Pisces = most annoying sign ever

Every pisces man i've met has had the same characteristics. I didn't date all these men (only one), the rest are just friends and all of them are really annoying.
First ALL of them have pursued me and even when i said i had no interest in them they won't go away. In fact the meaner i am to them the more they bother me. Most of them have offered to change their appearance for me, asking what they could do or wear to make me attracted to them. The more I ignore them the more interested they seem in me and the more they pursue me. They all make unwarranted sexual remarks even when i tell them to stfu and i only see them as friends. They were all know it alls. They all thought they were super smooth ladies men. Most of them were really lazy.
I dated one for a bit, but he went back to his ex. Now that i have no interest in him at all he contacts me all the time and wants to hang out with me. He also expected me to divulge everything about myself but he was so secretive and barely said anything about himself. Pisces always hang around you. You can get rid of them. They always come back.
Oh and i forgot to mention that most of these pisces had this annoying smug chuckle. DAMN PISCES
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We are certainly not all tools. h8pisces? Sounds like you are the real tool here, joining a forum to bash males born between February and March; get a life and get over yourself.

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Seems to me if you hated them SO much, you wouldn't be taking the time to post to a message board about it...but whatevz!

It's really easy to get rid of a Pisces. Just say the most hurtful thing you can think of, and then tell them to stop being a psycho stalker. That should wake them up and get rid of them.

I happen to know a lot of pisces men who are absolute sweethearts and cute as hell. Just because you keep attracting the bad ones doesn't mean the whole sign is responsible for your bad luck. If don't get on with Pisces, try our opposite - Virgo.
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Why would you hate Pisces? We're the nicest people ever. . .unless you get on our bad side.

But then again i could just be totally biased lol.
26 years old male from Mattel
"Sun - Pisces Moon - Gemini Mercury - Pisces V

I always know if im gonna like someone or not right when i meet them. . if i feel i dont like them, then im really not very nice to them lol.
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Any individual who has a water sign as their Sun, Ascendant and/or Moon can feel what another person is about instantly, especially if the the Sun and Moon are in 4th, 8th or 12th houses. These are the water houses aka the psychic trinity.
I am a Scorpio Sun, Pisces Ascendant and Cancer Moon.
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"Most of them have offered to change their appearance for me, asking what they could do or wear to make me attracted to them."

lol, sounds like somebody is quite delusional ... any and all people who know Pisces, know that we are fiercly independent in our individuality, and would not only NOT change for a person .. we would rebel against it.

This is a case of this Pisces hater trying to make herself feel better by fooling herself into believing she is sought after by all Pisces men .... most likely, was dumped by this particular Pisces man she claims to hate and can't handle it.
Sea siren, I HAVE said the most hurtful things to them and they NEVER go away. They always come back. Like i said, you can't get rid of them.
WRONG P-ANGEL. Pisces is the only sign that ever offered to change it's appearance for me. No other man of any sign has ever done that. You don't know my personal experience so you can't call me a liar. I told them i wasn't into them hell i even told them i was a lesbian to make them go away. So they kept asking me what they should wear or what they could do to make me attracted to them. THAT'S A FACT. SO STFU YOU sparkle motion PISCES.
Yes I was dumped by a pisces man, ONE of them and he was a total tool. Now i ignore him and he won't stop contacting me. PWNED PISCES!!!!
Shattered dream and Prince Pisces, they have been nice. And if they didn't like me then why do they always contact me and hang around me. The signs that IM me the most are those Pisces.

My sign is NOT PISCES
Bret Michaels King of the Douchebags is a Pisces. END OF STORY!
from Full Fathom Five
"Pisces Sun/Scorp Rising Moon/Mars/Mercury in Aquarius Venus in Aries ""
LMAO! butter. Fiercely independent has always been me. And always will be. Starfish, too, I would say. Mystic fish, def., Shattered Dreamz, yep...P-Angel absolutely.

That's most of the fish on this board! I'll also let you in on a little secret...even the pisces who SEEM to be followers are still independent. They are doing exactly what they want to do, whether it seems like it to you or not. Perhaps they have an ulterior motive for staying in touch with you. Perhaps they are just attempting to be your friend, and you are taking it as more than that. Perhaps, you are leading them on either purposely or unknowingly. Who knows? If saying the meanest thing didn't do the trick...sounds like you need to come up with something more harsh.
from Full Fathom Five
"Pisces Sun/Scorp Rising Moon/Mars/Mercury in Aquarius Venus in Aries ""
"Bret Michaels King of the Douchebags is a Pisces"

LMAO! Yes, and his loser status far out-weighs Einstein and Jesus Christ...who were also Pisces. Gimme a freakin' break!

*rockin' out to "Talk Dirty to Me" *

Yeah I'm leading them on by saying "GO AWAY I HAVE NO INTEREST IN YOU AND NEVER WILL. I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO YOU." yeah i'm totally leading them on. Pisces are thick. I could say the meaneset thing, they'll be hurt and then they'll talk to me the next day.
I met a pisces FEMALE that was independent and not a clingy butthole. So maybe it's just females that are like that cause ALL the pisces men have had all these traits.
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