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Is it true that men find cancer femmes to be enigmas or is that a myth?
I've been through a lot! Been on my own since I was 15 which is why I'm so independent now.. people always ask how I handle these kids on my own... you learn to get tough in these streets Is all. Used to be a stripper before I had kids, met the father
I need attention and reassurance... a text every other day without games. I know it seems like I switch men often (and there isn't any sex involved contrary to my Scorpio mars I masterbate more than sex which may happen once every three months or so becau
I'm a Libra, easily dazzled and easily falls in love, well 10 years ago I swear I met the man of my dreams (Taurus). We dated for 2.5 years and I pushed him away when I went through some family crud. He dated and married another girl and they were togethe
Stands for: Bondage, domination, submission/sadist, masochism We all do some form of bdsm... whether you like to be blindfolded, tied to the bed post, handcuffed, finger or items in your but...spanking, punishment, etc. What's your limit? What wi
Is there a particular sign where adultery is more prevalent? In the past few years, I've come across a few men who divulged either to me or to others that they had committed adultery. There was no remorse either. Two of the men were Capricorns and the
So i met this taurus man and our sexual connection was instantly deep and very intense. He tried two years ago to meet with me but i played it off as silly and said no because we worked together and i was preoccupied at the time with lifw. Now we work
So I REALLY need some advice concerning this libra sun/moon/mercury/venus gemini mars guy.. Sorry it's so long! I'm 24. Every year me and my mom go on holiday to the same city in Spain. This year I met a Spanish guy over there. We've known his father f
So last night I got really REALLY drunk. I sent a text to the Scorp/ Gem... I don't remember what it said, but I'm pretty sure it was inappropriate. When I woke up this morning I sent an apology text... but he's yet to reply. 🙈 I'm soooo embarrassed.
Dxp. I would like some perspective or perhaps I'm just venting. I worry that if I stop seeing the Taurus, the world will eat him alive. When we fought 2 months ago I asked him.. What hurt him more seeing me/not seeing me? I asked because when I wa
Haven't seen a thread for us yet 👀👀 We are so calm and collected... forever grazing, analyzing, warm and loving. We can get hype but we tend to just relax. This is a hang out for us... though my fire placement wanna get rowdy my earth and water pla
Hi, all: I am engaged to be married. We've been engaged now for about a year and a half. I put off picking a wedding date, because I wanted to pick THE BEST day possible for our wedding!! I went crazy trying to find the PERFECT DAY! I even paid hundre
How do you like to be persued?
Do you like it when a woman tells you she is interested in you? Or ask you out on a date?
For me it was Taurus, soooo much tension like 90% of the time, it was good for sex but other than that very draining How about you?
So I've been noticing that I'm not able to let people know I am an entertainer... I keep meeting insecure men for it who can't handle that I'm in the limelight... since then, I've hid what I really do since I do have a regular life out of that I'm able to
Why or why not? How many Sex partners do you think is too many for your age group? What is your Venus sign?
I've been speaking with someone who lives abroad for about 4 weeks now, pretty much non-stop all day, everyday. After the first week of speaking, he suggested to fly over and visit me. I hesitated about a week & finally agreed that he should come as I was
I am a Scorpio girl having a crush on a Cancer guy. There's this guy that I know since high school and Ive always found him attractive since high school (2 years ago). We have been talking as friends for a little over a month. When we started talking as f
1. Take my feelings out of a situation and think logically instead 2. Stand on the outside and look in. 3. If you're a woman, think like a man. What have you learned?
I am dating a guy, 4 years younger. 23 and im 27. He is mature for his age in ways, very free spirited a bit of a gypsy, and is currently finding his path/fining's a bit confusing for him right now. He is a mommy's boy. His mom and I have
I was checking out some videos on my Venus in Gemini placement, and noticed a slight trend of commenters who were like, "Venus in Gemini? ... effffffff that!" Of course, not everyone felt that way, but it did get me wondering on when you look at someone e

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I'm hitting it off pretty well with a co-worker
I just got into numerology a couple a days ago. I wanted to post this in the numerology room but I only wanna know my fellow scorpios' lifepath number. I know this thread is gonna take days to pick up lol so dont rush to answer... Lifepath #22
How many people have you gone down on (oral sex)? Don't lie either I guess you can tell me your sign too
I have been going out with this Cancer woman for over a month. When are having fun together, and have a lot of things to talk about. We live far away from each other, so meeting up every day is not possible.This is where the problem is, or may be there is
Where you at, my fellow Gods? ;)
In January my guy friend and I started hooking up. Things were great at the beginning but a few months into it he started becoming distant. I assumed it was because he got the wrong idea that I wanted more (even though we had a conversation saying we both
If you thought someone wronged you and you had to chance to kill him in his sleep Why would you wake the person up, hold a knife near his head and not do the deed?
I get likes on my photos and I can't see the user who likes my photos? it just says (Blank) likes your photo.. Sometimes I do see the actual users but this particular one is always blank
Please help me understand the logic behind this... This applies to all 3 water signs, i guess. Why?
that gets ignored. why continue? Terrorist attack? Or was the driver provoked?
The girl has finally figured out her ascendant!! And it is .........…............................................................................................................................................................... SAGITTARIUS!! Tell her
Imagine if everyone thought like the Left.. There'd be nothing left in the world because something would offend everyone. Imagine if everyone thought like the Right.. No one would know dinosaurs existed :(
I may be over thinking here but this Virgo guy who I've never met before but we have been talking for over a year sent me this today and it's kind of a response to a message I sent him yesterday where I told him not to party to hard while away at the univ
Gemini females are quite gifted verbally. You'll know your Gemini when you get paragraphs or even books in your feeds or texts. We love to communicate because we are gifted at it - blame Mercury. But what others fail to mention is that Geminis are natur
And I felt distracted from the other pisces for the first time in a while. WOWW Need some suggestions.... please :) For those of you who have been following my threads, She was the Aerial/fire artist that I was doing a music video for me with my other
Your marker or your mouth? I was talking to this guy about ATM sex and I was like I'd never do that because we all have E. coli growing in our butts and that's nasty to me to put in your mouth. Then he was like "treetrunk that it's not safe to introduce the
Just kidding how do you feel about marrying someone who has practiced abstinence? Would you ever marry someone (sexually inexperienced)?
I've seen many articles on this website already about it, but everyone's situation is different. So here's mine! I've first met her in 2011 when she first moved up here from Kentucky. I've had an interest ever since I first met her. She ended up dating