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one piece of your chart that you are most proud of and that makes you unique especially in relationships with significant others
Hi! Momentarily date or romantically interact with me and you are sure to find your soulmate soon after! Does anyone else experience this? I feel as though everyone I've romantically interacted with has found someone special and it's always right afte
Hey! Are we a good match?! What are your thoughts ? His : Cancer sun Aries moon Cancer mercury Cancer Venus Virgo mars Mine : Aries sun Leo moon Pisces mercury Aries Venus Pisces mars ---- Are we compatible? I really lov
First off I'm a Sag, he's a Gem, we have amazing chemistry. We are both Aquarius moons so we have a close bond, and really love each other deeply because we were friends before we started dating. BUT, lately he's been pissing me off quite a lot. He's lazy
So I've had a casual thing with Venus in Leo (let's call him H) guy for almost a year, so casual it can barely be called casual... we slept together back in December most recently (no boning, just snuggles) and spent the following day just chilling togeth
Lately I like looking at celebrities synastry especially among couples. Kylie and Tyga so far have been together longer than expected. What's your guys take on this? I notice that double sun-moon connection. Shes Leo Sun Scorp moon, he's Scorpio Sun Leo m
State your Sun Moon Venus and Mars. Give an example of your flirting style. Scorpio sun Aries moon Scorpio venus Gemini mars I'm either mean and criticize/insult the person or I don't flirt. Idk how to flirt.
which couple in astrology do you think is underrated? Especially in the astrology sites/forums? name them and maybe post them, add celebrities if you like.
Revenge Your Ex Each day hundreds of men and women seek revenge on their ex-mates for a variety of reasons, usually because they got dumped or where cheated on. Revenge comes in many ways. It typically starts by using social media to vent, and then
I dated an Aquarius for almost 4 years, although last year we took were broken up for 5 months. When we did get back together, things were great. He had moved in with me, and I promised myself i would never let him go. During some of this time, I got laid
So uh.. I'm a Leo girl and have been with a Capricorn man for over a year. In that time we've managed to break up (max for a day) and argue many, many times. Kinda turbulent relationship. But in the end we've always recognised that we love each other and
Is it stupid to break up with someone based on tarot card predictions and intuition. .? No i don't have any proofs however lot of things forced me to think that he is cheating me. But the tarot readings seemed to resonate so much with me that I broke up
I'm a scorpion woman with Pisces (2nd decan) and my friend is a libra man with Gemini (3rd decan). We've known each other for years, had a short fling nearly 10 years ago. I broke it off as I thought he was a player but always liked him afterwards, I
What is true love? is it when you are totally at peace together or is it when you drive each other mad and cant live without that person? is it your angel because even angels have their demons. Is true love trying to get your love back even though they ha
I was wondering, since i'm into astrology like you all.. what do you all think of this Scorpio woman's thoughts on "man-made" morals?? “If a Scorpio feels destined to sync with someone, nothing will s
Her: Sun 20° Vir 39' 54" 3.69 Moon R 12° Lib 56' 01" -7.46 Mercury S 17° Lib 05' -8.83 Venus 6° Leo 10' 17.46 Mars 9° Ari 20'R -1.07 Jupiter 5° Gem 55' 20.30 Saturn 26° Sag 05' -22.45 Uranus 27° Sag 04' -23.62 Neptune 7° Cap 26'R -22.
I have a history of unexplained mutual magnetism toward/with the virgo/libra cusp (and Virgo sun/Libra moons) and females in general from Sept 10th-30th but just met a Taurus who is like a twin, Taurus females in general seem to be like best friends to a
I thought as it's Valentine's Day let's see who are the romantics and who aren't. Even if it's low key, I don't necessarily mean that you have to make a big deal out of it (share your love all over social media) just that you like to acknowledge it with t
In honor of Valentine's Day, all married, engaged or dating couples answer honestly. Just copy, paste and put your own answers if you want to answer this one. Thanks. 1. What's your and partner zodiac sign? I'm a Virgo and My wife is a Sagittarius.
Ok so I know there are threads showing 'love' to a sign. trtrk that....I want to let my inner rebel Aquarian out and say.... say what you HATE or DISLIKE about us Aquas. Don't be shy....and please DO NOT BE NICE about it. :D Enjoy
Hi All, Just joined this very interesting forum to see if anyone could kindly give me their opinion on my situation. Until just recently I was dating this beautiful Gemini woman for a year. She's 23 and a single mom and I'm 28. The baby's father is not
PERSON 1: Sun in 13° Sagittarius Moon in 5° Leo Mercury in 27° Sagittarius (r) Venus in 8° Capricorn Mars in 17° Pisces Jupiter in 16° Sagittarius Saturn in 2° Gemini (r) Uranus in 17° Libra Neptune in 3°
Boy this might be long so let me try and summarize. I am a Gemini female and just got out of a bad long term relationship with my ex in August. Let's call him Aqua. I always saw this gorgeous mysterious Aries at our crossfit gym and yes I thought he wa

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i know there's been loads of posts but i dunno if anyone figured out her chart or not... but here ya go...
Zodiac : Tropical Sun Aries 26°59' Moon Taurus 0°53' Mercury Aries 22°44' Venus Gemini 12°03' Mars Aquarius 6°38' Jupiter Taurus 8°50' Saturn Capricorn 2°32' R Uranus Capricorn 0°59' R Neptune Capricorn 10°12' R Pl
Will the retrograde effect starting a new job seeing how it has to do with money and beginning something new?
you just can't WIN or have things the way YOU WANT them? State your Sun&Moon and their houses. Scorpio Sun in 10th Aries Moon in 3rd and if this doesn't make you upset--what does make you cry?
I have a Virgo on my tail. My thing is why do earth signs like me. I have four Leo placements and I'm crazy. Stable but very opinionated and open funny. I don't get it. I've only dated earth and Scorpio. One leo
Go to this link and post your results Symbol Meaning: The Mayan zodiac sign Keh is the sign of red storm and the deer tend to be the totem animal. The people who are born under this sign tend to
Go to this link and post what you got ;) Your African Astrology Sign Is: The Wealth of Amber and Silver T Element: Air Sense: Sight Favorable Day: Wednesday Lucky Months: February and June S
Go to this link and post your results :) About You Your Ezyptian God Is: Isis ( The god of discipline. ) Your Lucky Touchstones are: Luck Herb: Tarragon Lucky Stone: Lapis Lazuli. Lucky Tre
So I've been or had been with my love for a little over a year, we were actually celebrating our anniversary that night before we got into a fight. It's always typical that he brings up things that are bothering when we're drinking or about to head out so
I've been pretty sick the past few days and the Aqua has not left my side. No seriously...he's stuck up my butt. I'm not someone who likes to be waited on. Not even when I'm sick. But he's been there. I know Aqua get a lot of crap for not being demonstrat
If Pisces(Neptune) can create an ilusion or an image what the other person wants to see while Scorpio create physical magnetism...Is Neptune more powerful when it comes to persuasion?
Looking for experiences from having gastric sleeve (not lap band) surgery. Physical effects and difficulty. Mental and emotional challenges.
A May 7 Taurus here. I am deeply in love with a Cancer guy. He sees me only as a friend. He asked me to move on and hence we are not meeting from past few months. I asked him to meet me as I really want to see him. He said we could definitely meet
Who's next? Harrison Ford? Stallone? Schwarzie? Time frlies so fast...since the late 90's l havent counted's just like"a few years after the butterty 2000 mark....a few more...and a few more...l didn't realise it's a completely different world an
Is it really as good as what some astrologers online say about the Leo Aries match, especially the Leo female Aries male match? What are they Really like, the pros and cons? Will it work out or not? Longterm?
Only alphas allowed :)) you need to have a golden dick though
astrolgers like to put 11th house peeps and aquarius stelliums or whatnot are humanitarians. let's look at the most current humanitarians. are there Uranian aspects to the 11th house? or Aquarius tendancies?
Hi. I was in a relationship with an aquarius for a few years. I fell for him pretty hard, but his aquarius ascendant and venus sort of made it hard to feel as if I was 'close' to him. He never liked making plans; I tried to adapt to his way of doing thing
Have you ever been in 'I don't want anything' zone? Like I don't want travel, don't care about shows, movies, Academy Award, meeting with friends, going out... You name it - I don't want it !!! And how long it lasted if you've been there?
could we change the man cave into the bro cave?:))