What sign is over sexed

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Well I never dated an Aries but I know from having guy friends that they are oversexed. Tauruses and Aquarians are oversexed too. Also potentially Leo. Damn. I am dating the wrong sign

now see the only leo i dated had ED. he talked a big sex game and he had skills in other areas true but when it came down to it...nothing. i got frustrated and we went our separate ways.

lol!! Well this happened with me and a Scorpio once so... I think they may be the exceptions... mechanical difficulties:s
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ha ha ha ha LOL
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i agree with aquarius' too..he was always ready and attacking me. i was on the sofa more that the bed with him.

scorpios too they are very passionate and just give off sex vibes LOL.

haha....arias are ok, i like aries woman but i would not put non one above cappy women. scorpios are useless... at the of the day non of them can go more then 20 minutes, anyway
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Thaaat's not true. Personally, I feel like if you're in a relationship with a Scorpio, and they feel as if they can merge with you entirely, the sex will be great. It depends on preference, I guess (Scorpio sexuality = Spiritual. Taurus sexuality = Physical).

But In my opinion, men under the sign of Taurus are extremely oversexed. Not a bad thing, though. I just wish they'd choose their partners correctly.
Leo women for sure lol .. Im always up for some good bootay
As for men the cancer I was seeing wins hands down :p
Gotta say I'm surprised to see Aries crop up so often here. My ex-hub was Aries. He didn't seem all that interested. Maybe it was just me. LOL. I found other Libran's pretty compatible. Never tried a Scorp though - wonder where I can find one of those!!
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This depends on many things.. Scorps and Aries will be at the top of the list in most horoscope books.. but you have to take into account the sign in a person's chart. I am a sagi, with scorp in my Venus house.. I know me personally.. I have almost to demanding sex drive. To the point where my husband can use it against me. I have have only met a few men whose sex drive met mine. Scorpion men, Leo's and Gemini men. .. Aries I have found were off and on, well as Capricorn (my husbands sign). Cancer men were pretty close up there.. but i had to watch out for there feelings.

Like most Sagis.. *Coughs* I could like a number of men for a particular reason.. and was rather experimental in my early 20's. Nearly ever male has a strong sex drive, but what I have found out.. only a few particular signs still want sex after being stressed, angry or have there feelings hurt and still maintain there sex drive.
Taurus, (never been with a Taurus so can not say either way) Sagi.. almost always.. they forget they are pissed or stressed out.

Been with Taurus, ... he could have sex anytime.. stressed, angry, sick, sad... probably sleeping if possible. I am Sagi, and agree with the almost always and add almost anywhere, too. Had an Aries that was always on and up for anywhere
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Aries woman....


I am the least oversexed out of my friends.

I have a Virgo , scorp , leo ad libra in my immediate circle and the latter 3 are the most oversexed.
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Yeah, not buying it. Note: I'm not talking about "frequency" per se. I'm talking about "dynamo". I have no generalization for frequency. Been with two scorps...very very good at talking. Leo....two..one was a complete WEIRDO, the last...she was ok. Cancers I've been with..3....not "dynamos" but very sensual, attentive and sexually reciprocal/exploratory. Sagittarius...mmm...if we get along about one thing....yes indeed. Taurus....not quite the dynamo or seemingly "up to it" if you don't know how to seduce them. But once the bullette is properly seduced she tends unfold like a flower...a very very hot, sensual flower. In fact, while she enjoys the sensual and seductive she secretly enjoys being dominated and animalistically PLOWED. Aquarius: in my experience, very very arrogant about sex...so much traditional...WILL greatly become a "dynamo" if you take charge and don't heed her stubborn protests of "ok I'm done there cannot be more to this". Libra...quite sensual in bed if she ever truly makes up her mind to actually do it. Watch out....she hides secrets and is a size queen. Lol and then the dynamo. Aries the ram girl...or the taurus aries cuspy. She won't eff you. You aren't worth her time. But if you ARE worth her time...you WILL need the following: electrolytes, caffeine, thick skin on the shoulders and back, earplugs, creativity, and a chiropractor if you get it right. Want her to really turn it on? Seduce her in different ways...just dinner won't work though it will get her attention...pay ZERO attention to any other woman in the room and NEVER make a sound that would misconstrue your role as a male..or she will cut your effing balls off and you will NEVER see her naked again. Serve her. If you're adverse to giving oral, cut your losses or you will be embarassed. Get it right and commence to buying gatorade crates.....

LMAO pretty spot on, I can't speak on the dynamo of my friends cuz I havent been in the room with them.
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Certain sun-signs are talked about as being oversexed, but I think it's more to do with placements and aspects. I'm a Virgo Sun who, by all accounts, should be a prudish, dutiful workaholic who folk find impossible to tear away from his responsibilities. In reality I'd spend all day and all night having kinky sex if I could. I understand that my high sex drive is down to my Mars Conjunct Pluto and my kinky side is down to my Scorpio Moon.
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What drives me crazy is a Leo(lion) like moan, groan, roar or deep breathing
I cant really explain it but my ex was a moon in Leo and that alone would turn me on

My current man has a Mars in Leo and he does something very similar...oh my god....mmmmmmm

Yeah I have a Venus in Leo

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Pretty I have a Venus in Leo and I love it when men growl. DMX does that growl thing and it drives me wild everytime I hear it.
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cancers...my cancer man wants it morning noon and night it be times i have to fight him off and run and hide ih the bathroom...now im a beast myself but damn he can be too much...but i once dated a cap and god i really had to run and hide from him...but to me its really not all about the sign its the person ....cause to be honest any guy that gets a taste of this...wishes they never did...MY JUICE BOX CAN BE ADDICTIVE...LOL
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I think it depends what you mean by oversexed! If you mean strong desire nature, then probably Scorpio, Taurus and Leo. If you mean "easily attracts the opposite sex and therefore has/can have plenty of sex even if they don't particularly need it" then probably Taurus, Gemini, Cancer females, Leos, possibly Virgo females, Librans, Scorpios, Sagittarius males, Aquarius males and Pisceans. Of course, some of these signs are lucky and fall into both of these categories! Unfortunately the second category does not include Virgo males like myself, although frustratingly in my case I do fall into the first category!
Scorpios..they never shut up about sex sex sex all damn day. Even in situations where it is inappropriate they still gon on and on about it.
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if they are not having sex they are talking/thinking/planning. Think the venus is more influential then the Sun sign in thus. Venus in scorps interest in sex is beyond obsessive!

Im a venus in scorp and have found few guys who can match my interest and appetite. I always want to hear about sex it's not just abot the physical I think its down to the obsessive possesive thing. If I know what makes someone tick I can sexually own them
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heard of aries, scorp and cancer

as a cancer we can be obsessed with sex but here's a little secret - we don't like ppl to know that

^^ I concur.
Except aries can be very inconsistent. I'd say pisces instead of aries.
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