Pisces man ignoring me

It is typical for pisces to ignore someone when they are unsure? I sent him a birthday card last week also thanking h
im glad its all good for you garfield( is this the guy u have been speaking about in your other posts)

thanks imitationoflyfe- i agree with you.
im getting tired of being ignored and im sure im beginning to look sad and desperate when im the one that makes contact the majortiy of the time.

Like i said before i think going back to and ex ( which is what the situation is with mr pisces and i) doesnt work .. its not the same.. as well as other influences i mentioned in other posts like a 16 yr age gap. and he has said before that "it turns me on that someone your age is attracted to me" so clearly its the thrill of a younger woman and nothing more

The best thing you can do is move on with your life. I'm sure you have no time for the silent treatment you're getting. If you love someone you've got to let them go and if they come back then it means so much more. But if they never do at least you will know that it was something you had to go thru to grow.
thanks for your advice na bully its so true. I think us taureans would do anything for those we care about.Even before our own needs and wants

you learn from every relationship

lol yeah money looks so bad as a gift but i have no idea what to give guys for their birthday. so it was money or nothing and i wanted to give him something ( sounds like a bad excuse but im seriously not trying to be like that)

garfield- a week! i thought 3 days was bad enough
U know what's funny when I wrote this post from u, Taury23? I wrote the exact same thing.

I wrote sth like this too: "i dont want you to feel pressure or weird between us because of my card" etc etc. Uh-oh, I think I make him feel pressurise too! hee...

"i wasnt expecting anything just trying to say "if you dont feel the same its ok just say it"

Precisely, what I was feeling too, Taury23. But I guess Taureans have this bad habit of "trying to fix things for others"...not realising that they may not be a thing to be fixed in the first place. LOL. We like to help and care for the people we loved. But somehow, it does get portray as "condenscending" & "controlling" sometimes. We are misunderstood! hehe...

Taury23, just let him be for the moment. He will response to you some time later when you take the initiative to call him up again. Don't have to apologize, they won't take it to heart. It's not easy to understand a Piscean I must say. They are pretty special. =)

I've read comments from P-angel and the others a long time ago...I understood it, but I still make the same mistakes. It's Taurus' nature trying to "fix" thing. But if u help your Piscean too much when they nv ask for help, that will make them feel inferior...like they can't help themselves. They need to be needed. They need to feel important too...and I know Taurean, sometimes are self-sufficient...but it's ok to ask for help from your fellow Piscean if u need help from them. That will make them feel important and needed.

Better luck next time. Me loving a Piscean too for almost three years...still hanging on. Good luck to you...but don't give him money next time. LOL. Anything but money! It does show u didn't put much thought in preparing the presents.

Take it slowly one step at a time I guess. I shouldn't write so much to my Piscean friend...lol...the more I write, the more wrong I made. Oh dear, now I feel bad.
yeah i wasnt sure what to get him for his birthday so wanted him to put it towards something ( impersonal i know but i had no idea what to get) he doesnt know i sent it ( obviosuly) and he probably wouldnt have accepted it anyway)
update- he left me a voice message this morning..
he never got the card!! hahaha but is "f***ing intrigued" as to what it says hahah oh my goodness so typical for me to get the address wrong! ( some random person has probably opened the card and pocketed the $ 50 i put in it!)
i tried calling him but had to leave a message so i told him what it said.. no response from him as yet
really! this is the only pisces guy i know but ever since ive known him even when we were good he has always been sulky and moody.

if things arent right in his life he will disappear until things are better he says he "doesn't like talking about the same things and gets sick of hearing himself say it." maybe its not a pisces thing and just him?
sea siren - thanks can u believe i didnt even think that but now that u say it its so true! cant believe myself how i just dont THINK most of the time haha

i wasnt expecting anything just trying to say "if you dont feel the same its ok just say it"

good advice i will do that - i have already decided i wont contact him again anyway actions speak louder then words for both of us.
from Full Fathom Five
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"i sent a text saying i dont want you to feel pressure or weird between us because of my card and he hasnt responded at all"

Hey, Taury. I have gotten messages like this before, and it actually has the opposite affect. It MAKES me feel pressured, because the person felt the need to send something a second time. This tells me that, obviously, they were and are expecting something from me. If I didn't feel weird about the person, I would respond to the second message to assure them that I'm just busy, will be in touch soon, whatever. I, of course, am a Pisces woman. Men (no matter their sign) are often not as strong on the communication front. I would just wait for a week or so, if I were you. If you don't hear anything, you'll have your answer. We don't neglect people we truly care about. At least, I don't.
just re-read my post it sounds like im saying "why cant people be like me!" oops haha i just thought everyone was up front and honest
am know= am now (sorry was rushing that post )

thanks outcast. i guess with me i would be straight up with someone and say how i feel in response to the card or anything for that matter,whether it be good or bad,

and i cant just ignore people no matter how hard i try if i have somehting to say i have to say it!

so as you were kind of saying as well i find it hard to see why other people cant be the same
condescending.. controlling.. im trying to be anything but i think i just need to accept i communicate wrong with people

thanks p angel.. the reason i said that is because he has alot of problems in his life at the moment so im trying to give him space and leave him to sort it out. because i thought thats what he wanted from me

ive changed my mindset again from those posts and am know just trying to see why he is how he is.. ( dont think we will have a relationship again, it was never the same 2nd time around)

but thanks for your help i see what you are saying
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"i sent a text saying i dont want you to feel pressure or weird between us because of my card and he hasnt responded at all"

That is too condenscending of a thing to say to a Pisces .. it is suggesting that he isn't capable of discerning how he's suppose to feel about something or someone .. and you have to explain it to him.

If we sense control in any form .... we swim.
57 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune

my opinion is the key with pisces men, is that they live in their own little world and you either have to take them for who they are and give them their space or walk

I think they just need alot of support


so do i wait until pisces is reay for company i can see that so much is going on for him but he doesnt want to talk about it. and i like to fix people and make them feel better but i know with him i cant


To be perfectly honest with you Taury ... you have the wrong mind-set to be able to understand a Pisces. In the above quotes of yours, it suggests that you think he's somewhere off in la-la land and you want to fix him.

To project onto a Pisces a tone of insinuating that we are incapable of handling our life .. will definitely send him swimming. The likely reason why he is ignoring you and not wanting a relationship is because he is sensing the same thing I am in your words.
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