Relationships with Pisces Men...Is it worth it?

from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Hello all Pisces and Non-Pisces

Honestly I think I have gotten one of you little fishies that is swimming downward...BOY, I sure know how to pick em!

BUT out of curiosity

I read through MANY posts throughout the Pisces board from the beginning and I have yet to see ONE successful relationship with a Pisces man. NOT ONE! Is it possible? Are these guys seriously not cut out for being good providers, strong role models, and/or faithful mates?

I have found with the women...they are perfectly capable of sustaining a good relationship but the men...I don't know.

(PS. Haffo PLEASE don't get offended because this is not the purpose of this post. I just want to hear GOOD stories about Pisces men because all I have read were HORROR stories no matter WHAT the zodiac sign of the female and it seems pretty hopeless on the front. Lies, Lies, Lies, and MORE Lies!)

If anyone would like to see a photo of me..I would be happy to send to a person
My Child's father is a Pisces....Very good provider and would do anything for me. But wants to control me and when we were in a relationship,,,in RETROSPECT I think he lied and cheated a lot....Very Sweet men....but have a very nasty side. I have another Pisces fried who is lazy as hell.....and I have another Pisces friend who is married and I beleive him to love and provide for his wife,,,,but still tries to snif around me every blue moon....which I do not entertain.....But I do have a sincere friendship with all three......But they play mental games when they know they have YOU....the key is to not let them know they have any control over you.....once I took the control away from two of my pisces,,,,they were devasted.
If anyone would like to see a photo of me..I would be happy to send to a person
But I have to me....Pisces men are some of the nicest men in the zodiac
"But they play mental games when they know they have YOU"

Softy, please explain that part.
from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
"I lied to him about nothing in the beginning. Our relationship was supposed to be light. Then he said he wanted more. I was wondering, did I miss something? He knew from the beginning that our thing was supposed to stay light. I'm not mad at all about him catching feelings. It touched me as well so I tried to oblige. Thats when he got chickeny."


In the beginning...My intuition was telling me he was not the type to be "had" so I told him a casual relationship was best. 8 months later he says he wants a sincere when he said it. I still didn't take him very seriously but I was like okay. Now it's all "I never signed up for this, I want my freedom, That's why I don't do relationships because I don't want to be hounded"

When HE is the one who asked for it to be exclusive. WTF! Are all P-men like this? Why the F do you guys do that? Like one day after work I didn't call him immediately after I got home and he was like "Where the f- are you that you can't call me" So then I started calling him and now he's like I'm crowding his space! It's like you can't win!

from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Even with all my previous praise of Pisces men...

I see now WHY so many people HATE Pisces MEN because they play you until they get what they want...then they turn it around to make you seem like the bad guy! Reading all those past posts have enlightened me SO MUCH and I see now, I will never again date a Pisces man. Sorry for those who are offended, but I don't do mind games.

Also, why does everyone else in the Zodiac have to be held accountable for their actions, while Pisces (men especially) like to blame all of their lies, indiscretions, and mind games on the fact that they are "sensitive"

Oh I'm so sensitive so I can treat everyone else how I want but they can't say anything because it will hurt my poor little feelings. I can create TOTAL and COMPLETE LIES to suit MY whims, but a person cannot blame me because I "feel" they want me to say this...

I didn't really mean to hurt you, my intentions were good...B-U-L-L-b-u-t-t-e-r! The road to HELL is paved with good intentions, but you still end up in HELL! Being that I have yet to read about a successful relationship with ANY Zodiac sign with a Pisces male AND all the women/gay men are saying the EXACT same thing...I think I'm going back to my beautiful Leos...maybe a Cappy man will suit me better.

from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Sorry P-Angel and all other Pisces I love here...

I am just kinda mad...I don't mean to bash your whole sign...Like I said, the women have ALWAYS been cool with me, but I have learned my lesson with the men.


How can a man have you while he cant have you? LOL? What is that light relationship? What is the limit of it? What we can have and what we cant have? Do you yourself can define it?


I dont know what to say. I'm shocked.
from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
As a matter of fact, since selfishness seems to be "okay" with these people I think I am going to start being a little more selfish...

1. Why should I have to answer to my child everytime he/she asks "Where's daddy? or Why doesn't daddy ever come see me? or Why doesn't daddy love me?" with a broken heart...What do I say?

2. Why should I sit at home with a crying baby while he gets to be "free" and do whatever the f--k he wants?

3. Why should I be blamed for trying to "trap" him when there really ain't b-u-t-t-e-r to be trapped? He is a treetr-nk BUM! He's NEVER taken me out ONCE! NEVER got me a B-day gift, and anytime I even need him to physically be there...He's NEVER there?

4. Why should I put in all the blood, sweat, tears, and AGONY being a single mother...just to have him show up 10 years later saying "Oh this is my baby, look how beautiful he/she is" and have the child WORSHIP him just because he FINALLY showed up?

5. Why should I have to be the ONLY one to pay for my loose lips (figuratively) It was his SPERM that impregnated me...It takes two!

I don't think I will be CancerMama after all...
from Atlanta, Georgia, United States

YOU are shocked...About what? That I finally decided to see him for what he is and not for the LIES and FAKE PERSON he has shown me? It's different if I knew he was like that in the beginning, but everything he says is a direct contradiction of what he does and all I EVER asked for was the truth...

Like I said...I meant no harm towards you personally because you have been wonderful to me but I bet in relationships you do the exact same thing. LIE LIE LIE!

Do you know this guy actually had the nerve to say to me "I can't believe you are going to hold me accountable for every word I say!" With such indignation no less...

Well I used to want to be a lawyer so my brain is like a file cabinet and like Scarface says...All you have in this world is your balls and your word. So he has NOTHING!
from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Speaking of relationships...

Haffo have you ever had a long meaningful relationship and if you did...why did you guys break up...Just Curious...

As I said before, I didn't have relationships with women.
Honestly speaking CL, I have many Pisces men friends in my life. And again, honestly speaking, they are the most direct and non-misleading people I know. I have discovered the same qualities in Pisces women as well. I can't understand why you people face them lying all the time.
My business here is to understand people and their behaviours in their relationships. I can't understand why do people need from each other beside the sex. Sex is natural need of every adult human being. But the rest here, is much more complicated and very complex which I didn't figure out yet.
All what I see in these posts of this forum is frusturations, problems, misunderstanding and so on. Total BS I would say. I didn't see many positive posts here on this forum. Why do people engage in a relationship and then feel all these frusturations? Wouldn't it will be much more effective to use their times to more constructive things?

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