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Writings, of others or your own, that move you in some way are permitted here. The ambiguity leaves a lot of open territ
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  • Some people tick us
    some others injure
    the strength goes
    the line undoes
    the mind furious
    the heart sad
    the power grows
    unstoppable blows
    anti-hero here we go
  • With all the annoyances and pet peeves that are omnipresent in this interconnected world, pulling your eyeballs in every direction, it behooves one to not sweat the small stuff. Save it for the big stuff.

    Meat or vegan, vinyl or streaming, god or no god, such debates are so subjective. Some people like to argue and compete for those brownie points, some don't like to waste breath projecting one's experience onto another's. But if their feelings, their opinions show some passion and respect for things they do not fully understand, then that is the whole point of why I'm here listening to you.

    You can have my brownie now.
  • Juke is Song
    Long is gone
    Return is dom
    Lunacy never dorm!
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  • As one stands at the edge of the world
    Gazing all around at the past, present, and future
    There's no reason not to dance
    Listening closely to the stars will reveal beautiful music
    In full arrangement it is more than the sum of its parts
    The words are futile; the sounds, infinite.
  • So many opinions, so many ideas, growing more and more neutral (than I already was), very little in the way of debate when I can easily step in their world the more I listen. Don't be offset by my stare. I'm just listening; in fact, I think it may be a lost art. So I will listen. Everyone has a story.
  • Blowing mind, cant think right
    Am i a robot?
    Look inside
    Blood flowing to what side?
  • If the little things fire me up
    The big ones are sure to set me ablaze
    This is great news for a pyromaniac
    Unrecognizable to all but a few
    Since layers are lost and replaced
    It shows how little the appearance held true
    And how much words and actions keep the lights on
    And why landing on the hot seat makes or breaks
    Choices in the heat of the moment can simmer for a time
    Consequences are the little fires coming up the cracks
    From sparks of joy and pangs of resentment
    To the unexpected hellos and goodbyes in places far and wide
    I try to find the warmth in things, big and small
    That's one way to break the ice

  • The light rises down below
    Gradients play like an old tape
    Left on repeat since who knows when
    I merely walked in on it

    Nothing in particular stands out
    Yet the painstaking rehearsals seemed to pay off
    Because everything flows together
    Words are futile, but here I am
    It's quite a sight if I merely look where I dare not see it
    Just for a blink as it drains into memory

    And at such a peak moment, the end begins
    The air grows quiet and the usual noises soon take their place
    I merely listen
  • A white Rose
    Beatiful and dedicated
    A grumpy thorn
    That only knows to do nothing
    But loves her very much
    Only wants her to be loved
  • The more it's written or talked about, the further its meaning slips off. Though It'll just as easily sneak back when I focus elsewhere. It's just a feeling that belongs in the abstract. That's the only place it seems to make sense. Symbols which don't jump out or ask to be seen, but sit still and wait for a wandering eye to cross its sights.
  • Bark Bark all the way
    Or shut up in this day
    seventeen you will be made
    Don´t wait until eighteen to mayday
    Clean the trash away
    It will pay
    Treasure your best and you will make
    This year to heaven last more than a stray
  • To much or less
    Wich better
    Care or Mess
    I dont know
    Must how
    Little or bigger
    Decision unfolds?
    Or disgrace grows
    Emotion and lust
    Or Compenetration folds
    I only wish Happiness
    You must!
  • Fly make die
    try now and fly
    made what I
    to live
    follow squeeze fall
    heart pulp
    grow and spread
    dont know
    I dispair
    6 sense at ear explode
    I question I make now
    To be the end
    Grow start

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