What are you Mars sign, and what are you hobbies?

By stayathomewifeMay 14, 2022 2:25am — 56 replies
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will give off the strongest himbo vibes lights are on but nobodys home strong dumb respectful and polite gentle sweet and kind is this a gen z thing or more of a millennial thing is your dad a himbo have you dated a himbo if you dont get it t
what do you think
of missmishas analysis of girlfriends by zodiac sign virgo great girlfriends for aint shit nxggas they loooove taking care of people and being useful for others so bum nxggas will thrive in a relationship with these women they will cook clean d
Taurus man said he likes me then ran away
simply curious if this is a taurus behavior we were seeing each other and even spent holidays together he talked about wanting to be together next year too about four months in i asked him casually if he wants us to be more serious and told him i didn
Anyone else have a sign they keep attracting into their life?
romantically that is i have a leo sun and a virgo moon for some reason i cannot get sagittarius women out of my life looked through my bumble at least 10 matches were sags most women i hooked up with ended up with an early december birthday fml m
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astro kashi ji easily connects with the mind soul and body of any person who is mentally exhausted and he completely heals from all worries and concerns troubles and removes all concerns effectively from their life so if you are pondering where to ge
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i am reading this post and everybody having similar opinion but in life there are examples that i wish i could understand my relatives aries and sag were married for 64 years and their language for each other varied from die bitch to go hang yourself
As a Leo guy, I am not happy unless I have a fire sign lady in my life.
i have noticed that when i have hung out with women of water or earth signs even if they have made it really easy to the point of offering me sex on a platter i am not happy and even turn it down air sign women can occasionally be fun but i really only
Wait while they making up their mind? Fuck THEM!
i am strangely triggered by this post and it s not the only one but it s timing man and woman 30 and 40 - not teens are going on dates but apparently one of them is shy or not decided what tf is going to happen later and we he advise to one in limbo
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explain affinity of certain generations with specific sun signs and in effect also conflicts have you ever had connections like this
this astro calculate your Dominant planet in your whole chart, what is yours?
soliarian luniarian mercurian venusian martian jupiterian saturnian uranian neptunian plutonian your dominant planet is very important whether you like it or not because it took the whole chart into account including all the placements and a