Anybody with any experience with this combo...................
Hey can you pisces girls elaborate. i am involved and it is the first time with this guy (cancer) and it seems too good to be true. you know what they say about that Just very new to me and want to look for warning signs if there are any. thanks guys
"DON'T CLING. especially not too early on. cancers are the clingers, if they get attached. there are ways of supporting him emotionally without being clingy"

This is quote from someone else but I think it's very true, so I want you to remember that
i have been trying to be reserved and cool about my feelings even though my heart wants to jump out of my chest everytime i am near him. i notice that when i seem clingy he seems to disappear for a while. i am starting to see a pattern. i am just trying to find a balance to let him know how much i care yet have the space between. i am usually all or nothing about everything and this relationship combined with the message boards experience/advice has me rethinking my behavior big time.

Ladybug- i do not know what my full chart is. do you do charts?
I did that a lot too, it's like you don't think you're doing too much, but at the same time, you're just trying to keep reminding him(so they don't forget or just in case they really don't know) how much you care and want to be with him, mainly so they won't go anywhere else. BUt if he's a grown man, he should know when a girl likes him or not. Just don't pursue him(romantically), and see what happens, I know that's hard.
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"Silly, Loving, Caring, and Friendly :) I am a lovely Scorpio Girl...

You have to go to and put your information in. Your own chart will come up.

Good Luck with your Cancer sweetie. Word of warning. They play a lot of mind games and after awhile it is quite exhausting.
He is definitely a grown man (30)so i guess he knows whats up. i know for a fact though that he has only dated 3 people and not for very long. he was always concerned for his career so he is basically taking the time now to date around. yea, the mind game thing....i am concerned about that. that is one the main reasons i joined this message board because i want to be ahead of the game if there is one. from all i read, if this is a good guy, and i can jump a few hoops that this type of sign is worth the effort. not to say you judge a person just on that but i do find that the astrology thing is unreal how it fits peoples characteristics. i guess i am a late bloomer but i am finding it fasinating even reflecting back on past relationships and delving into their signs i see that no matter what i could have done the relationship was doomed.

i am finding that when this cancer male sign acts a certain way that it means something different that what you would normally think. for example. a few weeks ago we were planning to go out to dinner ( i only see him once or twice a week so its a big deal when we get together) and i had to move it back a day due to my schedule and he texted me to tell me that he had to work late and that he didn't want to go that day.i said ok and left it at that and was really sad because he was so thoughtless about it in the message. then an hour later he said he was sorry for saying that and that he missed me and just got upset that i moved it back a day and was so looking forward to seeing me a day sooner and that it hurt his feelings. Just weird stuff like that happens. in this case i pressed until there was a detailed explaination but there are other cases where his actions are still mysterious thats why i joined this board, i want to know what the hell is going on

karima27-- thanks for the link, i hope i can stay ahead of the mind games.
I am really gonna try to protect my heart here. i checked out my chart and i have pisces all over the planets. so i guess i am extremely vulnerable in many areas. i am gonna give things more thought in every move i make with this relationship. i never approached it like that before. all the advice is so helpful. thanks for the other link ldybg311 am i gonna check it out.
good one! have to remember that comment
ldyb377 i finally got around to going to the links you gave and i have a cancer rising and the moon is either aquarius or pisces (it says i need the exact time of birth, i am sending out for that this week) he has a sag moon. do you know if all this is compatible?
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Quite Frankly, I really don't see how his actions were wierd in the case of contacting you an hour later to apologize for bad behaviour in the text . . I would call that being considerate of your feelings. But, if you're looking for more into a situation, I suppose a person would then, "in this case i pressed until there was a detailed explaination". It appears to me as though you are looking for danger signs, rather than endearing ones . . but, everyone is different, and I have to admit . . when it comes to Cancers, danger signs are first and foremost with me . . I don't get along with them, at all.

There are numerous things which irritate me, but, the main one in which makes me NOT want to be with them is thier lack of being their own true person in a relationship; and their lack of compassion.

If you can handle a partnership with a Cancer, then that's great. But, if you want opinions, or the relaying of experiences other Pisces have had with Cancer . . then, here's mine:

Run as fast as you can and never look back !!!!!!!!!!

thanks for your comments p- angel, appreciate it. yea i am leery because of some of the stuff i have read on this board. i do not give my heart easily but he is doing stuff that really attracts me except for the fact that i think he is a little stingy with money and i read that cancers are like that.

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Great Bull can you elaborate?
thanks for your comments p- angel, appreciate it. yea i am leery because of some of the stuff i have read on this board. i do not give my heart easily but he is doing stuff that really attracts me except for the fact that i think he is a little stingy with money and i read that cancers are like that.

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Great Bull can you elaborate?
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"Hey can you pisces girls elaborate"

One thing I find in the male Crab, that might be a good thing for women trying to date them, is that they are very emotional. And you know women, they like a man who isn't afraid to cry. However, it becomes a burden when the dude ends up crying more than the gal, lol

Touching, being moved . . is one thing . . being babies is another. Seems every male Cancer I know (one being my brother), has this "thing" about monetary value. And, it's quite out of character for the whole "sensitive" thing with crying all the time.

One would think that they are so sensitive, and they are . . but, when it comes to money . . that takes priority over sensitivity and I find that appalling. Example: My mother died and she left all her worldy possessions to me. One brother of mine (Scorpio) took things I gave him of mom's to heart, has them sitting on a shelf so he can memorialize her as she deserved . . even if the items were small, however, cherished by her. My Cancer brother refused to take anything of mom's unless it had some monetary value. One thing I tried to give him was tiny in size and monetary worth, but, she loved it . . she looked at it everyday, dusted & shined. To her, it meant the world . . to him, it was worthless because it had no re-sale value.

Now, that's just my experience with one situation . . there's more.

My sister-in-law, who is Cancer, will go to her father (who's on a fixed income) and cry to him about being poor, she'll whimper all the day long, until he gives her money, money in which he DOESN'T have to spare . . she'll leave his house, snickering with a wad of cash hidden in her purse. I've seen her do it . . it's disgraceful.

So, anyway, you asked to elaborate and so I did.
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