Pisces Liars......

Why are Pisces men such liars?
Why are Pisces men such liars?
but damn, does that make it right to lie about it being 7 p.m. and it's really 10 p.m. Dumb crap like that!!!!
57 years old female
A Pisces lie?

They don't do that ... TaurusUpgrade, you need a reality check.
You want to lie? Telling the truth gets me places.
Worthless junk.
57 years old female
"but damn, does that make it right to lie about it being 7 p.m. and it's really 10 p.m. Dumb crap like that!!!!"

Without an elaboration .. there's no telling what you mean by this.

However, here's an example of something that happened, that popped in my mind when I read this from you ....

Wife says: "Come straight back and don't stop anywhere."

Husband: "Ok"
Along the way, husband realizes he's out of smokes, so he stops at the 7-11, he returns with cigs

Wife says: "Where'd you get these?" and picks up the pack, puts hands on hips and glares indignantly.

Husband: "Joe had an extra pack and gave it to me"

Yes, the husband lied .. the point is .. he had to. If someone puts such conditions on another that they feel like they can't live freely, making their own decisions appropriately, then in order to keep peace, they are forced to lie.
57 years old female
I used to have some friends (who I've since ended the relationship because of crap like this) where the wife put the man on curfews, and she would stand guard over her commands of him. He would lie in a situation about time .. and I don't blame him for it .. a grown man doesn't need a woman to dictate to him about what time he has to be home.

57 years old female
Same ex-friend would only allow him to visit with the friends she liked and refused to allow him to hang out with his buds, though, the only thing they were doing was playing video games and drinking a couple pints.

He'd lie about where he was when he got home .. and I don't blame him, he's a grown man and shouldn't have conditions put on him about who he is allowed to befriend.
Pisces Men? Liars? Hey, you take that butter back!
All he HAD to do was to be an HONEST MAN!

Grow up, try it...it WORKS that's all I'm saying.

Of course we ALL have "our things"....and YES I LOVE MINE!!!
57 years old female
If you elaborate on what it was that he lied about, maybe someone can help you to understand "why" .. or, is this just about you wanting to vent off steam because you are frustrated?

If you truly want help in comprehending why your man might do the things he does .. then say what it is.
The guy you are speaking of is not only is a LIAR he's SOFT and needs to get some B@LLs!!

I don't have much luv for liars...SORRY!
Thanks you are funny...and YES it was just STEAM! No need for details...I get it!
57 years old female
"The guy you are speaking of is not only"

Actually, it's guy YOU are speaking of, lol

"I don't have much luv for liars...SORRY"

I don't have much love for ignorance .. maybe in your next lifetime you may be able to find yourself and know that when you speak, it's actually YOU speaking ..

Good Luck with that
57 years old female
Perhaps, he didn't lie at all .. you only think he did, because you thought it was him talking, when really it was you, since you don't know when your speech is coming from you, or not.
Well, I didn't start this blog to have to fight with my words...trust me the BULL in me can pull this thread off with no problems, but I don't want to do that.

#1...I did not make myself clear so I can understand how you made the last comments you made. My fault...the "guy" I was speaking of...who I stated was SOFT and needed to get some balls was your ex-friends guy in the examples you used above.

So I do know when I "speak", but I did join this site to learn more about myself to grow to be a better person.

I'm done...I have to argue to much at WORK...NOT!
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