Hi (WARNING! LONG POST ) This question is for Pisces Men mainly but I welcome answers from Pisces girls too x I am a Capricorn woman. I met a gorgeous Pisces man 3 years ago. And our feelings for each other were mutual and intense. However he is


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Can someone tell me if they can see my pic? I'm having a lot of trouble using this site! Sorry to be the annoying one...
😂My darling friend, is she in heat? 😂 We went from comfortably sitting away from each other to, Her laying her head on my lap, sitting ontop of me. We will be away from one another, and she will adjust to be inches away from me, or she will get clos
I'll be watching both female and male videos with no pause. I would love others to draw with me. I'll share results after https://youtu.be/dy0smZqRqPU http://youtu.be/3F0e9e4eU6U
Pisces Women... http://youtu.be/mFj8rTrO5Ew Pisces Men.... http://youtu.be/z1oyv-JE94o
Interesting facts about pisces October 23, 2016 by Lam 0 Comments (Edit) Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the Pisces constellation. Pisces is a Water sign and as such this zodiac sign is characterized by empathy
I'm an aries and I was just wondering how good are aries and pisces together? Both my mum and brother are pisces sun/cancer moon and i've always seen my brother as my best friend since day 1 :) thank you!!
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
So if you are flirting with a pisces and got along great to the point u feel happy when u meet each others randomly at the street and the pisces try so hard when u stopped talking to get ur attention to talk again then after a misunderstanding both of u r
I am a rising Scorpio, sun virgo, moon Pisces. I am well aware that Pisces men are treetrunking unpredictable and it's hard to know how they feel. They like you one second, then they don't, then they need you, you mean so much, then they're annoyed of you, bla
What are some things a Pisces man would find irresistible about a Virgo woman or what do Pisces find interesting and intriguing about a Virgo woman? How do I connect within myself to pull out the things that are most attractive to Pisces man. I know they'
I don't know anything about whether this is a good match. But a Pisces female and Leo male. What is your take on this? Is this a match made in heaven, needs constant work, or they need to call it quits. Sorry don't know the moon and rising.
Right off the bat whenever i meet a cancer woman there is bad energy or tension surrounding them I'll be nice and polite but somehow they have animosity directed to me without even knowing me
it makes so much sense but now i'm feeling confused about life and idk...what to do next? any pisces moon & sun people have any advice? for dealing with the pisces energy
New to this forum, searched this out cuz I need help! I am a happily married pisces but I am constantly flirting with other men. And I don't just stop at flirting! I just had a make out session with a guy that was so heated, I had to stop it before it wen
Best match for quiet, yet thoughtful Pisces man?
Hi, Im an aries female been with a pisces man for the past 5 years. I havent seen him in the last 3 months, so i went on vacation to do so. He was thrilled, super romantic. 2 days later he said he will go hang out with the boys, being with him for this
Share your images, dreamers. http://i.imgur.com/AjHXMeB.jpg
Have you met people you share your birthday with? Were they different from you?
Describe a Pisces with ONE word please. Here's mine: "Moody"
F : 21/11 M : 02/03 He is 22 years older than me Hi.. I am currently having a big dilemma about this pisces guy that I met on the plane during a business trip 6 months ago. To cut the story short, this pisces man was seated next to me during t
I know if this is a rare case of it or something but I have always had a strong intuitions. I can we something was wrong, I could tell if someone was thinking about me or about to call me seconds later they would call, my ex would hate that I could read c
Here's my song Twenty one pilots - Taking my time https://youtu.be/Pw-0pbY9JeU
I'm often told by my friends that I lack compassion and when I talk to people it feels like I have a wall in front of me... background info: rising: Libra sun: pisces moon: gemini mercury: pisces venus: aquarius mars: aries jupiter: pisces satu
Let this thread be a place for all and any (thing) you cannot plonk anywhere else lol. Let us embrace philosophy, banter, pictures, moods, thoughts and other elaborations. All trolls will be killed without so much as an ounce of mercy. Voila :)

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I think I've posted something like this before but boy oh boy do will I ever stop posting butter and obsessing over this dude on this website. today was just really butter and I wanted to talk to to my beloved boyfriend right, because I also consider him
Hi last time (like a month ago??) I was asking advice since my marriage was in a bit of a rough spot. And thankfully, I managed to get over myself and you know... emotionally express myself (cringe) and be more verbal. Obviously, it worked pretty well. It
Ok you have never known someone to suffer so much. She is 70 yrs old. She nursed an marker through brain cancer ...he was her partner and refused to marry her he was just using her. Then he died. She became a heavy drinker. She got sober though.


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For my curiosity I started googling being in a relationship with a woman that uses meds for depression I've searched it before. You read about the meds it fvcks a person right up I read you top taking them the meds have done damage that the person suffers
I don't know how many of you know of him. What are your thoughts about all his research?
You're focused on what's important, what needs to be done, and what's next for you as Mercury, the planet of busyness, will pass the sun this week at 3° in strategic Scorpio and Venus, the planet of both love and finances, will connect with Saturn by the
As in no planets in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer. IAny astrological significance? Would ot be like not having planets in a particular element or mode? If anyone has any astro articles or info can you please provide links?
What do you do for a living? I operate a large pipeline control board and a one of a kind Oxygen Removal Unit.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdPdTmw014c I personally didn't catch it before I saw this vid, but I did always find her gait to be abnormal.
Do you always text with your boy/girl? My girl have on the latest time not sent any goodnights or morning to me which we used to always do...can it mean something
Any gems ever break up or think of breaking up with someone once your feelings start to get real and you are afraid they might hurt you? Like starting to overthink things and make stuff up in your head or being insecure and then sabotage your own relation
Which side of the force are you on? What are their differences? Post pics!
Has anyone seen a correlation between their ascendant and their celebrity look-a-like (or anyone they look like)? I find it so funny that my Rising sign is Gemini and it doesn't matter where I am or if I know the person or not, someone will tell me, "y
I'm just curious, it's not gonna matter but who wants I told you so rights? She has a great ass too.
I'm just curious, it's not gonna matter but who wants I told you so rights? She has a great ass too.
I'm just curious, it's not gonna matter but who wants I told you so rights? She has a great ass too.
Everyone is different.. if you ask me I'd say after 3 attempts I'll be done trying... Brief story, after several months together, we called it quits a couple days ago, I told her she wouldn't hear from me. She text me yesterday she text me today, she's
😂My darling friend, is she in heat? 😂 We went from comfortably sitting away from each other to, Her laying her head on my lap, sitting ontop of me. We will be away from one another, and she will adjust to be inches away from me, or she will get clos
After some recent Scorpio encounters, I've realized how beneficial it would be for others to have a clear blueprint of specific Scorpio behavior and compile a collection of things a Scorpio may try to do and why they will try so hard to do it. This is all