why are pisces men such jerks!!???

hey i am a pisces fem and i've met alot of pisces men.they all seem to ack the same.(dumb)u would think i would get along with a pisces guy but i dont.theres juss something about them that make me wanna smack them!!any other pisces fems like this? am i the only one that cant stand pisces men!!!???why do you think im like this?
pisces fem
I'm a Virgo male (gay btw.), and I'm so attracted to Pisces males but as you said it...they're such jerks with their bravados and peevish charateristics! They always have to put you down and prove themselves to be better than you. It's like the whole pulling of hair and pinching you got in Junior High when a boy likes you. This is how Pisces males act. They make you feel stupid infront of others, espeically when they feel mentally threatent. I like Pisces females they are more laid back and fun to be around with also they don't feel like they have to prove themselves when engaging in nonchalant convo. But, the males need some serious RNR from the sudo-intellectual tete-a-tete(s) they love to get into with others.

This sucks because lots of 'em are really attractive, and seem to be great individuals...when no one is around that is. I fully agree with you Pisces girl, most of Pisces boys need a serious chill pill.

NitroH2o (Virgo)
lol exactlly!!my uncle is a poices male also and 1 time while i was talking to him he started asking me questions and when i would tell him he would always have a stupid coment to say.i was thinking to my self 'why are you asking me the questions if all ur gonna do is make fun of me or try and change my opinin about things that i already kno ,etc."after i thought this of cource i told him something.i dont think i put it in a nice way but,hey,if i dont tell him who will?anyway i hate when pisces men want you to believe what they believe.their so
um,,,how should i put this,,"self centered" anyway i think you should juss talk to that guy and tell him you hate when he does that.he may get fustrated cuz for a while cuz he doesnt kno who to believe, himself or you.i dont kno ,pisces men are so dumb!!!
anyone feel the same?
Every experience I've had with Pisces males has been bad...and I haven't dated one but just the mere interaction with 'em leaves me mentally and emotionally fatigued. It's this interminable tug-a-war with 'em. I had this one experience with this guy named Aurther in school where he was so pretentious and had to out do everyone in everything and finally I had enought and called him out...and all he did was rebuke me by making fun of me in attempts of making me feel small...and this is s'possed to be the sign that doesn't like to see people cry? I doubt that Pisces males have much of any consideration towards how what they do affects and harms people sometimes.

Nitroh2o@hotmail.com (Virgo)
alot of pisces men a like that virgo.believe me pisces women are totally different.i hate pisces men aslo even though im a pisces fem.its weird but true.
43 years old female
I dated a pisces man and it was the worst relationship I ever experienced. although he did have mars in Capricorn and somehow that has something to do with it. Although i thought I was in Loooove but I learned from that relationship. I hope you did as well.
I have to stand up for my fellow fish. I am a Pisces male, and we are the most genuine caring people in the world. We do live in a dream world and fall in love rather quickly. Our romantic nature draws woman to us rather quickly. This is why woman's hearts get broken often by us, we promise the dream, only to find out two months later that life is not a dream and we are out the door.

Pisces are very visual and there is a great chance that Pisces will fall for a woman for the wrong reasons. But if you do have what it takes to capture the heart, mind and sprit of a Pisces, you will be very happy.

P.S. Dont be so hard on Pisces, we are sensative people, messages like this will make us cry
what is described here, regarding the negative style and interactions of Pisces males can also be generalized to every other sign. Scorpio female here, never had a relationship with one, but meet a few that draw me like a magnet. I find them to be intriguing, sensitive, intelligent and really sexy. Maybe the responses you all have encountered are just defense mechanisms, which we all have. Maybe it was simply a character flaw in those few and shouldn't be generalized to all other Pisces males. I heard something yesterday that made sense to me "when you are sure of the goodness in yourself, you have no need to hurt others"........this applies to everyone. Think of how often you have hurt others, unintentionally.
Proud to be a Pisces Man the 12th Sign of the Zodiac. Have you ever spoken to someone who has the personality traits of all the 12 signs. This may be why we are so Complex. As a Pisces/Aquarius Cusp I try my best to get along with all. As a mind reader and a person who can predict the future to some extent, I am happy to have these super natural traits that no one else has except people who are extremely intelligent or were born under the sign of Pisces. Oh by the way the Pisces sign rules the World and we are best known to become Millionaires. So stop hating on us PLAYER HATERS!!! Why hate talent hate on yourself for not being talented, find yourself in the world, we all have. Your talent is GODS gift to you what you do with it is your gift back to GOD. This may be another reason why you all feel the way you do with such an extreme type of person you have the priviledge of getting to know. When you come across a Pisces person ask them for advice on how you can better your personal and professional life, We are healers, and were placed here on this earth to help people who tend to be as undeserving as many of you all! In response to your question why are we all Jerks. Well that is based on what intentions you had with this supreme being. We will treat you like gold if you deserve it or we could also treat you like the dirt you have let yourself become. Additionally before stereotyping a Pisces person you should have better done your homework because we would have already done it!!!

Peace "C" Pisces/Aquarius

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