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A breakup and loss of of what I thought the future held for me. It’s sad and I’m disappointed, but this time I feel different. It feels like transition, like a reminder not to repeat the past. I get it. God or the universe gave me another chance to
I'm just looking for a general description of how this plays out since I know its effects would vary a bit between synastry charts...
...not the one hanging on your bathroom wall, but with someone who acts like a mirror to you. Have you ever noticed your significant other being like a mirror to you?
Do you relate more to the description of your sun, moon or venus? And what are your sun moon and venus signs...? [IMG][/IMG]
3 weeks ago, i broke up with my Aqua. The next day, this Scorp guy i was in a LDR a year ago messages me. I told him i just broke up with my bf and it was a short exchange. Today, i made a topic in the scorp forum which i hid because no one took it se
Just read this: "Do you think you have a choice in loving someone? The answer will always Your soul picks who you love and your heart seals the deal. How little a choice we have over such things when your heart knows what it wants and your soul
Are hot guys lazy loversI I was reading a post on the Scorpio board Basically woman is with a douche but she makes it a point to say he’s hot. Are 8s an above lazy lovers Have you experienced that?
why do you avoid men/women with certain placements? [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
Hello board. There is a strange situation going on in my life that I could really use some perspective on, but since I am rather paranoid, I would really like it to be in PMs, if anyone would be so kind? I hate putting myself out there in any way. This
reading up on Leo Venus-Everything kind of rings very true. "It is difficult for these people who crave center-stage and a sense of excitement to make the transition from romantic love to a long-term, committed relationship where everyday realities mus
do mutable sign parents push their kids to excellence? it seems that the lawyers, doctors, engineers etc..that i know, or know of, have mutable sign parents. sometimes i don't get a chance to see the sign of both parents, but a lot of times it seems th
It could be anything I noticed Aries men buff their chest when taking pics Also they put their head down have eye contact Pisces men get fat when they get older (Dad bod) Pisces women have thigh tats Leo men get quiet when they’re thinking ab
... do you take the time to process your emotions before responding in a conflict, and when do you let your emotions come out and speak for themselves on the spot? How do you decide whether or not to come at your s/o with an immediate emotional reaction?
When is the best moment to ask for someone birth chart? Or at least star sign? And how do you deal with who immediately answer negatively and need to tell you astrology is bullbutter?
I don't know how a lot of you don't connect with your 7th house energy as you told me in the last post. I have a Capricorn stellium... My Venus and Mars and moon are all Cap and my 7th is Cancer/Leo and I definitely would like a partner that is Cancer/L
From unintentional fat shaming? We have an IM feature at work, and one of my consultants arrived one day, she did her hair different, made her face look larger. I had noticed she put on weight. I IM'd another manager, "She gained weight" "She l
What is something about a person that makes them an old soul?
So the cap girl at work I've known for about 4 months now. To start the first 2 weeks were great then she completely shut down on me. Now knowing what she was going through at the time I left her be but around a week later I asked her out at a terrible ti
You ever see yourself making repeating the same bad patterns like a slow-motion picture and you know exactly what you're doing, what you're saying, and the conclusion of things, but you pick at it because it's what you know. you know it, you don't like

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Things like that fit in this genre. Trap, dubstep, bass, EDM, House, Chill Trap, Remixes. I wanna know if anyone enjoys this genre as much as I do. Post up some of your finds. Blow my ears out.
My sag friend spent 3 hours yesterday helping me do some spring cleaning in my place. I offered to make him dinner sometime to return the favor, but he said he didn't want anything in return. I personally like things to be fair so I am really surprised. H
Let's try to contain this all to one thread.. How did he hurt you?
& also y in the fuuuck would my ex pisces greet her & now i gotta say thank u & happy belated...
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a question that goes for both genders. If your girlfriend/boyfriend just happened to go through crisis, randomly for the day and it's going to take a long time until she/he recovers financially and emotionally. Wou
Hey all!! I'm currently in a relationship with a Leo Man (with a Cancer Moon) and I'm seeking advice! He's awesome - very giving, very passionate, and fun-loving. Our communication is a bit skewed at times though. Everything will be going fine, and then a
Can someone do a reading for me Basically to stay or put for a move assignment at work. They are some pos n negatives on both
Don't think I told yous guys yet but ARIES77 and I got engaged last week. We wont actually be getting married for about
I’m sensitive to energy and I don’t want him sending me bad energy (whether unintentionally or intentionally) This guy, we’ve been chatting for awhile now and we haven’t met in person but we FaceTimed last night and I don’t think I’m attracted to him. The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
I'm always attracting fire signs.... Tired of being burned haha... Water signs tend to be to clingy for me. So ♏ what do you suck into your vortex lol
I'm really trying to understand why I've gotten cheated on in all my relationships, and why I seem to attract guys who secretly have girlfriends. It's always so dramatic. Wtf is it? Am I too detached? Am I just doomed? Do I seem like a slut/home wrecker?
Except you @Antisocial we know you're a fan. *warning: Taurus may may take a while to respond, be patient. This is the actual game play thread. If you wish to find a team/placement to represent or would like to discuss the going ons in the league please go to the DXPIL Players Lounge here: https://www.dxpnet
Firstly i am so sorry. I don't want this to turn into a gorefest but it's disturbing. They appear to be targeting minorities. A white su