So I just realized... after talking to my Pisces bro about love life and all that jazz. He doesn't really give advice and by give advice, I mean he doesn't give away any secrets to his success or any secrets to the practical way to get's hard t
Hello all - I am new here and have only come and created an account because I have this question that I can't seem to put out of my mind. Let me start by saying that I am 32, and a scorpio sun/pisces moon. The question I have is about someone who was
Hellow fellow Pisceans is it just me or can you not stand disingenuine people? Most of my close friends have been Pisceans and the one thing I can honestly say compared to other people I've been friends with is that we were pretty much straightforwa
Do you run into the same problems with people over and over again? Do you hear people often complaining about certain traits you have? Are you aware of it, or is it something you do subconsciously, becaue it is part of who you are? Would you change it if
I, recently reconnected (online) with my Pisces guy after 23 years. I think I did something wrong by doing this. I, only wanted to know how's he doing, nothing more. And we both brought back memories. Now I am in a love relathionship with a Cancer man, go
Do you keep your old underwear for sentimental value? 'Cause I seem to have difficulties throwing some out with holes and old skid marks. I need answers.
the rest of you are in denial look at the threads of people saying smth about pisces and all of you are quick to say "this doesn't apply to me" but then you go and do the thing you won't even admit that you can be deluded at times you can keep your
Curious to know about the sex drives of Pisces men... What makes that you can just keep making love over and over again? Not once, twice, but numerous times? It's amazing..... My encounter with one lasted all day and we did it 6 times (could have easi
Hello again everyone. im seeing an Aries man with Venus in Pisces man i would like to get him something as a gift just to show how much i appropriate everything we does for me. i already did the romantic candle light dinners & wanted something diff
hey everyone, so i started seeing an Aries man with a Venus in Pisces. it happened randomly & we started to see each other daily lol and talk alot. my sun is in Capricorn and Venus in Sagittarius and mars in Aries. anyways, my question is s
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
Pisces male cannot make up his mind on if he wants to hate me or not. He blocks me on social media then contacts me. It is getting a bit out of hand and draining. How do i scare him off for good?
Only thing to keep in mind is that this is a female pisces, and i am a female leo/virgo cusp. Also our "love" is forbidden due to her religious reasons... These are just some basic questions i wanted to ask all of you. 1) Is it possible for a pisces n
Hello Pieces My Piscean guy has sag moon and he wants to be alone having no one in his life. I wonder if water sign with sag moon are loners and tend to be depressive people? Does anyone know? What's your opinion about this?
Thinking about sending her a handwritten apology with a miniature version of the video game console she told me during the first night we hung out she used to love to play with her brother as a kid growing up..... Part of the note will read' "can w
How is everyone? What's new in the crew?
Just asking generally. And would appreciate answers from pisces guys on ways they get attracted to a girl.
:(**** I lost my dear Sister!! I Hate Myself!
I was listening to Coldplay and there music is very Pisces like since chris Martin is a Pisces. Also the song by Rhianna and cold play"princess of China" has such a Pisces vibe and I assume it's because it's sung by 2 Pisces. Anyone else feel me and h
How do you guys feel about your emotions? How do you express them? Is that any different from the standard pisces sun?
Writings, of others or your own, that move you in some way are permitted here. The ambiguity leaves a lot of open territ
You think that's helpful in staying focused on reality and getting out of the fantasy? Give me an example if thats okay... Just trying to understand how to better use my rising.
Hello all! Been lurking in the forums for a while, and I finally decided to post. I recently got into astrology as a means to figure out why I feel so torn sometimes when starting new relationships, keeping the relationships moving forward. And actuall
it's been about 8 or 9 months since i have visited this board...wonder how everyone is doing, who are the frequents now, what's been going on. if anyone remembers me, lol prolly not... my 10 year membership anniversary to this site comes up in a month

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Im getting back with my cap ex after almost 1 year of being apart. I ended it because after 2 years of seeing each other he didn't seem ready to commit & didn't make me a priority. I never got over him , he contacted me saying he missed me & wanted to wor
DXP slowed way down recently, so much so that at times it just sat there, and getting notifications became unreliable as well. I finally tried deleting to see if that might reset everything and now the speed seems better some of the time, but not great a
Contrary to the popular belief that men don't date/prefer older women, I find Cancers, as chauvinistic as they are, do in their younger days (20s to 30s). I know couple Cancer guys who are in their 30s dating a women nearing 40s to late 40s. Granted that
Seven people in India are attacked by vicious aliens.
a friend of mine have this aspect and I didn't found any description of it.
What is the dumbest sign/placement in your experience. I go with Capricorn, they have good discipline and work ethic but cannot think, IMO.
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Hey guys I've been on here on in off with my Cappy guy. Trying to tap mainly inside a general insight on a Cappy guys emotional mechanisms. It's been three years with my Cappy in a long distance relationship. It's had its challenges as my Cappy after a ye
Hi, I'm a Scorpio female. I met a Taurus male at the bar, our eyes just met and we immediately just clicked. I spent the night with him and our love making was amazing. We just couldn't stop kissing and caressing each other. It happened a few times but
This is not a rant as I'm not angry but more of an observation. I don't know if it goes for the women too but I find it interesting how my Bull likes everything "perfect". We are very slowly getting into the dating phase again (known each other 17 yea
Ladies: if you engage in one night stands, is the sex good? Or when you start having sex with someone, is it good the first time? Can you generally reach orgasm? And if you are in a FWB is the sex good there? Do you reach an orgasm here?
Anyone here know this manifests in a person?
So how would you know if they are still in love you if you guys have broken up? Or just keeping you in reserve (friendzone)?
"Cancer can be difficult to read on lots of levels, including a romantic one. This deeply emotional sign needs to feel safe and secure before he can let his heart be known to the one he admires. And it doesn’t help that the sign of the Crab is famously mo
You can read more about it here: Basically it's not really an official disorder but people who have it spend a lot of time daydreaming themselves in another world. Usua
Would you agree that someone's aura intertwines with yours and can affect your energy because of your sexual encounters with them.
Virgo moons on here? I have a Cancer sun virgo moon friend, very emotional, tries to hide it .. I don't want to automatically blame the cancer stuff , anyone on here that can explain a Virgo moons emotions ?
I just saw her LIVE, ZOMG!!!!! She is AMAZING!!! Her positive energy is just so contagious and she excuses LOVE!!!! Her band was incredible and the crowd was really into it. I had front row and she totally looked at me several times and even mirrored my d