Both my parents are Pisces

By WaterDevilAugust 10, 2017 4:42pm — 33 replies
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so yeah still w my pisces gf i communicated w her honestly about how i felt w our relationship how it felt like it wasnt going right but i kinda went off really tangent went full blown honest since we were on the honesty topic then let her
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so refreshing to see him paint is there anything you love doing that helps you heal that heals you emotionally
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the pisces i love was texting me yesterday almost all day asked me if i was feeling better in the morning because im sick we ended up having a conversation about our mothers they are similar she sent me a text in the afternoon the last text saying
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i noticed a gorgeous pisces at my gym actually i thought she was an aqua coz she was very standoffish when we talked but i found out she is a pisces which shocked me she is different from the pisces girls i know she is kinda cold bold driven owns
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any advice for a lioness would be very helpful on a leo woman pisces man relationship
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i need some advice from pieces men what would a woman need to do to get you back i love my pieces man but we never expressed it and we havent spoken in 2 months but i want to tell him how ive felt but i dont know if it would be too much what should
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on this week on dawsons creek lol some of you may already know after our wonderful baltimore trip i decided to distance my self im falling more in love each time we are together so we dont chat that much but 3 days after baltimore she mes
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so i know with this pisces guy with a gemini moon and we spend a lot of time together with friends i know that he likes me because he always keeps an eye on me gets jealous and tries to see me a lot but i find it really hard to connect with him were
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tell me in a few sentences what this sign means to you
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