• Morality about Insects

    So obviously it's immoral to harm any living being including animals (I even go as far as plants too) but one that I've been struggling with is insects. I don't like seeing insects at home or around me so will kill them. But every time I do so I feel su
  • Can a question be a lie?

    Read a comment on the front page that labelled a question as a lie and couldn't help but ask myself if a question could even be a lie or not. I'm leaning towards no since a question is not a statement while a lie is a statement that is intentionally wrong
  • The Art of Communication: Switchtracking

    “Essentially, switchtracking is when someone gives you feedback, and your reaction to that feedback changes the subject,” Quote from article *
  • I need to confess.

    So I figure it's about time I admitted to something. But I need you to listen to everything that I say not just the parts you want to cherry pick to make me look bad or lesser. Because that's often what happens when I open my mouth, I will find someone co
  • What is the purpose of life anyways?

    I have always been a person that for as long as I can remember has felt reality to be completely and utterly mundane and not a worthy reason to exist for. For a while the excitement of seeing that I could change things. Myself, others, the world around us
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