which sign do you think is more dominant in me - even if you know my si
hacked into your phone and listened in on your conversations. MALE OR FEMALE doing this to you. Why would they?
Is this a good match? This match confuses me.. and how do you go from dating for 3.5 months to moving in together? It makes no sense and it’s confuusing me. Is this normal for an Aquarius man to fall that head over heels in love and move in with a gf that
When you meet a woman for whatever reason, whether you’re interested in them or not, what characteristics within them makes you think they have what it takes to be marriage material to a man in the future? What I can think of as future marriage material This is the actual game play thread. If you wish to find a team/placement to represent or would like to discuss the going ons in the league please go to the DXPIL Players Lounge here: https://www.dxpnet
⁉️⁉️⁉️In your opinion when would you introduce your kids to someone your dating and serious about, let's assume you had kids... share your ideas on a good time frame! Thx!! ❓❓❓❓❓
When I meet a dude I am so into them, super flirty and then they get attached and start texting all the time and then I'm like ugh, I don't know if I'm even into them now. What did I see in them? This happens so often. And then I flake, flake, flake. Is t
No I don’t think this. But was listening to a radio station this morning that talked about Hollywood news stating that The Chainsmoker’s Alex Pall (Taurus sun) cheated on his gf (I think a Cancer sun). She caught him on video after he swore up and dow
So I want to learn how to play. I have small hands so I struggle reaching cords. I’d love some recommendations for tutorials I can watch!