The Buddha told us that "Life is Suffering". Some say let's plan the life. The others say let's just explore it. Can't
I took this test. The result did not surprise me. Am I not prejudiced already by Astrology and Sagittarius has to be optimistic anyway?
A few days ago I read this talk: "Fear of Predestination: Are We Really Alive?" here: That reminded me also of this:
This thread is about if or how big/little opportunity we do have to be ourselves.
In racing, where you look is where you'll end up. If lose co troll ofur car in a turn and look at the wall, you'll hit it, but if you look where you want to go, you'll correct your car... Life can be the same. Is this about determination? Luck?
Post quotes by your favorite philosophers here.
Today I came to this: in here:
I like this kind of brain teasers. I kept seeing some on different sites and buzzfeed lol. I will post some here for
If you are already integrated in a religious community, you are saved. Keep good going. If you insist on freedom of c
Why do I see in this text you are hindering yourself, there is no limit out there? What is wrong with me? A man fro

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When I say basic cookiemonters I dont literally mean basic. I mean basic in todays slang. Where if you're not an Instagram girl that wears tons of highlighter and contour, with overdrawn eyebrows or in the new trends you get called a "basic cookiemonster". Well, The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
Is anyone watching this? The Griselda Blanco story I never heard of her but now I'm intrigued. 2/15/43 in Columbia Aqua sun, Cancer moon I have to admit that I had her pegged for a Scorpio
hi all...i’ve just recently started dating a scorpio woman and everything is pretty good so far. is this generally a good combo?
[IMG][/IMG] i read that vertex is also fated/relationship while juno is your marriage partner, it looks like vertex has a different meaning. Use and meaning of t
I think you reach this thing, when you lost hope. When you tried everything to build an empire, When you have expectation on life, and just everything failed. everything failed for no particulary reasons, just because is life, just because there is
My childhood friend, I think my first love, She's like a hardcore Aquarius woman. We are both 20 yrs old. As an emotional Capricorn man, I find her very interesting.. and I love her(I never said these words to her yet because she might run for h
Hey all, cap issue again. In one of my earlier posts i talked about this cap at work with whom i had chemistry from day one. He doesn't work from the same office but is around sometimes. We nearly hooked up around 6 months ago after which there was som
Hi Everyone, Please be kind to me, I'm completely new to this. I really need some advice... Leo Men, do you guys admit fault? Do you always only see things from your perspective or are you open to hearing another person out? My Leo man and I got into
do you like a passionate kiss without tongue??:/ he kissed me in my first date like this...I always follow my parter on this, so i didn't either. (maybe he wanted me to do it first?) secondly how do u understand if a guy liked your kiss? ...and the
I need some smart people to help me to figure out if this Cancer man can be loyal to one woman is a part of his chart: Rising Sign is in 07 Degrees Libra Sun is in 20 Degrees Cancer Moon is in 24 Degrees Libra Mercury is in 16 Degrees Le
Hello! I have been seeing an acquarius guy during a music class.. we kept looking at each other from distance and one day I started saying hi and noticed that he is very shy but I could see he was into me. He kept ignoring me and looking at me from dista
where someone(s) treats me like butter but I can't say anything about it to anyone because I will end up looking like a brat or vindictive or spiteful, or I will be vilified for airing dirty laundry. Also, talking about it puts me in a position where I woul
Having my aqua north node in my 6th house and the leo full moon on january 31 will opposite it exactly. Any thoughts? I've read that the north node represents our life path/our purpose - kinda interesting!