Love at first sight

By LoveSeekerDecember 25, 2017 3:04pm — 19 replies
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Does figuring someone out help you to get over them more quickly?
like what makes them tick and or why you were attracted to this person in the first place
Capricorn woman
so ive met a cap woman talked for 2 weeks at work hit it off great all of a sudden the last few days she has seemed very annoyed when i approach her and gives me the cold shoulder i know she is going through some rough things currently but i proceed
music is taking over alot now my instagram and snap is there if yall wanna see me daily apart from that whats the tea how yall been be back again sometime after today just dont know when you can keep updating this and ill respond when i can
Hard aspects in synastry
what kind of hard aspects have you experienced with a partner i think for me moon opposite saturn is one of the toughest aspect
Capricorn male behavior
hi everyone i have been talking seeing a capricorn man now for a few months i am a taurus woman during the first few months of seeing each other we talked almost everyday he travels for work so in the rarity he was back home he would request to see
Why does my husband criticize and critique my physical appearance?
i am currently 5ft4 and 138 pounds i was just 156 pounds eight months ago growing up and until this day i have always had an extreme big appetite and a fast metabolism my weight always goes up and down because i struggle with depression and on top of t
Blocked after a perfectly nice evening together
im a capricorn woman and was getting to know this scorpio man for a few months it was hard to spend time together because of my own issues with another man and his schedule we met up and hung out a few times he would also pick and drop me from places
Pluto trine Venus
relationship anyone have you had this aspect between you if so how was it
Incompatible relationships?
i am always attracted to pisces men every relationship ive had was either with a pisces sun or moon sign however my chart is very fire heavy and i find it odd that pisces and i are always so drawn to each other does anyone else have this weird attract
how does the aries x libra come into play into my relationships?
im aries sun libra moon libra rising aries venus and mercury lolll and i only catch feelings for libras then i drive them crazy im rlly loyal and unemotional but really emotional sensitive and cold i wanted 2 know where the ljbra might appear an