Aries woman, taurus man = heartbreak

By takeheartSeptember 20, 2016 12:33pm — 26 replies
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Your experience Friendship with Taurus and Aries Folks?
hi tell me your experiences between taurus and aries i have a lot of aries ppl in my sc i d like to know what was it for you and what may become a problem we re not talking love - but friendship compatibility
Taurus man & Aries woman
do taurus men like aries women experiences thanks in advance
Taurus man cheated on Aries woman.
so--youve heard it i was cheated on my reaction upon finding out was surprising i was very calm and reserved i thought i would lash out however we never know until were actually in the situation blah blah blah now as an aries loyalty is tre
Aries woman confused about Taurus man
i met this taurus man at church he noticed me before i noticed him i caught him looking at me a few times then a few weeks later he asked me for my number we had deep intelligent conversations from our lives past present and what we want for our future
Taurus Man and Aries Woman, Taking the lead!
hey guys so i havent been posting in this forum for awhile now but im back and this time dating with a super beautiful and feisty aries chick so i was just wondering what you guys all think about this pairing i mean so far there has been a hit and mi
Taurus man, Aries woman... what's the vibe?
general consensus over this match
Taurus woman and Aries man?
anything to offer another romantically this combination is almost unheard of
Aries woman trying to understand a taurus man
so i met this taurus man on a dating app about a month ago we texted quite a lot before our first date as this man works in the army he works quite extansive hours so we had to reschedule our first date twice but at the end the date went fine it la
Taurus and Aries (a long question)
im a taurus women and its always been so difficult dating an aries guy but exciting too anyways me and this arie
Taurus and Aries compatible?
romantically never dated one somewhat curious is this combo a go or a no