Ok so if anyone could help me describe this odd relationship I have with this guy and i want to know if its worth knowing him or cutting him loose? 1. He used to say he is not ready for a relationship yet he speaks to me everyday, introduced me to his fa
Hi all, So I'm talking to a guy who is a total introvert. He is a Cap Sun/Lib Moon/Cap Mercury... He's a total sweet guy but so hard to read! For me who is crazy out going and a Virgo (Always analyzing and wanting to know details), him being this wa
http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/03/details_emerge_about_michelle.html Trying to find her bday....this girl is the personification of a narcissistic evil person...possibly sociopathic? Want to know what her sign is..... Any guesses?
Are you the First born in your family? Or are you the baby? Or do you fall somewhere in the Middle. Go ahead and throw in your moon sign, and anything else you think may be relevant. http://pa1.narvii.com/5821/804ba3c826b332f1769a69a239d
take the test to see how you score. I score 47. You are somewhat shy. http://academics.wellesley.edu/Psychology/Cheek/howshy.html
Aka a "generou$ man" in your life if both of you know the guidelines in the relationship and accept and understand them?
For the thinkers http://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2017/01/20/how-you-use-extraverted-thinking-based-on-its-location-in-your-function-stack/ http://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2017/01/24/use-introverted-thinking-based-location-function-stack/
Found two articles with a good breakdown of the differences http://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2015/12/17/how-do-you-use-extraverted-feeling/ http://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2017/01/17/use-introverted-feeling-based-location-function-stack/
So, my cap took the myers briggs test for the first time ever yesterday...lol He is an INTJ and I am an INTP http://www.personality-central.com/INTJ-INTP.html good stuff. anyone else? I think you can use that same link and type in your type
To me it is Hard working and best at what he does Smart Funny Kind Carring Knows money but not cheap Go-getter Sexy Always ready to help HAVE anyone ever met a man who has it all? How many of those he has?
Lately im in a lot of stress seriously my hair is falling out i already have thin hair,dealing with this organization that they made me the president which i accepted,they saw how i get along with the teenager,im a joker i make everyone laugh but right no
Does anyone else have a habit of being themselves and expecting everyone who doesn't know them on a personal level to know where they're coming from? Yet unwilling to participate in extended forms of socializing... Do I have life all wrong?
I am blocking everyone with no dence of humor or simply brains. Doesn't worth aggravation! Bye suckers! 😜
I took the test here http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test (MentiScore Solutions Limited). Extraverte
http://similarminds.com/intdoor.html (timed test: ~20 mins) Tell me your percentile in this test and your personality type.
Like the thing about how blood type determines your personality...Mine is AB and totally accurate
I ran into this: http://thetarotroom.com/soul-and-personality-cards/ Mine is not that wrong. Well, it's all fun afterall. Isn't it?
This is the first time in a year or so that i take the test, and theres some slight change in the results I was already INFP Anyone also having a bad time not being in their head, daydreaming all the time?
http://introvertspring.com/infjs-love-rain-much/?utm_content=buffer0d6e8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer Is it true for you guys? To me, I treetrunking love rain.
We are hard to live with.
whats your ego? how can you describe it? can you tell when your ego is taking control of your heart or your true being sometimes? WHAT IS THE EGOO???? please answer
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ASK AWAY ... there's plenty of Sagittarius that will enjoy answering your questions. 🏹🏹🏹
I'm not planning on using any of this information in a malicious act, I'm just so curious. If someone got played/used by a cancer guy, what would be good revenge? I know I'm horrible for my wandering mind. This might be highly unlikely for one to be do
I sent a picture of a female celebrity my guy friend likes and i said "issa cake" lol as in she looks delicious then he replied saying "ur a cake" and i was like what kinda fked up cake is that. He was like "a cake that is u" We were talking about picku
if i have you blocked don't ask me anything you know who you are, do i ever respond to your comments, nope, that's cause you're blocked. so have some self-respect and get off my nuts permanently.
So, I was talking to a few friends over beers last night and this topic came up. Apparently, everyone likes full disclosure in a relationship. This example was used. His wife used to date this guy back in college. He started messaging her and coming onto
To shift your vibrations www.2empowerthyself.com/how-to-shift-your-vibration Pls share some if you have. I need to not bombard one person's with my energy (lmao bcoz I'm obsessed with him NO GOOD) Plus i need for protection as well. As to not
he has gemini moon aries rising cancer everything else, i'm an aries with libra moon/rising so i broke up with him out of anger then couldn't decide if i wanted him or not because of the way he responded to me talking about my issues. ttelling me that i'm
So, those who know of, experienced or currently in with a Pisces/Virgo pairing - What are your thoughts, experiences and stories? In my case the guy I am interested in is a Pisces Sun/ Capricorn moon and I'm a Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon.
Hi. I sort of believe in compatibility between signs. When I met my ex (6 years ago) it was literally love at first sight!!! From the moment I saw him, I felt an unexplainable attraction towards this person, like I knew him from a long time. He felt the s
What are your addictions and Drugs of choice !? I personally don't do drugs (vitamins are my daily drugs lol) but I do have my addictions, I can't get off the internet reading topics of my interest and I can't stop working!!! I'm addicted to eating sea
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Im stubborn as *** and very independent. But sag guy makes so many points. He keeps telling me to stop being so stubborn and let him help me. That i shouldnt spend my money on others first ,he thinks its sweet, but i should spend it on me and kids. He s
I'm starting to feel like I'm never satisfied. It's like I find someone I want...they give me their best, but I don't believe it is so I pull back and put my walls up. It's a never ending cycle of push and pull. It's even worse when you're with someone th
Hello all, Anyone here a Pisces Sun and Earth Element Moon (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) ? If so... What are you like when you meet someone when you are interested in someone? When interested in someone new, do you focus only on that one person or p
Do you spend a lot of time looking after your self image like your appearance and your body, health, etc. is this an aqua trait? mine never come see me in Casual clothes..he's always in his business clothes which i love and adore... though when i we