My Pisces friend believe there are 3 types of men...

Those who need a mother type, those who need a daughter type (or to be like the father in the relationship) and those who need a wife??? Thoughts?
Moon Cap/Scorp ascen/Venus Lib
Those who need a mother type, those who need a daughter type (or to be like the father in the relationship) and those who need a wife (equal)???
male from Arlong Park
I'll have four wives💨
depends on who you ask.

it would be more than three if you ask HeavyEntertainmentShow
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I think all men have a type... but subconscious thinking and consciously asserting are 2 different things.
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Posted by CheVirgo
If thats the case can the same be said about females?

I don't have a type... Surprise Me!!... sort of!
They say I talk with so much emphasis. Ooh they so sensitive...
I don't know but I'm not interested in being anyone's mommy, and I only have one father.

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