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I want a horse. Maybe two. I got the space for them. Is there anything you could tell me in advice? Like start with the basics.
  • Sagithehunter
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    I want a horse. Maybe two. I got the space for them. Is there anything you could tell me in advice? Like start with the basics.
  • Solesan
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    They poop.
  • tcta
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    they need food and water

    and they poop
  • tcta
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    seriously, you need to do a lot of research and/or go to stables and volunteer and learn the ropes so to speak - it's not like getting a dog or cat - they also need shelter and vet care and all that ...
  • Solesan
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    What tcta said.
  • Well if you have the land, and plan on keeping them on the property- your going to have to look into building a run in shred, even if you live somewhere without seasons- it still rains, and they need somewhere to go to avoid the elements.

    Fencing- really important.

    Feeding- every morning- every night- If you end up building a stable your going to need to let them out in the mornings. They can't be cooped up.

    Farrier- about every couple months they need to re-shoed- On that topic you have to clean their feet daily to avoid infection- crap, mud gets buried between the shoe and natural sole- so if you don't have the patience or courage to screw with a few ton horses legs- one that could kill you- don't get a horse.

    I would board- depending on where you go they will do everything for you- clean stalls- feeding, and trails nearby. Alot of them have enclosed arenas- which is really nice if you live somewhere that snows- granted some of these nicer ones cost 1000+ a month for 1 horse-

    My mom has boarded most of my life- she finally got a piece of property a few years ago.

    On average she would spend 500-600- and she was on the ghetto plan which required her to provided her own hay, grain, and cleaning the stall herself.

    Another issue with boarding is that all the horses get turned out together- so since your horse is the new horse- it's very likely the herd will make it the cookiemonster. Kicking, and biting the horse- so again it will need daily personal care for the atleast the first 6 months to address any of the wounds.

    Then comes into play- transportation- if you plan on trail ridding you need a pick up and a horse trailer

    Then comes into play where you buy the horse- most auctions the horses are totally drugged up to mask any injuries or aggressive personality traits.

    Have you spent any time around horses? If not your going have to learn basic things- This isn't the movies, where you just throw a saddle on- even a simple task like putting on a bridle is made difficult when you a few ton beast swinging in your direction trying to bite you and butter.

    Oh- and they sense fear. lol. So if your scared it could spook them- which is basically a term for when a horse goes completely ape butter.

  • sultrykitty
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    Lots o''s a huge commitment. My sister breeds and shows. Has since she was 15, and she's almost 60. Broken hands, feet, and back. If it isn't in your blood and it's just a neat fantasy, DON'T DO IT. It's not fair to you or the animal.
  • Moonbutter
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    I looooved horses and took lessons since I was 8 and FINALLY when I was 13 I got my own! I boarded him for a couple years at the place I rode and then I decided to bring him to my place... not only would he jump my electric fence, and practically gave me a heart attack just imagining being hit by a truck but when I left for College I had to sell him and the First Lady who came to check him out he bucked her off within first 5 mns ... I freaked out... she wasn't moving. Luckily, she was ok and the next person who looked at him was very experienced and bought him. Basically, you don't just wake up one day out of the blue and buy a horse...have you ridden before? Like I mean gone through all the gates? Trot, canter, etc? Do you know about the leads? Are you western or English rider?
  • bdzzbdzz
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    do you really have to know how to ride a horse to take care of a horse really?
    dont you have to only know how to care about it, treat it right and all..

    you can have a farm with horse, horses, not for riding tho.. thell be free to run or wtv if they want because obviously you need a huge space for them. but need to know how to ride them really? didnt know that..
  • Money. Lots of it.

    I haven't had them, but my mom owned one and I grew up with a "horse family," so I'm very familiar with the idea and responsibility based on what I was informed of when I went through my "horse phase" growing up.

    They're a lot of work. It's not like just getting a cat or a dog.


    I also did this when I was in school cause I'm a nerd and I wasn't joking about having a "horse phase." I still loff them, but from afar.

    Again, I wouldn't own one. Probably would take riding for a bit but not own. SO much responsibility involved in the care and upkeep.
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  • Lunabee
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    Posted by Solesan
    They poop.

    That's what the stable man is there for...

    Nahhh. I've always wanted horses. Where I live there is a place called the Outer Banks where we still have wild horses. You'll be on the beach and see horses just trotting around. Unbridled energy.

    I'm not sure I could take a horse's freedom away. Unless I saved it from that because I had land and the resources needed... It's beautiful. I'm not sure how I feel about stabling horses.
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    I want a horse. Maybe two. I got the space for them. Is there anything you could tell me in advice? Like start with the basics.