libra man in love with a pisces!! but is it 1

I'm a fire dragon october 18 libra male and she is a earth dragon march 18 she get so quiet at times and so mad at times
male from LIBRA, LIBRA, u s a lol!
libra thats fun and love to be loved and give it
I'm a fire dragon october 18 libra male and she is a earth dragon march 18 she get so quiet at times and so mad at times but she told me she love me! I want to keep her in my life what makes mermaids mad? And how to keep her happy
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I'm March the 18 but tiger haha...

Quiet times means I am delving into my thoughts ...or I just want to mellow out to bring peace to myself...really need this a great deal...

Mad: well if I am angry about something it is because of my impatient traits...or maybe the person I adore said something not quite to my liking ...
doesn't last long we can analyze mere words sometimes...I don't do this as I use to cause I am in a happy state of mind now...

Bottom line she will be happy with your caring ways...your attention...your funny self...she really will love to be adored for who she is and in return she will adore you for *all* of you the good and the bad...just remain loyal 100% and show her you really like her...
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"Totally freakin' awesome, LOVE being me! Posted by caligula
Awww... another Libra man drowning for a Mermaid ???

Best advice I can give is this... A Pisces woman will NOT appreciate the "little lies" that Libra men tend to tell to protect her feelings, or the "little secrets" they have to "keep the peace". SHE feels more like he's covering his own ass, not protecting her. A Pisces woman wants HONESTY above all else - and she's not as delicate and sensitive as you may think. She's strong enough to take the truth, so you be strong enough to always give it to her. When you don't and she finds out, it erodes her TRUST in you, causing an emotional disconnect. You don't want that. Too many of those, and she'll simply swim away, usually just when you're figuring out that you can't live without her -- and by then it will probably be too late. (And the worst part, she'll make it look EASY -- slaying your manly ego!!)

Also, on the keeping the peace.. you Libras tend to sweep things under the rug, not mention little things that bother you. I know it's just your way, but the problem is that these things secretly pile up.. and it's not FAIR to her if you don't let her know something's bothering you, or if you don't like something. She won't know it's a problem otherwise, and these things don't magically fix themselves... but if you TELL her, a Pisces woman will often gladly make changes and compromises for you as well. So give her a chance by speaking up and telling her what you really think and feel, what you like and don't like, what you do and don't want.

Flirting.. OMG you Libra boys are KING of this... some Pisces women are jealous, some are not. But the truth it, you need to be AWARE of how you might be coming across to her when you're "just being friendly" to other girls. Sometimes you go too far without realizing it, and she won't be a happy Fishie. She wants to be your Number One.. never let her feel second best to anyone, or like you want/like someone else. Make her your Queen and she will crown you King!

One final word... please don't ever tell your Mermaid she's "too emotional" or "illogical".. she already knows this.. she's a woman AND a Pisces, NOT a man or a Libra!! Besides - isn't this what attracted you to her? Her feminine, feeling ways? Don't make her feel wrong or stupid for it later. Her moods change, so allow the tides to rise and fall, kiss her when she's sad and hold her when she cries, and love her strong the whole time.. and she'll give you a world you only imagined.

GL, vsop!
male from LIBRA, LIBRA, u s a lol!
libra thats fun and love to be loved and give it
I should of listened I broke a lot of rules u said the little lies the flirting but I never cheated tho oops I created a monster
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Tell me why you want to make her happy when you keep sending her to jail and she keeps pulling knives on you? Nevermind, I don't wanna know.

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