Pisces, what are characteristics that you love about your significant other?

physical, mental, spiritual etc. whats the thing that makes you "love" the other person? For me it will definitely stem from a feeling of that person understanding me and valuing my values. i love long hair, free spirited people, family orientated,
"Double Pisces, double delight. Sag rising VIA MIA
Physical: I like men to be relatively attractive (same as me), younger looking, have some distinctive features (for example a nose like that Gem from the Muse, wide set eyes, big eyes, round faces, curly hair, bald, dimples, light coloured eyes, etc)
Mental: stable, intelligent, sociable, articulate
Spiritual: not religious
26 years old female from Lithuania
hysical, mental, spiritual etc. whats the thing that makes you "love" the other person?

Physical: Taller than me, eye color doesn't matter, shortish hair (for some reason never got into the long haired types), darker hair (though ironicaly 60 percent of guys I dated were blond ). Manly with strong arms.

Mental/spiritual: strong willed but with urge to learn things and accept new ideas, goal oriented, practical but but flexible in a sense that they don't see the world as just black and white. Caring and protective maybe sliglty jelous (I don't know why but there is nothing more attractive than your boyfriend who is slightly jelous just enough so you would know but not as much so it would become like actuall issue). Active and kinda spontaneous (but not in a uncomfortable way ). Someone who would not judgme for talking about topics that are marely theories and so on and most importantly playfull and sarcastic I damn love when a guy can tease me in a nice irritating but respectfull way
Bloody 'Ell Mate! โ˜€Leoโ˜€ -From the Volcanic Soltice of YO MAMA.
Edit: Lol just realized it said Pisces
we chose not to date for emotional reasons but....his willingness to listen. //siiiighh..
and we can stop seeing each other for months, and we still talk like not a day went by โ™ฅ Man, I love that man.

I will also add, I truly appreciate a mind which thinks about OTHERS not just the self. Someone altruistic who wants to help humanity or the environment.
I have Venus in Aries mars in Cancer and am attracted to adventureous, active, confident, open minded, nurturing men. Someone who will hike with me, dance Argentine Tango (or at least if they don't want to dance will allow me the freedom to go to festivals and social dances), a person who knows himself and what he stands for is soooo attractive. I need alone time and he too should respect this and need alone time himself. I've always thought it'd be the coolest thing to date someone who loved reading like I do, and we both would be home reading in our own little worlds but still enjoying the other's company.

Physically: I prefer slender more petite boned builds, lean muscles, 5'10 or taller. No preference for hair or eye color. Every person is attractive for different qualities
female from United States
The Universe is wise and loving
Physical: I love tall, bearded men who are a little chubby. I think "dad bod" is the most physically attractive
Mental: Open mindedness, willing to learn, admit being wrong and teach me. Patience and caring but hella attentive
Spiritual: grounded. Prefer if he didn't believe or was not married to one religion. Introspective and self analyzing. Quiet and brooding but open to discuss his thoughts and feelings without fear. Compassionate and conscientious

Basically, a unicorn
51 years old female from TX, USA
Pisces: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn
Why does this seem to be a Piscean trait? I find men with long hair foxes!

What makes me "love" the other person? If and when he continues to show me affection/attention. If this dissolves; so does my heart.

cyber hugs!


44 years old male
Sun: โ™“, Moon: ๐Ÿ’—, Rising: ๐Ÿ†,Mars: ๐ŸŽž๐Ÿ“ฝ, Jupiter: ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’‹โ€
but more importantly, long hair
physical, mental, spiritual etc. whats the thing that makes you "love" the other person?

For me it will definitely stem from a feeling of that person understanding me and valuing my values.
i love long hair, free spirited people, family orientated, caring

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