All men cheat?

By euphonyJanuary 17, 2018 10:31pm — 49 replies
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ok my long distance boyfriend and i had an argument and havent spoken in 10 days we have had similar arguments b4 but usually he hangs up on me this time i told him he always hangs up on me and he made it point to yell good-bye and yelled hang up
Need Insights - Leo Broken Up With By Cancer
hi this may be long but i truly need some advice thanks ahead of time for reading first of all we are two women who were in a same-sex relationship i am a leo born on 08 11 1994 and she is a cancer born on 07 02 1992 i am 23 and she is 25 we
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hi all should i be concerned if my fiance accidentally called his childs mother by the old pet name he called her when they were together they had been broken up for 9 months now it happened twice in which the first time i let it slide the se
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shouldnt these two venus be perfect to each other cause scorp venus is all about focus in one person while leo venus wants these kind of attention or venuses do not match
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how does venus and mars work for l sbians
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im falling for a coworker libra sun scorp venus cancer mars pisces moon she said she was in an open relationship one day she made a joke saying she was cheated weeks later she said she was single she is definitely flirting with me even before th
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ive never met someone whom i felt intimidated by or scared like that before its not physical intimidation but almost like your aura is very strong unknown mysterious and just hard to read intimidating although personality wise she seems ver
Aries girl in love with Leo man
hi all i am aries and he is leo we have been meeting for 4 months during this period he had problem with drugs and was taking them every week i am against it and was always worried about him was checking on him once he was so bad that i went out
Venus/mars in all of our charts
i have a guy that i have amazing energy with in our synastry and composite we have venus trine mars at an orb of 3 the composite and under 1 on synastry on progressed to natal we have a venus square mars that will not change throughout our lifetime tha
what do you think about the synastry reading on this site it calculates a dual cosmodyne between two charts and basically gives you a number how good or bad your relationship is how accurate is it for you and your partner http www astrowin org s