Cancer needs advice on Pisces girl

I need advice on this sun in Pisces, Gemini rising, saggy moon girl. I'm cancer sun/rising and saggy moon.Her Mars and Venus are both in Aquarius, mine Mars in gemini and Venus in Virgo. From the first time I saw her I felt like strongest physical attr
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    Posted by Pisco
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    I see your eyes now @Pisco


    Ha. Indeed you do, at least an eye. ?

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    Just one eye confirms what people said on the "eyes" thread. So alluring indeed. ☺️
  • Caramia
    Who the treetrunk cares
    Move on. Your excessive texting and online talking killed the whole magic. I dont think she is interested in you. Sorry. Move on.
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    I see your eyes now @Pisco

  • I need advice on this sun in Pisces, Gemini rising, saggy moon girl. I'm cancer sun/rising and saggy moon.Her Mars and Venus are both in Aquarius, mine Mars in gemini and Venus in Virgo.

    From the first time I saw her I felt like strongest physical attraction ever. She went to same gym as I did. She didn't know me back then and I didn't make a move(stupid me).Now two years later, I joined some gym forum and as I was scrolling through profiles I noticed her. Then after a month she liked my profile and articles I've written, and sent me a message.( I never told her this background story- hehe must be a destiny)

    We started texting every day. First there were few messages then 4 hour long texting marathons.Then after a month, phone number and whatsapp voice messages smile and btw she saw a picture of me there for the first time. But soon after swapping numbers convo started lagging, I asked her for coffee but she carried on like nothing happened.She revealed a lot about herself, she talked about exes and I thought that she friend zoned me and that she needs some ego validation.We even met in real life bc she needed some of tickets for the party . She couldn't look me in the eyes and it was the most awkward 5min meeting in my life.Week after that our convo suddenly stopped. Then after two weeks I sent her message to ask if she'd been kidnapped, she replied immediately,we carried for a little bit then again stop.

    And then it hit me that maybe on emotional level she acts like me,both have saggy moons, that maybe she didn't friend zoned me but started opening up(also my behavior) and about that coffee invite -I also do that even though I want to meet someone. I want other person to express their feelings about me before I make a move.But it's freaky to that that just by online talking to someone.

    and btw Pluto in scorp trine my sun and asc and I'm aware that I'm obsessed with her.I even wanted to send her a message that I analyzed her and that I understand her bc she said she never met someone who could but it would freak me out let alone her. This is the first time someone intrigued me on intellectual and physical level. Damn you Virgo Venus.

    I don't know what to do?
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