Pisces Sun Aries Moon Confusion.........need further clarification.Advice needed.

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I am with someone who has Sun in Aries, Moon in Aries, Venus in Aries, and Mars in Aries. His Mercury is in Pisces. I went to high school and grade school with this person, and he was very quiet, very reserved, and was the top athlete in school. I wa
I was watch a video with Dr.Helen Fisher. In part of the video she talks about the four personality traits. Got me thinking about the 4 elements. Fun how some things pop up in my head. Well i started to think that the person who start the 4 elements and u
lol does it bother you?!?!?! I'm sure we all do it.. I "try" to reply to everyone but having a choice is great !
Is this a sensitive guy and does he appreciate a sensitive woman? What kind of lady would he like?
What are the aspects for sex appeal? Physical magnetism? If you have it, pix and your natal chart 😘
What would you give to a Gini woman for her bday if she is not into jewelry, designer bags, has too much clothes already and shoes... And also Gemini ladies - post the best gift you had received that you love? Not nessesary your man - anyone! Th
So, apparently there was a YouTube channel where a father and mother of five film their children as the parents "prank" them. I'm unclear on whether or not the man is the biological father of all five, but the woman is a step-mother to two of the children
I can never click with libra females... I don't even know why... it just doesn't work... 🤔
take the test to see how you score. I score 47. You are somewhat shy. http://academics.wellesley.edu/Psychology/Cheek/howshy.html
Good mornin'.. I'm new to DXPNET. I had been browsing this site for awhile now and decided to make an account for myself and talk to you all. What orginally brought me here is women and after studying the minds of cookiemonsteres under certain signs, I come
I've been noticing that quite a few people in my life are and were libra moons. One thing they all have in common is goo
I'll go first! shameless! https://media4.giphy.com/media/3o6ZtaqOzIGB2bQdvW/giphy.gif https://media2.giphy.com/media/xinWyVDyduQ9y/giphy.gif https://media4.giphy.com/media/R8gheFcsG9n9u/giphy.gif
We caught feelings for each other but we both don't believe in long distance relationships. So, I decided to move on and told him I'll block him from Facebook and WhatsApp so that I could move on. He seemed quite reluctant but respected my decision. In th
From my experiences with Librans... Libras tend to hide the jealous & possessive side about themselves from their partner in the beginning because they are afraid that this part of themselves will easily scare off other people & this happening is a Lib