I want a horse. Maybe two. I got the space for them. Is there anything you could tell me in advice? Like start with the basics.
This enrages me. What would you do? Id kill the cop or die trying. My dog is my universe, hes very protective of me. I just watched a video of cops killing dogs and it hurts me so much I could kill someone.
This is bugging me. I was driving on the freeway, going 65 mph to Ft. Lauderdale. A cat randomly bolt out in front of me. I hit the cat. It happened in a split second. No I didn't slam on the breaks because it happened so fast. There was nothing I c
Do you cook your pet some food?
.....into a Lion lol Available at Amazon and Ebay :P [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/ej7leh.jpg[/IMG]
She's a puppy and she was born blind. Any specialized training need to know info? What will it be like long term?
goats, cows, squirrels anything! by "dogs" I mean we can get them, designated pet material and they will love us like we know and understand! there was a goat on the farm on the way to work was just playing around and I fed him some popcorn and the next d
So sad that people do this to these sweet dogs. I hope this University pays for it. http://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/higher_education/mu-study-resulting-in-deaths-of-beagles-raises-questions/article_ab2279f6-6ebb-11e6-838e-b3188949cc4b.html
I'm a little shaken Took my dog to the vet for teeth cleaning because he really needed it. I don't think he ever had one at four years old. Got call he needed a front tooth extraction I approved. 20 minutes later they called me to notify me that he almost
Just curious. I don't consider myself the most warm or matwrnal of persons, and yet Animals and small children always seem to gravitate towards me. Has anyone noticed this with themselves? Is there a cause for it? Is it chemical or emotional or bot
About your pets? Other than everything, of course. Our pit bull/ boxer (? She's a rescue so they're not quite sure) mix does this maneuver whenever she wakes up where she stretches out her back legs/hips behind her like a frog. Idk of that made a
So we are going to the pound tomorrow to look at the little guy. My BF has wanted one for a long time and wants a pup so it can be trained well. I've never had one, but have had Akita's and a pit bull in the past. Right now I have two little Chihuahua's t
All they do is eat sleep eat. Dogs are a lot better tbh. They may be cute as kittens but "cats" are stupid i'd just sell mine. No offence.
Ok so I've had previously owned this breed spoke with breeder n pups are coming in in 4-6 weeks tuning at 800 bucks Or she said they are trying to place a 4 year old female 200 buck. I've always had them since pups. Are there any issues with getting an
This animal of mine is so silly! He catches his Frisbee with his paws... Wtf He puts his toys away... To smart He knocks on the spoor when he's ready to eat... Um I know trained you but you really were paying attention kind of spooky He FARTS in his
s2g they are the weirdest. have a look at this !! they can run?) when did they become so dark ? didnt see it coming nope
think my cat died today. I cant find her, last night she was making these god awful sounds, almost like she did when she was in heat, way back when, and seems to have a harder time walking. Our last interactions wasn't that great either, she came and s
My mother moved back from TX after suddenly deciding she missed her family more than she enjoyed spending time with her husband. She told him he's free to visit however he won't relocate because he makes good money in TX and the commonwealth don't pay jac
In my case it was quite straightforward: following the death of my father back in April I have adopted the old family ca
My puddy tat likes to sit in my lap, lean forward and place the top of his head (which is his favorite place to be rubbed) in the crook of my arm. When I move my arm he will either lick and nibble on my hand or place his head on my boob. Why does he d
Asking everyone what type of pets they have. I have a Cat.
As some of you may know, my dog is my entire world, he is the reason I wake up every single morning, I try very hard to refrain from thinking of how I will get through once he is no longer with me, but he is getting up there in age. He is over 10 now and
I feel like I just got 20 min lecture from my vet for allowing the cookiemonster kitty to be an outdoor cat. About all the risk
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Does anyone ever tried this? For example, looking at your 1st house or your ASC placements can give a clue on how people perceive you, if you keep this in mind you could improve that image commonly connected to you. Lets say, someone have Saturn in
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which do you like better for friendship and romance? our trines are virgo and capricorn our sextiles are cancer and pisces personally i prefer our sextiles all around. i've always attracted more water signs than earth signs to me.
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He's abusive and controlling he left me for another woman and apparently loves her but won't leave me alone and insists we're still together, he turns up at my work place embarrassing me and I feel like I have to give in to him in order to make him stay c
Is there even a way to snap a Scorpio out of silent treatment? We're not talking days here - we're talking months, and it's the first time they ever did this, at least to me. I have literally no idea what I have done, and no one else seems to know either.
My ex boyfriend broke up with me because he needed to focus on his health and drug addiction. Therefore couldn't be anymore on a serious relationship. We broke up in December and kept Low contact until beginning of January until I decided to go No contact
I just watched a video last night, of a guy asking if men should always pay for dinner. I found it fascinating the amount of "yeas" I heard when he asked if men should always pay for dinner. I have never been one to think a man should pay, but it got me
What was the zodiac sign of the "One that got away" in your life?... if any.
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Cancer man contacted me again and I told him that I would just like to be his friend to f*** him once or twice a week and that I didn't want a relationship because I had someone else who I was somewhat seeing and the only reason I say this is because he s
Was curious to see if that's really possible with any dxp Scorpio here ~_~ http://trustedpsychicmediums.com/scorpio-star-sign/scorpio-how-to-leave-a-partner-who-is-bad-for-you/
http://i.imgur.com/B9bt7TC.jpg How do you see succes in live, how did you reached succes in life ? what is success in life ? most of the time, when i achieved something i didnt felt anything, each steps in life, i have the feeling that you have to
I was trying to come up with a funny new name for Ands because I'm bored, so I Google-searched "thigh gap" and I found that I don't know what one is. Is it a body shape with a big koochie gap, like this? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-dB3ienITSHs/VH0tom2lj
So I'm at a party with my guy bestfriend and one of his buddies tries to grab my ass and rub on me. I kindly tell him he's out of pocket and to keep his hands to himself. He proceeds to call me a cookiemonster and say he'll slap me to which I prepared to defend m
The Part of Fortune represents worldly success and is associated with the physical body and health as well. It can be indicative of the career or vocation. The condition and placement of the ruling planet of the Part of Fortune (that is, the natural ruler
The warrior goddess, Pallas Athene is connected with inner strength and intuition, directing energy away from emotional and into mental pursuits. Pallas represents a feminine spirit of independence and cool mental judgment in either a man’s or a woman’s