• My Canine companion

    So I have a 6 month old mastiff and I've had her since about 6 weeks old but she's still exciting peeing . Any tips on how to help or if it'll go away with time and another thing is she's started licking the pee ? So I don't know if maybe my parents are
  • Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats

    rabidtalker Recently, we’ve introduced you to a range of cat-tastic designs that demonstrate how modern cat furniture doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Cat-sized cardboard landmarks, tetris cat towers, and even a new l
  • Would it be weird...

    To ask someone to play with their dog? One of my neighbors has a super adorable Aussie puppy and every time I stop to pet her I feel bad because the guy is tryna train her to be calm and she gets all excited when I come up. So instead of being a regular
  • Cats..

  • Travel with my pets someone has tips to make it easier?

    I have a shiba inu that i wanna take on vacation with me and my partner since we can not afford an expensive vacation at the moment i want to stay within europe like greece or something to at least get away for 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Boujee dogs

    One of my parents' dogs won't go butter unless you take her on a walk, even though they have a backyard bigger than most dog parks. How do I make her go butter in the backyard?
  • Are Chihuahuas.......

  • Exotic Pets

    Anybody keep exotic pets, reptile/amphibians, fish, birds, weird animals, wild animals or what not that is not a dog or cat? Or what is the most exotic pet you have seen?
  • Dry food for cats

    What dry food do you buy for your fur baby? Why do you recommend it? Thinking of changing it up for my fur babies
  • Stock-holm syndrome.

    People with fish tanks. Have you ever wondered about the freeing the fish in your tank, then question if it would survive after captivity for so long.
  • Horse People

    I want a horse. Maybe two. I got the space for them. Is there anything you could tell me in advice? Like start with the basics.
  • Cops can now legally kill your dog for acting like a dog

    This enrages me. What would you do? Id kill the cop or die trying. My dog is my universe, hes very protective of me. I just watched a video of cops killing dogs and it hurts me so much I could kill someone.
  • Animals vs Car

    This is bugging me. I was driving on the freeway, going 65 mph to Ft. Lauderdale. A cat randomly bolt out in front of me. I hit the cat. It happened in a split second. No I didn't slam on the breaks because it happened so fast. There was nothing I c
  • Homemade Pet Food

    Do you cook your pet some food?
  • Transform your cat.......

    .....into a Lion lol Available at Amazon and Ebay :P [IMG][/IMG]
  • all animals can be "dogs" with us! maybe we should stop eating them and we can have diverse pets!

    goats, cows, squirrels anything! by "dogs" I mean we can get them, designated pet material and they will love us like we know and understand! there was a goat on the farm on the way to work was just playing around and I fed him some popcorn and the next d
  • Recent Topics

  • End of my chain with boyfriends Gemini roommate

    One of the greatest challenges in my life rn is not verbally attacking my boyfriends roommate who continues to take advantage of my bf’s kindness & wallet. On one hand I want to respect my boyfriend and trust he’s doing what feels right, but on the other
  • DXPIL Season 3 Players Lounge The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
  • Balance Amoureux

    How would u describe a Libra man in Love?
  • Capricorns = Horrible Entrepreneurs

    So recently, the taurus dude that comes around (forgot his username) stated that most of his friends he knew that had failed businesses/bankruptcies were actually Caps. What are your thoughts on this? Do Caps make bad business decisions? What is it about
  • The Global Jukebox

    Post any songs that you like, enjoy, or has meaning to you which is in a language that is not English. Any and all languages are welcome. :)
  • I ain’t with that fake sh

    I notice a lot of people say they don’t like fake ppl or being phony, but I find that most ppl are unbelievably phony by way of playful sarcasm. Idk if it’s cap specific, but when I don’t like someone or the way they do things I do not speak to them at al
  • Capricorne Amoureux

    How would you describe a Cap man in love?
  • Aquarians, realistically, do you "want" to be in a relationship? If so committed or open?

    I'm being chased by an Aquarius at my job. I just started my job and he spotted me. He's much younger than me. We've hardly said two words. Always staring and studying me from afar. If it came down to it, and I had to consider, I just want to know wh
  • If you're sensitive or need effective communication - this not a good choice - my experiences

    PART 1 Hi I'm new here, but have been lurking for a while now. I've had 2 experiences with Taurus both of them bad. Apologize for the length, its got a lot of important details. I'm a communicator & sensitive and taurus men don't work for me, even thou
  • are caps flirts? She doesn't know that what she does is considered flirting. Yesterday I ran into an old coworker and we were chatting a bit and he started mentioning his girlfriend as we continued talking. I noticed tha
  • “Incel Rebellion”

    What in the actual hell is this?? "students who spent time with Minassian at Toronto’s Seneca College, where he was reportedly enrolled, described him as a socially awkward tech nerd who was good with computers, and had no real violent tendencies nor s
  • Aries men! Help!

    I just started seeing this Aries guy who’s been after me for a while. He also has a Leo moon & Taurus Venus. I’m a Cancer woman with an Aries moon & Aries rising so I like his ways... but my Cancer creeps in and he scares me sometimes lol. How do I da
  • The signs in a song

    Post a song that reminds you of a particular sign.
  • Do you like the smell...

    Of your own farts? When you fart in bed, do you pull the covers over your head to get a big wiff? Are hot shower farts the best ever? @Smidge input please
  • Hello Leos.. are Libras really your soulmates ?

    I've read somewhere recently that a Libra and a Leo are a match made in heaven. I could be wrong, so feel free to comment. How to attract a Leo man btw? I've dated people but my ex's were Aries, Libra, Sag and Gem. I never had a Leo. soo.. i
  • Libra moon, anyone?

    I’m curious about how someone with a Libra moon handles emotional conversations? The man I’m interested in is a Cancer/Leo cusp, Libra moon and Gemini Venus. I’ve gotten some insights on how he would love as a Gem and I know about his Sun sign but I don’t